Province announces $90M to promote skilled trades

  1. Last I saw the province was putting these skilled trades on immigration fast track to keep wages nice and low for corporate masters

  2. Hey, if the locals don't want to work, bring in people who do. That housing we need isn't going to build itself.

  3. Maybe if they didn't gut the unions and local production people would have more confidence investing in seeking such careers.

  4. Yeah probably with some ulterior end goal in mind. Not to benefit people but maybe increase supply of a given trade, lower their negotiating ability for wages, or cry we don't have workers... and lessen the required quals and enforcement of same. They tried to do this in the US to make electricians with sub-par quals ONLY good for pipe bending / install... or some such nonsense, separating them from FULLY qualified people... with of course less pay and leverage.

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