Ages ago (3.13) i made this HH keycap to honor the first time i got a HH in game. Feel so sad now...

  1. ikr - i bought the pass - hh nerfed,in ultimatum i bought a carrion golem skin - 3.15 killed carrion lmao - i mean at this point i am waiting a couple of leagues to buy skill mtx,ggg first has to show,that they can actally „balance“ skills and not completely „tilt“ the meta in one direction or the other,while destroying some builds

  2. Sorry but changes are done for the League. You have the first week and then it stays in that state for the rest of the 3 months

  3. to be fair,it was the weekend,i think they dont work then,but yeah,i want my chase uniques to stay super powerful,its what keeps me playing man,its a goal

  4. It was, but then Mageblood came out. Those two chase belts really defined your late game. Chris also said he's been fighting to keep it in untouched, and him losing that battle is very sad imo.

  5. grinding for hh seemed so much more realistic than grinding for mageblood. this mageblood grind straight up blows. it was always a league goal of mine, but... rip

  6. Well they said that before league launch as well and yet here we are. It took me running one map in standard to realize that was a lie.

  7. The agenda that HH is (and will be) trash is being pushed on the subreddit to trick people into selling it for cheap before it gets inevitably buffed. It's all mind games and price manipulation.

  8. You arent happy that they released a cosmetic you need to spend 30 dollars for that is for a chase item they planned on nerfing into the fucking ground the very next league? No way man, why would anyone feel cheated by that. Except, you know, all of the players (myself included) whose goal it is to farm a HH and have fun every league. The nerf doesnt piss me off, its the blatant dishonesty and baiting they did to get people like me to shell out money to get a one of a kind cosmetic for my favorite item, then they nerf it into nonexistence the very next league. Why not put Mageblood in LAST LEAGUES, and HH in this leagues? Oh yeah, because all the people who would shell out 30 just for HH wouldnt buy it then.

  9. Still feels a bit shitty since it was the only item ever said to not get nerfed. It was basically granted sanctity from the nerf hammer, yet here we are

  10. Why would you be sad, the item was in the meta for the longest time, besides, I bet they'll come back to old rares, the new ones are kinda too rippy.

  11. I’m still rocking the HH keycap we worked together on leagues ago ;) hope business is booming!

  12. It feels like a slap to the face when they nerf HH after I purchased last league's vault supporter pack with the HH effect. I hope they will make changes next league.

  13. I really don't understand the backlash about HH being indirectly nerfed. It's always been a pretty dumb item and created some problem situations, not only for what it does to the game on an individual level, but also for macro-level economic balance (like in Legion league when it priced 98% of players out of timeless conflicts). The item is still worth >30ex making it the second most valuable unique belt behind Mageblood, and the 6th most valuable unique overall behind 1-passive Voices, Squire, Ashes and Omniscience. Is it such a big problem to have a changing of the guard after almost a decade of HH dominating high end mapping? It'll always be part of PoE's history but IMO it's fine for it to take a back seat. I hope it doesn't get buffed back to its former "glory", it's good that the best item in PoE doesn't turn your screen into vomit anymore.

  14. I think more than the indirect nerf, what caused the backlash to be this huge is that GGG assured with extreme confidence that the HH wouldn't be inderectly nerfed and that they "extensively tested it".

  15. Where have you been? HH is dead this league. The rare archnemesis modifiers are trash for HH. Check out the price for HH last league and this league. I think it’s 30ex when it’s one of the rarest items in the game. It’s horrible. One inspired learning is nearly the same power as a HH right now. Shrine buffs and using Gull are better than HH right now. Buffs don’t stack and with only a handful of archnemesis mods, it’s just bad bad bad.

  16. People complain that their characters don't have enough defense to deal with mobs damage, but they love an item that when acquired has the ability (had) to make their characters near-immortal.

  17. sorry vendor trash now! think they wanted to nerf it a long time so we got the new endgame uniques. they probably figured out nobody would notice the nerf.

  18. Didn't Chris say they wanted to keep it as is as a top tier chase item? Feels like they've been going back on their words more in recent times.

  19. everything has to end, HH was unhealthy to the game and its about time its fucking tuned down, its still one of the best unique items in the game, simply not out of this world pc crashingly powerful.

  20. They are working on changing it to be more in line with previous power levels but everyone seems to ignore that fact

  21. A lot of people still smoking the hopium here. Now I get why its 30ex still. Gonna tank in a couple weeks when people realize this is what it is now, forever.

  22. The game is easier than last league now, and it's kinda lame. I want more difficulty and more rewards

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