Where can I find the best PIZZA in Orange County!?

  1. I Tried this place out on Monday and I’ve already told 10 people about it. It’s on the same level as Sargent pepperoni in Costa Mesa.

  2. Just tried this place and their BBQ chicken was simple but tasted really high quality with excellent dough. Definitely was worth it.

  3. This really is the only correct answer. Nobody else here listed is making their own fresh mozzarella... except Ari at pizza 900. They also do a ton of charity work you can look up posted here before, and they recently were temp catering the food at wild rivers under the condition that every meal sold, wild rivers had to donate 1:1 a meal to their charity.

  4. Surprised it hasn't been mentioned, best Chicago-style this side of the Mississippi is Tony's Little Italy in Placentia. Authentic Chi-Town vibes the moment you walk in...

  5. OMG. I just had the best pizza I think I have ever had this weekend at Folks Pizzeria at the Camp in Costa Mesa. I’m drooling thinking about it now actually.

  6. This is the answer. Get their Caesar salad and meatballs as well! Also their staff is amazing and so nice!

  7. This is a very loaded question. At my last job, we went through a 12 week pizza competition and eliminated pizzas week by week to find the best pizza in OC. Sgt pepperonis won, big Al’s and ball park tied for second.

  8. Two saucy broads has already been mentioned in the comments. I just want to reiterate how amazing there pizza is. They use beef pepperoni and I feel like it has great spice and flavor. I also recommend there wings and garlic knots. Hands down best pizza in OC!

  9. Live in Fullerton and have TSB at least every other week. Bronx Bomber is my go to. All their appetizers are awesome too. Have never had a bad experience even when they delivered the wrong pizza replaced it and got it and the other pizza for free.

  10. Came here to post this. However I’ve only ever had their meat lovers and it’s one of my favorites.

  11. Anaheim has two local mom and pop spots: Mama Cozza’s and Cortina’s Italian Market(not to be confused with the deli in the city of Orange)

  12. Porkies I’m Also Viejo. There might be one in NP. I always get the thin crust) I’m not a big pizza fan as I usually make it myself).

  13. If pizza brings you joy you deserve to have it more than once every 6 months…treat yourself at least monthly

  14. Haha thanks for kind words. I lost 100 pounds these last 6 months and went through a process of re establishing my relationship with food to maintain long term good standing of health so I cut it out for that time. Now I can splurge again but no where near how I used too in the past.

  15. Why on earth do I have to scroll this far for Pizzeria Mozza?! Nancy Silverton can do no wrong with all things bread and this is no exception.

  16. Mozza is fantastic, but for a fraction of the cost pizza 900 is putting out incredible Neapolitan pizza with homemade fresh mozzarella.

  17. My whole family is transplanted from NY so it’s hard to compare. Recently found Brooklyns in Fullerton and I took my mom. It was good and she liked it. She then took my aunt and uncle and they enjoyed it.

  18. Brewery X in Anaheim for both pizza and ambience (large outdoor seating area, tap room inside, dogs allowed). If you like true NY style pizza, this is it.

  19. I’m preferential towards Pizza Port in South OC. It might be a sentimental thing, but I enjoy the vibes and the pizza.

  20. Good luck, best Ive found was sgt pepperoni's in Costa Mesa and Johnny's bar pizza in Huntington which you can only order through text messaging

  21. Thank you sir, it seems the most popular is Sgt pepperoni out of all these comments. What's your order from this place?

  22. Porky's has been our go-to here since we moved to OC in 97. First meal we had at our house. Grew up on that shit. 21/10

  23. Just tried this a couple weeks ago and agree with others that it is very good napolatena style. I get that it’s soggy, it’s kind of the style though and some of their pies get pretty slathered with ingredients so it’s unavoidable to a degree. But man the crust had a great crispy while still being fluffy interior going on that I dig.

  24. My favorite pizza is the house special from Gina’s Pizza in Laguna Beach. It’s peppers, onions, sausage and mushrooms topped with cheese, and it’s all super fresh. Their crust is also very good. Plus, it’s not too expensive. The small feeds two people and is only about $18.

  25. my go to is whata lotta pizza. there are better pizzas and there are cheaper pizzas, but whata lotta's got the best price to quality ratio around.

  26. As a certified pizza snob, I have to say Pietrini's in Los Alamos is the highest quality pizza you will get in Orange County

  27. Bottega Angelina in Dana Point has incredible Neopolitan style pizza. It’s also a beautiful restaurant with an ocean view. They have a great little Italian market in the front as well.

  28. My current favorite is a bit outside of OC and is a traveling pizza “Truck” called Fire Fresh Pizza. Look them up on IG for their schedule. They are generally at brewery’s during evenings.

  29. Cortinas in Anaheim very good. Also Mr taco nice…. Yes Mr taco nice look them up I swear best Mexican pizza best of both worlds

  30. I’m biased with my answer. I used to work at Neapolitan pizzeria and brirria in Laguna beach. I LOVE there pizza. The guy making pizzas is the same as when I worked there 8 years ago. They also got voted best wings in Orange County a few years back.

  31. I have a pizza pop up and I’m from Huntington Beach. I live in LA but I’m planning on doing a pop up in OC very soon. New York style. @timmyspizza

  32. Brewery X - Pizza X. You wouldn’t think amazing pizza comes out of a brewery, but you are absolutely wrong. SoCal doesn’t have that many incredible pizza spots, but this is a really good iteration of Brooklyn style pies with a California twist. Solid classics; however, If you are a fan of blue cheese the buffalo chicken pizza is bar none. I go half BC half pep, monster combo. Wash it down with a cold beer and you will be back the following week I guarantee it.

  33. Also, Folks pizza in Costa Mesa. A little more gourmet but seriously good as well. Small restaurant, amazing pizza, good natural wine list.

  34. Not sure if anyone has said this yet, but Folks in Costa Mesa has some of the best pizza I’ve ever had. They also have incredible chicken wings!

  35. How has no one said brewery X in Anaheim. It's unbelievable. They ship the tap water from new York to make the crust. It's legitimately the best pizza I've had in oc

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