Yes, even his music.

  1. Even ye was really fucking good and it came out in 2018. this whole idea that only his older music was good is wrong. I agree that as a person he really sucks but his music is super good.

  2. People pretending his music is objectively bad because they hate him is the corniest liberal shit ever I swear

  3. Frl, terrible people can still be very talented and imo it's kinda harmful to pretend elsewise. It allows people to create blindspots for people they respect.

  4. Nah the thing is, his music is mid as fuck, I’ve said this for years at this point, long before this. It’s not objectively bad, no art is, but it’s pretty ass

  5. Woodkid is a incredible producer, Kanye was just a producer. I'm not saying he didn't produce music, I'm saying that for all the hype of him being some: 'musical genius' I'm not impressed; even the people he's worked with have all gone on to compose better things than he ever will.

  6. This take is really not the route we should be going. Whether his music was good or bad is irrelevant, so there’s no use in pretending it always was bad.

  7. I remember hearing Jesus Walks in 2004 and thinking that it sounded dumb, just straight up dumb, and cheesy as fuck, and then everything I’ve heard from him in the succeeding 18 years has sounded equally as dumb and cheesy at best, to my ears at least.

  8. Oh, the above image was in reference to a interview he just did with Alex Jones where he said Hitler had good ideas; I just threw in that title cause I just think in general he sucks.

  9. Nah his first three albums are bangers back to back, KSG is insanely good, TLOP is amazing, his production for pusha T is banging, 808's has influenced the last decade of music more than any other album. Yeezus and his last three albums are mid at best tho.

  10. This keeps on happening with problematic artists. When Dave Chappelle said all that shit about trans people people came out and was like hes not even funny. Kanye’s music can be both good and his personality horrifically antisemetic.

  11. Chappelle hasn’t been funny recently. Like Vaush said he just sounds like an old man rambling. And not in a George Carlin way.

  12. Look I've little respect for samplers; particularly those who don't credit the original music look up Kanye West v Asphex Twins Avril-14th and then try to tell me he's a: 'musical genius' and not just a fraud?

  13. i like his music, had to take flashing lights off my main playlist bc of that one lyric "I hate these niggas more than a Nazi" like yeah no kidding

  14. I can respect that people like his music. But he’s not a fucking musical genius. I hate listening to people still regurgitating that bullshit. He’s the only one who made up the idea that he is a musical genius for himself and people keep fucking just going along with it. Stop calling him a musical genius for the fucking love of god. Whatever witty lyrics you can point to, trying to prove he is, I guarantee I can find something better by some other rapper or hip hop artist. He made some good music and a lot of people liked it, that’s it. Plenty of other artists have done the exact same but you don’t see people lining up for a chance to call them geniuses and suck their dicks like you do Kanye. And it’s just because he purposely cultivated a cult of personality.

  15. The true power of capitalism; the ability to turn frauds like Kanye, Musk and Trump into walking Gods among men.

  16. Why though? Genuinely curious. Everyone says his music is amazing as like a matter of fact, but it's always just sounded kinda... generic and unremarkable to me.

  17. Dude his early music was incredible, I feel that this is not the appropriate reaction. Kanye has been quite evidently declining mentally for some time now and I'd like to think that it is not fair to compare him in his current state to how he was back then as he has clearly lost it and nothing he is saying or doing is based off reality or coherent thought. Instead of boasting that we never liked him anyway, we should be hoping that he gets the help he needs.

  18. Oh please he was always slagging off other artists who were better than him - ain't it funny that soon as The Weekend went off to do their own thing made amazing music. Kanye is just mediocre; Woodkid is a far better music producer than Kanye West ever was and or ever will be, but he doesn't go round slagging off other artists nor does he superficially present himself as a: 'musical genius.' He just demonstrates it.

  19. I agree he's mentally ill and has obviously deteriorated, but he was always an arse even before the deterioration; it's just been amplified over the years due to multiple factors of negligence by himself and his handlers.

  20. Regardless of wither or not you personally enjoy it, his music is very unique and interesting. His opinions are absolute shit and he's an insane Nazi so I'm not sure I'll be able to enjoy it anymore.

  21. Kool Keith is one of my all time favourite rappers so that's a nonsensical strawman. As a rapper Kanye is utter pants in comparison.

  22. Garbage human being at worst; mediocre musical performer at best. He's some goods songs here and there, but the vast majority of his work is either lazy or an absolute mess or the artists who he's worked with have gone on to do much better work. (Cough The Weekend) Also, no that's highly contestable I've only ever heard Kanye's fans say he's the most influential and important musical artist alive. In practice it's literally nowhere to be seen. You don't call someone who cannot and refuses to learn how to play a musical instrument a: 'musical genius' what kind of arse-backwards logic is that?

  23. i don’t listen to rap and even i think he has a ton of genre-defining music. Through the Wire, Golddigger, Jesus Walks, Power, Can’t Tell Me Nothin’, All Falls Down; that shit slaps so much.

  24. Yeah out of his entire discography I'd say he's about 5 to 8 songs that stand out, beyond that though he was really mediocre. It'd be way less offensive if he and the people around him did not market him as some untouchable kind of: 'musical genius.' Which is especially hilarious when he admitted he cannot play an instrument, but hey I guess words don't have to provide a meaning as long as capitalism sells something... No one who's a: 'musical genius' would ever dare thinking of butchering Bohemian Rhapsody as he did at Glastonbury...

  25. this is stupid. attack his ideas, as those are where the danger lies. whether his music was good or not is irrelevant, however, it is far less dangerous for impressionable young people to be listening to the Life of Pablo rather than “I see good things about Hitler. Every human being has value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler.”

  26. Shit take. Kanye made some of the best hip hop of all time. You're seriously trying to say MBDTF, Graduation, and The College Dropout aren't amazing albums? Absolutely soup brained.


  28. He's no musical genius, but he's up there with Jay-z, Snoop, Em, etc... and his records are particularly unique with their beats and featured artists.

  29. He's also been caught multiple times stealing other artists music even early days of his career with Blame Game and Avril-14th from Irish Electronic Band Asphex Twins. Then again with Crimson King; if you look deep very little about Kanye West is original. Kayne West is a fraud; he has to rely on the skills and talents or artistry of others cause he himself will never be as good as them. It's insulting that he's managed to successfully market himself as a: 'musical genius.' Cause the sad reality of it all is like many things with capitalism it's a well marketed lie.

  30. Terrible song writer, can't play any instruments for shit, mediocre rapper and all accompanied with the unpleasant ego of a hot air balloon; never got the hype, never will get the hype. Was never hyped by Kanye; he just sucks.

  31. I have unfortunately heard a lot of Kanyes music, and I have yet to find something that doesn't feel like factory produced middling hip hop at best. Ngl I am really picky with music though.

  32. My big question is what was with the mask and baggy clothes he looks like someone who inhales CSGO and Fonk just missing a track suit.

  33. Man I’m sorry but his music is mad good, ye was mad good kids see ghosts is a masterpiece and I even liked him trying drill music just before he started all this shit pretending like his music isn’t good is ridiculous

  34. He samples other's talent; it's not his music and he's even gone as far as stealing which he's been sued multiple times for.

  35. I can still listen to songs I like such as "All of the lights" and "Flashing lights" because I've always thought he was an asshole. My opinion of him couldn't get any lower anyway.

  36. I think everything he put out from college dropout till about Kids See Ghosts is damn near perfect. I get that now that he went very fucking far off the deep end we can all laugh at him but y'all mfs better respect his music. It is literally some of the best examples of hip-hop production ever.

  37. I am sorry to inform you, but your opinion is wrong. If the past 5 years of Kanye never happened, he would've went down as one of the best rappers of all time, and he would've earned it. As well as being arguably the best rap producer there's ever been. The newest Kanye music I've listened to is Kids See Ghosts, so as far as I'm concerned he made that album then simply died and was replaced by an imposter.

  38. His music wasnt bad, he had some bad albums but overall his music was unique and good. He MADE GRADUATION! But thats not in defense of his actions. Fuck ye.

  39. A really funny and interesting friend of mine went back to his hometown over the pandemic while he worked on cleaning out his cocaine addiction. He was a drummer in a hard-core punk band and did stand up comedy.

  40. Should've sought actual musical geniuses. Probably would've inspired him to actually go on and continue his own musical journey. Unfortunate; hopefully one day your friend rediscovers that passion.

  41. Nah, his personality might be something I’ve never quite liked, with the whole “I made it so fuck you all” type vibe, but his music was pretty good. 808’s and heartbreaks inspired people like JuiceWRLD, and arguably led to prominence for artists like Drake, Post Malone, or Future. I mean back then, people hated auto tune in their songs and Rap, and Kanye basically said “I like it so I’m going to use it”, and now we have auto tuned rap in every other song. Disagree if you want, but you can’t deny that Kanye is one of the most inspirational artists of the late 00’s.

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