Northern California: when do you usually move your plants from indoors (or in my case my makeshift greenhouse) to outdoors? New to this and don’t want them to flower too soon due to long nights. I’m in the Bay Area if that helps….

  1. Same. Doesn’t really matter region you’re in. Stable High 40s F at night is when I transplant my warm season garden.

  2. This. I’d even wait till early June just so they don’t flower on you. Made the mistake last year and my lady ended up revegging. When it flowered the structure was funky.

  3. I’m in the Bay Area too. If they are started from seed they can go out in March or even earlier. If they are clones they need 14h of light min to be sure the won’t flower which works out to early to mid June.

  4. Bay Area here as well. I haven't started anything yet, last year I started germination on 4/19 so it is fair to say that you are a little ahead of the game. I had them on 24 hour lighting until they were about the same size as what you have going on there. It looks like you have the right idea with constant lighting and should be good until we get longer days, then you can take them big girls out and let them get some of that good good sunshine. Take a look at the sun up/sun down times on the weather channel app to gauge when to take them off of the artificial light by seeing when the days are longer. We got about 12 and a half hours between sun up and sun down today. If it were me, I would keep tabs on those times and go for a time of 13+ hours of sun, then just let em rip outside.

  5. if there clone mid to late june around the 12-20th if they are seeds and have been exposed to less than 16 hrs of light a day then whenever

  6. I think as far as hours in the day and not letting them flower, I belive the first of May will be your date your looking for

  7. Something i did last year was just keep a single light on my plants in my gazebo at night to prevent flowering then i just let em do their thang when theyre big enough

  8. We have 13:35 hrs of sunlight in the day as of right now. Your fine to put them out. below12:30hrs I'd say wait but over 13 and it won't flower.

  9. Lovely setup there buddy. Would you mind sharing details of your little room? i.e. cost of the tent, materials, lights etc.

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