RCMP violently raided Coyote Camp on unceded Gidimt’en territory, Nov 19, 2021, removing Wetsuweten women from their land at gunpoint on behalf of TC Energy’s proposed Coastal GasLink pipeline.

  1. The RCMP were employed/leased by the BC Government and Horgan to clear the protesters. Both the RCMP and BC Government should be held accountable for the media black out (freedom of press violation) and these violent crimes. The NDP are partly to be blamed for this as the BC Government is an NDP majority.

  2. Police were originally formed as union busters for corporations. Protecting big business has and always will be their main goal.

  3. Yup. That's what they are. And it's shameful. I live near Elsipogtog, where the cops strong armed peaceful anti-shale protesters. Thing is, the protests worked, in the short term anyway. If the thumper trucks showed up tomorrow, it would be a replay of 2013, and the government doesn't like those optics..

  4. Who else do you expect to go ahead an enforce Court orders? If we don’t have a sway to enforce the rulings of a court of law, we become a lawless society. These people are willfully breaching a court order, and the decision of their own democratically elected band council.

  5. Pretty much. Back when residential schools were a thing, the RCMP kidnapped children from native reserves by force and put them into the schools. Not much has changed.

  6. Canada is not the country you think it is. Lots of lip service to Indigenous rights, but actions speak louder than words.

  7. So many cunts were calling the indigenous woman who posted a video describing what was happening a liar because "RCMP don't carry chainsaws" and yet here we are, with video evidence.

  8. The police says "get that out of my face" regarding the camera, failing to see the irony that she asked for the drawn guns to get off of her in her home. This is sickening government enforced violence against people protecting themselves, home and land

  9. My Retired officer husband is weighing in on everything they’ve done. Especially since they’ve done a shit ton of illegal things (the officers, not the people) he says the tactical team is guilty of false arrest, break and enter, etc…

  10. RCMP was created to keep dissenters, specifically the indigenous people whose land we stole, put away and behind closed doors. This is exactly why they were created and exactly why they need to be reformed.

  11. I think there is a real problem with injunctions as a legal tool. They are meant be apply temporarily until the case can be dealt with by the courts at a trial, where there is a full review of the evidence and consideration of the legal issues. But the court system is slow and it is really easy for lawyers to create delays. So the injunctions end up lasting for years (I believe this one was issued about 3 years ago) and by the time the case does get resolved, it’s a moot point because gas company or whoever has been able to rely on the injunction to do what they wanted to do without having to prove their case at trial.

  12. Some indigenous people oppose the elected chiefs because they believe the elected system is a system of government imposed on their people by the colonizing government and therefore not valid.

  13. While I don't doubt that the elected councils did want the pipelines, I think its important to remember the context.

  14. I think one of the biggest things to remember here is that some of the pipeline is going through unceded land, meaning that general Canadian law currently has no real authority there since it is not Canadian land. The Supreme Court has also confirmed this point previously. So my understanding here is that they are enforcing an injunction on land on which is should not apply. Further more, since the land is unceded, the domain of the elected chiefs does not extend there as far as I am aware.

  15. The reason that people had to ration food and water is because the RCMP were stopping supplies, an act which is considered a warcrime under international law

  16. Thanks for outlining everything. There is so much information out there, it is hard to find out exactly what was happening.

  17. I have a genuine question. I heard the nation chiefs did endorse/permit the pipeline. So how come there is now protests and blockades?

  18. Elected chiefs endorsed it, not hereditary chiefs. The pipeline didn't get permission from the people with the right jurisdiction, and are now using the RCMP as muscle to ignore that.

  19. Most First Nations have 2 completely separate systems of government. There's the elected band council & chief, created by the Canadian Government w/ the Indian Act. But there's also: whatever leadership system they already had going already, before Canada came along. (In this case, a council of hereditary clan chiefs).

  20. I’m unaware of any large Canadian news outlet that hasn’t put out multiple pieces on this…

  21. It’s all over APTN, all other media outlets chose to ignore it. Even when media is being unlawfully detained, the media should see this as an affront to press freedom.

  22. En fait, comme je l’ai mentionné dans un autre commentaire, l’histoire est couverte par les médias canadiens, notamment par la CBC/Radio-Canada, le Toronto Star, le Globe and Mail et les médias québécois.

  23. Because these people are in their wrong. They are willfully breaching a court order and are acting contrary to the will of their own democratically elected band council.

  24. Spread the news. Let people know what’s going on. More people that are aware, the more people that care, and that will bring forth change. I have more hope in the younger generations.

  25. So frustrating they chose a time to do this at all but especially when the province is entirely shut down due to flooding. These RCMP officers and their stupid plane could’ve been used to get people out of dangerous situations across the province

  26. So I'm super ignorant on this, how is this legal? Is this some sort of imminent domain? Are sovereign lands not protected? How can a corporation hire its own police to just pull people out of their homes and arrest them?

  27. It’s interesting that they don’t tell you about the 500 camp workers they were holding hostage past their ‘legal’ blockade. How they weren’t letting the people leave the camps nor were they letting supplies like food or water up to the people…. Almost like hostages or something

  28. Some of them are actually from the Wetsueten Band, which has previously gone on record confirming their position that what these Band members are doing is not supported by the larger Band membership.

  29. They are just playing the same game as everyone else these days, play on people’s outrage and never share the full story.

  30. I’m unaware of any large Canadian news outlet that hasn’t put out multiple pieces on this…

  31. Can you defend you land in this situation I wonder? Native land does not have the same rules as the rest of the U.S. typically. I don’t want people to get hurt but also private security looking dudes on private property with no documents to show could be considered hostile(which they clearly are) and the use of deadly force could be deemed necessary no?

  32. Crazy how passive is Canadians are. We will just let anyone steam roll right over us. If the government assists billion dollar companies do this to indigenous, where will the line be drawn with the rest of the population when they come knocking on our door and tell us to get the fuck out so we can use your land.

  33. I'm getting really sick of people pointing the finger at the wrong people, which allows this stuff to continue. BC premier gets to go on TV and talk about how much he cares about climate change, then at the same time it's his courts granting the orders giving the RCMP authority to do this.

  34. Ya you should probably just cooperate with them as to not escalate the situation and good job filming but, a good way to keep your door not smashed to fuck how about opening the door and coming out peacefully just an idea.

  35. Yeah they wanted to make it dramatic and show how “horrible” the rcmp are. They asked them nicely, came back with a warrant and still they said nope fuck off. What else is the rcmp suppose to do?

  36. Sorry but if you're pointing a gun at someone and literally dragging them out of their house at the end of said gun, that's violent.

  37. As a Canadian this is absolutely infuriating to see the indigenous people of this land being forcibly removed from THEIR land. Fuck our government and the people who support this modern colonialism.

  38. Thats your uncles or your dad claiming to be one of the good cops. The rcmp is proctecting the rich, thats it. Acab, all of them.

  39. Not excusing the method, but aren't RCMP enforcing the legal orders of the democratically elected chiefs? Or something? I keep getting mixed viewpoints, but what seems to be consistently ignored is who 'the government' is, in this case. Is this not the indigenous leaders? Or is that fake news of some sort?

  40. I don’t know how… but we gotta get Canada to the level of UNDRIP. This shit has to change, and that includes legislative change by the highest levels of government.

  41. "Majority" doesn't count for much; 51/49 is still a majority but nearly half will not be happy with the decision.

  42. "Violently" raided? Aside from breaching the door, which they needed to do to gain entry, I didn't see any violence. In fact, the actual arrests were done in a very calm, controlled manner. Didn't look like anyone was harmed. I know people like to dramatize these things by using terms like "attack dogs" and "militarized," but everyone here was pretty chill. None of them even raised their voices.

  43. You can read the top voted comments on this thread, they’ll shit on everything You just said, with valid points and links provided

  44. How can someone watch this video and have this as a comment to say? Get a heart rcmps just broke into living peoples camps and arrested them and took away.

  45. Not sure I am seeing violent. Looks a lot like measured use of force in response to passive resistance….I’m sure that doesn’t fit the “narrative” but it would be nice to see some balanced perspective on this issue.

  46. What would you call it if the police chainsawed your door down and pointed an assault rifle at you? Get some fucking perspective

  47. The hyperbole in this sub is a bit out of control. Whether you agree with the RCMP actions or not, they are defending a lawful order in support of a project that many Wetsuweten support (including women). Let's also note that the Hereditary Chiefs in this case stripped women of their hereditary titles when they spoke in support of the project.

  48. Love coastal gaslink! Great project. Bonatti has no place pipelining in Canada but the project is great for everyone. Cheers to my indigenous brothers and sisters who voted to support the project!

  49. That's what I am confused at, wasn't the pipeline voted yes by a council over seeing these folks?

  50. Hmmm... don't think you need to cede your territory to be subject to the laws of that country. Doesn't mean its nice or fair, thats just the way it is.

  51. I'm sorry if I'm not understanding the situation, but wasn't this pipeline agreed to by the tribal chiefs of the land?

  52. The elected council and majority of band members support the pipeline! You are supporting a small splinter group run by anti-democratic “hereditary” chiefs! Disgusting.

  53. How is this violent? These are the calmest, gentlest police I’ve ever seen. Equating this to the actual violent treatment of the original natives is an insult.

  54. Lol videos like this make me laugh. They obviously did something wrong. We’re not getting the whole story here

  55. I am sorry, I cannot watch the entire video. How dare the RCMP act in that way. We have no business on Indigenous territory.

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