Tipping culture has gotten out of hand here

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  2. Wait until you're asked to tip at the Walmart self checkout. I'd say this sarcastically but I just don't know anymore.

  3. I was shocked that every single transaction at the scotiabank arena requested a tip. 10% first option, to hand me a $17 beer...

  4. Yeah what the hell with this? I was at the skydome for a ball game the other day and was already floored that two beers were almost 25 bucks and then the machine asks for a tip? Lol fuck offno

  5. Companies are using gratuities as a work around, so they do not have to pay employees properly. They do not want to raise their prices because they view price increases as a detriment to consumer inflow. We need to stop this before it gets out of control.

  6. I totally agree. I would love to hear from a Subway employee regarding how they actually pay those tips out, and who gets how much. Like, do you get a portion of all tips just for having a shift that day?

  7. The same goes for over priced food at restaurants, the service is built into the price. Pay the servers a normal wage already.

  8. They didnt even use my coupon when i went last. And my oil light came on way faster this time around. The rebrand has coincided with a quality downturn.

  9. I got prompted for a tip at a concert merch stand. I was supposed to tip them for tossing a 50 buck t-shirt at me...just bizarre.

  10. I drove 15mins to pick up my pizza and asked for tips... I'm like bruh, I dressed up, I spent 15min driving and I used my gas.

  11. I purchased food at a restaurant the other day that had an 18% gratuity already added to the bill. Then when I went to pay the terminal asked if I wanted to tip again? Like a double tip? How does that even work?

  12. Yep. High end restaraunts do that too. Had a 500$ bill or so with a big group of friends at a fancy restaraunt in Edmonton. There was 18% tacked on automatically and then the little thot server looked like we spat in her face when we didnt add more on top. Fucking insane, that tip was almost 100$ to come to our table three or four times in 90 minutes. Sorry but I think waitresses making more than skilled journeyman tradesmen or engineers or nurses (that are actually building society and keeping the lights on), something is very fucked up in our system.

  13. Between the ridiculous inflation of everything, the reduction of products I’m receiving in my grocery goods at the store, the automated machines I pay at asking me for a donation to every corner I stop at a person aggressively starting at me through my car window for money, I’m exhausted giving my money up, what little of it I see. Tipping culture is aggressive, makes you shameful for not giving 15%+ , heck, I can’t even buy fast food lunch anymore because it’s $14 a combo and they have a tip prompt on the debit machine or a jar with a clever guilt trip written on it.

  14. I like when you pay by credit card and the tipping starts at twenty "How much would you like to tip? 20% (stingy bastard), 25% (did we make you mad?), 30% (moderately good service)"

  15. It shouldn't be up to consumers to add extra cost onto their purchase so that employers don't have to pay their employees a liveable wage. I'm sick of this guilt trip - build it into the price.

  16. the average restaurant and cafe won't build it into their price because then they'll be the "expensive" shop. we need a law to kill the practice and ensure everyone receives a livable wage.

  17. I had this only happen to me once. And it was for a birthday cake at a bakery. I thought to myself , it's not even anyone's birthday for a while but I'm coming back here just because of that

  18. It shouldn’t be part of the main purchase flow experience, it should be a little optional button on the side that you can click if you think the service you were given deserves tipping.

  19. Especially now that many automated tipping prompts start at 18%. Very offputting and makes me want to go back. These places should pay their employees a decent wage and stop expecting their customers to subsidize their staffing costs.

  20. We removed the tip option from our boba store terminal. It was the default when we first opened and registered the clover machine. It was very obvious that many customers were being “forced” to tip. Tips went from 80$ a day to essentially 20$ish change that gets thrown into our tip jar. We get the people who ask for the tip option and we just tell them it’s removed, if they seek out to tip they can request we put more $$ on their total and then I throw in that money to the staff tip jar. It’s way better this way. Many customers return and have become regulars, and come equipped with change to tip without feeling pressure from the terminal.

  21. My favourite one is that I've bumped into a few places where it goes straight to "Enter Tip Amount" with no option for "No Tip". If you don't want to tip you have to manually enter 0 to continue, and that's a guilt trip and a half.

  22. Why does serving food mean that you have to tip? The bank teller serves you and don't have to tip. The bus driver provides a service...everyone provides a service at the end of the day...

  23. This is ridiculous I agree. I had no idea servers make full minimum wage + tips in Ontario. I can see why leaving an 18% tip in Ontario is a problem now.

  24. Yeah tipping doesn’t sit right with me at this point. The whole argument used to be that they made less than minimum wage so we were guilted into making up the difference. Of course in a lot of cases we more than make up the difference. If the restaurants want to pay servers 50-70k a year that’s their prerogative, but I don’t think the consumers should be expected to make up that difference in tips.

  25. Holy. Fucking. Fuck. Thank you, someone finally seeing this. Uber Eats and other delivery apps do it based on the TOTAL, including fees and all. First of all, when I was a kid, delivery drivers were LUCKY to get 10%, mostly it was a flat rate, maybe 2 or 5 bucks...because it doesn't really matter how big my order is unless it's huge. Second, nopenopenope tip is on pre-tax. That bullshit has cost my delivery drivers money, because I explicitly tip 10% of pretax manually, every time. I might have done 15%, but the math on 10% is easier, and I'm pissed off about it every time I see it.

  26. Also, the sneakiest and most infuriating thing, is that at A LOT of these places the employees don't even get to keep the tips. If you do feel inclined to tip when picking up a pizza or something, make sure to check with the employees whether they even get the tip.

  27. Servers get pissed if you tip 15% on the base, >15% on base + tax is expected now… so yeah we just eat at home.

  28. I went to a sushi place and my sister thought she tipped on the machine but it didn't actually go through on the machine. The lady who served us starts saying "This doesn't include tip!" over and over again like six times while my sister's trying to tell her she didn't realize and is actively looking through her wallet for cash to give as a tip right in front of her. The entitlement is real and the service wasn't anything above average, worse if you consider how rude it is to embarrass someone like that in front of the table when she's rectifying the mistake right in front of you. This lady had no chill and if it were me I wouldn't have tipped at that point for the rudeness. Servers now make as much as everyone else on minimum wage, there is zero need to tip.

  29. leave a review on google. It's my go-to now for all this BS, espcially the Canadian businesses that never have anything in stock when I go to buy something, but the moan about amazon non stop. F off already,

  30. Easy to just click "no tip", but earlier this year I got a tip prompt at a vape shop, got a good laugh outta that

  31. Those moneris and ingenico machines that most places use make it really hard to find the 0 tip you need to go through hell to finally get to the custom 0 tip option

  32. Bought an ice cream from an ice cream truck, and there was a tip jar out on the ledge. Amazing that paying $7.50 for a tiny cone of ice cream that took 5 seconds to come out of a machine isn't expensive enough, now you gotta tip too.

  33. In the same neighbourhood, my $27 takeout order of 3 tenders & 1 fries at Dave’s hot chicken had a default tip prompt too.

  34. Tipping culture just shifts the blame for underpaid workers from the employers to the consumers - I'm sure the business owners love to see it.

  35. I’ve been living in Europe the past 6 months, and I just need to say that our tipping culture is fucking ridiculous… if you can’t afford to pay your staff then raise your prices. At first it was dining in, but now it’s every little thing. I hate feeling guilty even when the service was complete shit and feeling the need to tip.

  36. I don't feel bad skipping the tip option at any fast food place but there are downsides when you are a regular customer. Not a tipper, no service. Bar bill is $50 and they expect a $20 tip.

  37. Pretty sure tips were initially just power trips for the wealthy like here is some money you poor peasant go buy some wine and forget you are miserable. Haha.

  38. My local Subway has one and they always say at check out “There is a tipping option at the bottom”

  39. There are tips at dispensaries now. No offense but "budtenders"/"cannistas" do not need 10% on a $50 purchase for scanning a single item, extremely slowly no less, lol

  40. I don't know that the person who served me at the counter is getting that tip anyway, it feels like a service charge to pick up my own pizza.

  41. I couldn't agree more. Everywhere you go there's a tip option it's ridiculous. I work in a kitchen and watch servers get 20 dollar tips for bringing food to a table meanwhile I'm doing all the hard work jn the kitchen. Why does subway need a tip option?? We don't tip McDonald's workers who work their asses off? On a rant here but servers maker 15.50 an hour plus tips. Let's say 4 tables in an hour at an average 5 bucks tip each were at 35.50 an hour. And as we all know servers arnt claiming all their tips on income tax.

  42. I've known Boston Pizza servers that made as much as coke dealers. Dont get me started on high end restaraunts where your bill is in the hundreds of dollars and they autoadd an automatic 18% gratuity and then the bitch server thinks you're stiffing her if you dont drop more on top of that.

  43. When I worked at a fast food restaurant over a decade ago, I got maybe $20/day on busy shifts in cash tips for handing people drinks. No terminal with tip option or any pressure at all. McDonalds workers get some tips for sure.

  44. That’s what gets me - so many places have it for takeout, yet there are times when I actually want to tip and can’t.

  45. A lot of these devices default to either 18% or 20%.. If I am out for a meal and i see them trying to force a crazy tip I always ask (without shame) "Excuse me, how do I type in 10%?" I dont care if they dirty look me. This is so out of hand!

  46. I went to a shawarma takeout place where the preset tipping options STARTED at 35%. It was 35%, 45%, 55%. I nearly took a photo of it with my phone because it was so ridiculous.

  47. Seriously. It’s so frustrating. All respect to baristas, servers, bartenders, I appreciate the work they do. But it’s literally their job, why do I have to give the bartender extra for opening a can of beer and giving it to me.

  48. I know what you mean, but the way you phrased it, it kinda applies to very close to any monetary transaction in the world.

  49. Anyone else notice that every grocery store and LCBO ask for donations none stop now? Although the money donated may be going to charity, the corporations get to claim the public's contribution in their taxes...they aren't doing it for the charity solely, but rather their bottom line.

  50. Funny that you mention this on Tim Horton’s Camp Day. It should be called “The Charity That We Set Up To Take Your $2 Donations and Turn It Into a Tax Deductible Write Off For Us Day”

  51. the other day at subway i gave them cash, and they owed me 40 cents. i was already holding my food and ready to go, just waiting for my change. and i then watch as they throw it into their tip jar. i was like wtf is this??? i was too shocked to say anything but that will never fly again

  52. On study showed that the average Canadian server is making $30 an hour. There are servers that make upwards of $100k in high end establishments. Servers universally underreport their earnings.

  53. Yeah they’re laughing all the way to the bank when they take in tax free money probably more than the lawyer or doctor that tipped them who spent like 10 years getting their education

  54. Just because it's on there, doesn't mean you need to use it. I put zero every fucking time, because they've done nothing to deserve a tip.

  55. It's everywhere I go. Food trucks, my massage therapy clinic, coffee shops, ice cream parlors, and the list continues.

  56. It must be by design in the register system. This is at fast food places in the USA now when you go to pay at the register. To my knowledge most of them have it now. You don't even know where the money is going.

  57. There’s like one fast food place I tip at and it’s a Subway near me that’s in a touristy spot and usually busy and also has online orders, but only ever has one young woman working, and she is hustling so I’m more than happy to throw her a few bucks because I’m sure they are not paying her enough for that, solo. I’m sure there are other people who work there but she’s usually alone up front.

  58. Shouldn’t have to pay to have a server treat you well. Servers make a killing off tips, for a very low skill job. Enough is enough, it needs to stop.

  59. My fav was at a MLB game one summer. I went to get the beer from the kiosk, the server literally spun 180* to open the fridge and grab a can, spun around again and opened the can for me.

  60. I regularly buy at a small, privately owned bakery. Their food is absolutely amazing, the owner serves you herself and is really friendly and chatty. The food is not cheap, but I am more than willing to pay that because of the quality.

  61. I owned a computer business with a store front in the past. All credit/debit machines during the initial setup of the unit can select to charge for tips or not option before purchase. I chose not to for obvious reasons. To me if a customer appreciated the service they would tip cash or I could enter a different amount manually. So these non standard tipping businesses are just trying to use the guilt tactic in hopes they can increase their pockets. Don't fall for it if you know there was no extra service provided. A perfect example is a restaurant waiter who should be given a tip only if you stayed and ate in. However that same restaurant who has a take out booth that you came to pick up and order may also try to guilt you with the tip option knowing you didn't receive that full service deserving of a tip.

  62. Wow. I just press ‘No’ and don’t feel any way about it. If I’m being served at a sit down place, or someone has gone the extra mile, sure. But you’re getting me a black coffee. No.

  63. We are apparently supposed to tip on everything now! Not only do we tip for being served at a restaurant and getting food delivered, we now tip to carry out our own food. We tip on a $40 15 minute hair cut, $100/hr massages. $200 hotel stays and everything else in between. All of these services are already ungodly expensive. Makes me not want to do anything.

  64. I have a simple policy. If I'm lining up, I'm not tipping. Also 17% as a suggested minimum? Fuck that. I make a point to make it a custom dollar amount of just under 10%. It's all got completely out of hand.

  65. Yup recently was presented the option to tip on take out from a fast food style fried chicken place. I hesitated but ultimately hit the no tip option. Employee scoffed. Never seeing my business again.

  66. Unpopular opinion here but i dont tip. Business owners should pay their employes more. I usually make the same paycheck as them when the business owner buys homself a new boat, vehicule that i could never pay. I see tipping as a way for owners to not pay their employes enough

  67. I agree. I work at an ice-cream shop and have a standard tip jar that we never mention for tips. Sometimes I get none, sometimes I get a couple cents. I'm stratified with either cause I view them as a bonus and not something I'm entitled to.

  68. It sure has..Now we have fast food joints that provide zero service beyond making my pizza and asking for tips on the debit machine..Didnt I already agree to pay for the pizza. What did they do extra to deserve a tip?

  69. Was at the Bank of Nova Scotia center for Roger Waters a couple of days ago. Bought 2 large packs of M & Ms. Bill was 24.00 bucks and they only take cards. Buddy hands me the terminal and it prompts me to add a tip.

  70. I never tip. Im not contributing to the toxic cycle. Not giving extra money to a million dollar corporation. Fuck you, those companies can figure it out the hard way.

  71. Is it just me or when you hit "no tip" on those terminals it never works and you have to hit it 2-3 more times before it registers and then you look like a doosh?

  72. I’ve worked as a barista and never felt contempt for someone when they didn’t tip, shit is expensive out there. Just don’t tip if you don’t want to, half the time I didn’t even notice

  73. Yesterday I was passed a terminal from the server, tip options started at 18% but with 20% pre-selected by the server. She’s telling me how much I should tip her? No thanks.

  74. There’s a bakery and they have the tip feature too. The first time I went there, I had questions and she was being super nice then gave me the card machine and tip showed up. I didn’t tip and she saw the machine and made a face. Sorry but it’s their job to serve you and at bakeries they have to get the stuff you ask for since it’s not self serve wth.

  75. These places just don't respect your money. Random tip prompts are literally the same as getting asked by people on the street for free money, except kinda worse imo

  76. Yes, it is out of hand. I blame the US for it, business owners expect the customer to reward their good employees while reaping record profits. Two points for my comment:

  77. “They do not want to raise their prices” and yet they increase them far more than needed and blame inflation.

  78. I asked the guy at a subway once about that, as they have the same thing.. the owner told me at that specific shop, they get 60% of the tip,the rest goes to the interact provider. He said the other subways are whatever deal they worked out with rental of the interact machine

  79. if you are tipping in these situations simply because you are afraid of an "awkward" look, then you are a major part of the problem.

  80. This might sound cold of me, but keep in mind that I used to bartend. Now that servers make minimum wage, shouldn't tip percentages have gone down rather than up? I know minimum is still not enough to live off of but 18%-25% off every purchase for standard service? Come on.

  81. Does the tip always go to the servers/employees? I don't necessarily have a problem tipping if I know where my money is going. It's definitely super pervasive and I won't tip unless I want to but again, there's no transparency about it.

  82. It's strange because they want tips for good service but with the emergence of internet shopping, skip the dishes etc. Continued business for local businesses is a form of tip (I know that sounds cheap) but I was under the impression that customer loyalty > short term money grabbing.

  83. Imagine being Tim Hortons where employees don’t even ask if you want your change back anymore—you have to request it back 😂.

  84. I watched SuperPumped the story of Uber miniseries. A plot point in the show was the Uber founder Travis Kalanick refused to put tipping on Uber as he complained tipping adds friction to a transaction because now you need to mentally think rather than just get out of the car when it is at your destination.

  85. I had that at a golf course before the round while paying green fees. Not even sure what the tipping was before with it being before the round. I just clicked the skip button.

  86. I was at a hotel that rhymes with Wyatt today for a job (beer line cleaning) and the taps happened to be in the “Starbucks” inside the hotel. Saw a 2$ service charge on someone’s 5$ coffee, total 7.58 I think. Then after the subtotal total jazz the receipt continued on and the service charge was converted to a “credit tip”. I don’t know what’s worse, pressure to tip for nonsense or service charges added to checks for tips so businesses can pay the employees like shit.

  87. It's SURREAL. I was a barista around 2014/2015 and we barely made tips, we just had a puny jar. They seem to be making waiter/waitress level tips now.

  88. Anytime I see an iPad or some tablet as the transaction system I assume I’m about to be asked to tip for something that I’d never consider tipping for previously.

  89. I am feeling coming out of the previous two years of the pandemic there was the huge push to tip well when you get things anywhere like food places since they were getting crap pay. Since then, bigger companies have caught on and felt "Well we got sympathy for our workers now" so they don't pay them much more and start putting the tip function on all the card readers and start at the low end 15%.

  90. I was once at this sit-in burger joint and the service was really pleasant. I go to pay and the guy keys in the total on the debit machine. Before passing the machine to me, I see him press the “no tip” button. I’m about to insert my card but notice I can’t go back to actually give him a tip. I tell him that I wanted to add a tip and he goes “oh sorry” and re-keys the total back in, this time not skipping the tip menu.

  91. It's basically trying to guilt trip people who can't say no. In the owner of the shop's mind, its basically "Hey even if I only get 5% folks to tip, that's extra more into my wallet for no extra effort". Some may say it goes to the staff but honestly, just pay them better. I do hope they aren't trying to hire people saying oh yeah we'll give you min wage but we expect you'll get more in "tips". I get tipping if you're being served at a table since you get something extra. I just don't get tipping when nothing extra is offered.

  92. I had the rudest, slowest most incompetent cashier today. And, I was prompted to leave a tip! No way, and that’s the last time I’m using self checkout.

  93. Because people will do it. There’s zero repercussions for asking. If you say no tip they make regular money. If you tip they make bonus money.

  94. Make sure you check your bills and ask when paying. This is not new, but a month ago I went to Elephant and Castle not by choice but because that’s where my club decided on. It’s dim inside the restaurant and I need readers. I swore I checked thoroughly and didn’t see the word “tip” and the waitress didn’t say a thing so I paid 18% tip. Afterwards I learned from someone in my group that tip was already included so I essentially tipped twice something like 36%!!!! We were all shocked when I told my club leaders and they realized everyone whom left before me likely double tipped too. They told me to ask for the tip back and I wasn’t going to, but I did. The waitress didn’t apologize and didn’t ask questions and said she’d give me cash so she knew what she was doing. Sorry although her service was good it’s not that good to make so much tip off of roughly 20-30 of us.

  95. I stopped tipping long ago. Back when I was making min wage, and giving people excellent service and not seeing any tips myself... It's not fair that it's only the food service, I wasn't making a livable wage either!

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