Child-shaped bollards have been placed in a village in the UK to encourage motorists to slow down. Local villagers are creeped out by them. Link to article in comments.

  1. Nothing new, they are all over the UK, mainly primary schools on main roads, a school for the legally blind near me has them at the front entrance, if you think they are scary you should see mister blobby!

  2. Oh really, I’ve genuinely never seen these before! I know all about Mr Blobby shudders remembering his song 🫣🤣

  3. This is dumb. People will get used to them, speed up. Then, an actual child will be there and they won't think twice to slow down

  4. Nope, i often drive past one and even though I know it’s there it still gives me a jolt. It’s at a zebra crossing, so a driver should be keeping an eye out anyway - and then when you see a child stops about to cross, you shit yourself and slow down. A fantastic thing, especially as there are trees near the crossing and a child could legitimately be in the wrong place at the wrong time to be seen - but if the driver is already prepared they can slow and stop

  5. So interesting, I didn’t know these existed before today! Will definitely make an effort to talk to them then if they’re nice.

  6. I must be immune to creepy child bollards in person, as honestly never heard of them before this article!

  7. A post that is put in the middle or at the end of a road to keep vehicles off or out of a particular area

  8. Last time I saw one of those I nearly had a heart attack! There so creepy! Its just gonna cause more crashes

  9. Can’t help thinking there’s a Dr Who episode in this. Speeding drivers awake in the middle of the night to see these bollards appearing at the end of their street, then outside their home and finally at the end of their bed!

  10. Ah there’s one near slough i occasionally have to drive past, every time it scares the shit out of me for all the right reasons. They’re a great things to have

  11. They’re horrific. We have crayon bollards instead. I think they’re an afterthought of these abominations

  12. Drove through a village in France last week. They had something similar. Definitely stylised kids just about to,as it were, stride out onto zebra crossing. It made me take my foot off the pedal, even the second time around.

  13. We as adults, very late/early morning use to chalk the outline of our bodies on the streets n then paint them to get people to slow down. The county would come and power wash it off. We did that on n off. It worked.,

  14. There was a school near where I grew up with these as bollards outside and every time we drove past it my mum would say “creepy bollard time”

  15. They've been there for ages. Its not just that village I see them sometimes. They're not really creepy my brother named one near a playground Pete lol.

  16. They're near me as well, right outside a school. I can tell you it doesn't make me want to slow down, it makes me want to a) ram the shit out of them or b) speed up to decrease my chance of nightmares.

  17. Also been paintings on the ground resembling a child chasing a ball only seen at a distance so people will slow down.. looks more natural than this but idk

  18. Isnt it funny how we will slow down when a child is near the road just because we know we will get in waaay more trouble if we hit a child vs an adult?

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