someone's behind you

  1. It’s fake. Go from the start of the 9 second mark to the end of 11. The man appears out of nowhere. And then after that at the end you don’t see him anymore. No head, shoulder, legs or arms. She obviously signalled him over 8 second mark and then moved to the edge of the screen so he wouldn’t appear.

  2. I think its fake, cause your positioning must ne so perfect and in the right angle to be Not seen in a single frame, expect the ones hes right behind her

  3. 6 second remaining she looks at somebody 5 second remaining her body breaks the edge of the frame the second body jumps in then

  4. Pretty sure she just choreographed it with the guy so his entrance would be hidden behind her as she shifts about.

  5. This is bullshit. She moves far to the side half a second before and nobody is there. And it’s just a solid black bob outline of a human. Photoshop bullshit.

  6. This is fake. They stepped in from the side when she partially moved out of frame. It's obvious that they couldn't have approached from a distance, as she clearly moves side to side too much for anyone to stay perfectly behind her.

  7. Look at the left side of the video almost at the end. For a second you will see someone walking towards her, with her body obscuring most of the person.

  8. It would be great for Halloween if they didn't cut where to his hands reached around and grab the person and drag them off.

  9. I think he just passed her when she went to the right side of the frame. Then she moves left and he follows behind her. You can tell that he is walking away. Also she kinda gave him a short glimpse to say hello or something. Just a weird looking coincidence.

  10. Dude walks behind her when she gets close to the right and bounces back to the centre, looks good though

  11. He drops from behind the strut across the ceiling, which would clearly have made a sound so I'm pretty sure it's fake. Still really well done, it's proper disturbing

  12. It’s funny, the figure behind has more clarity and pixilation than the woman front and centre having a epileptic fit.

  13. Idk how this would be oddly terrifying unless the fact that the figure just appeared out of nowhere which is kinda odd but more terrifying than odd.

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