Hyde's bizarre post game Odor comment "We want to see his bat in there"

  1. I’m past the point of understanding. I just try to chalk it up to chemistry and the fact we’re winning. Otherwise it’ll drive me crazy. We’re regularly trotting out Phillips, Odor, and Chirinos - all hitting in the .100s - and Nevin barely in the .200s. With Hays and Mountcastle as cold as they’ve been, it’s impressive we’re winning games.

  2. It's not rocket science. They're waiting for Gunnar to "be ready" in their eyes. The fact that they've started moving him around is the first step to him being off the team.

  3. basically we have to wait until Gunnar can play without effecting his clock. yesterday we lost because of little small hits that could have been covered by a more rangy 2nd basemen. Odor play third did not have the arm to get out during those scoring opportunities.

  4. The only way playing Odor at 3rd makes sense is if they're calling up Stowers tomorrow, and just want to make sure Odor doesn't embarass himself at 3rd so they can option Nevin.

  5. Odors batting .193. Why would you play him at 3rd to get his bat in there? Opposing teams love seeing Odor in the lineup. Easy out. My goodness!

  6. If they’re dead set on keeping him on the roster for his leadership then option Nevin to AAA for a few weeks to get regular ABs and finally call up Gunnar

  7. Option Nevin and call up Stowers. Gunnar is not gonna get called up for at least two weeks, to keep him eligible for ROY next year, and the draft pick that comes with it.

  8. I don't think odor will be on the team by the end of the year. Vavra starting at 2nd yesterday gives it away

  9. They can keep Odor on the roster for his LeADerShIP, but not have his bat in the lineup or glove on the field. Enough is enough. DFA, pls.

  10. There is just no excuse for Odor on the roster at this point. There's like 3 different guys who need those ABs

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