Funding hasn’t been calculated

  1. I’m also facing this issue. Applied for OSAP on June 2nd and my funding hasn’t been calculated, status says “on hold” Called the university and they basically told me to be patient.

  2. my status says that OSAP still needs program info from my uni. My uni says they already sent that info. So frustrating

  3. Mine also says that my uni needs to send info! I’ve been wondering why it’s taking so long, happy I’m not alone!

  4. Everything is behind this year and apparently a lot of people working at osap are still working from home which contributes to the delay. I would give it until the 23rd then contact your schools fa office and find out if you can request a fee deferral to September 30th due to funding delays. That covers you if the funding doesn’t get there in time though you will more than likely get it in time.

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