Why I quit leagues early, and how difficulty affects that

  1. I only play because I'm having fun. I don't have a ton of time to devote to the game, so if I'm not making good progress or getting good rewards, I'm done. I actually enjoyed the harder campaign, but my character started dying like crazy to the new modded mobs once I hit maps. I have very little currency and not much in the way of options to make the character better. I made the decision to quit early because I'm not having the same fun I did in 3.17.

  2. God, I miss 3.17 , I have most of my time and fun in 3.17 and I play till the last day of the league on SSF. 3.18 is a failure also in my opinion, char progress slow, dying too much , and lack of motivations …..

  3. Mindless farming = good. Being mindful of rares and slowing yourself down as a counterplay feels awful. League = Standard w/ loot explosion and very accessible RNG crafting. If you're not so into crafting then the league is really not that much different from Standard since Sentinels are just a different flavor of juice.

  4. For me, I just take every league as they come, play for a few weeks and quit regardless of how good or bad the league is. I don't think about it after, I just wait for the next one. Do I think this league is "hard"? Yeah it probably feels shit if you're playing some homebrew static strike build taking 15mins to clear a yellow map. And, that right there is the problem with making the game harder, it kills off more "viable" or "fun" builds and pushes more people towards doing the meta shit that can actually do the content while feeling good. POE is inherently a game that wants it's players to experiment and come up with whacky builds. But when balance is not done fairly, more and more people will stick to the handful of builds topping poeninja. This I think will be a major factor in people quitting earlier.

  5. I think they might have problems balancing meta builds. Especially since core enabling uniques introduced a whole bunch of new viable builds (phantasmal cremation for example) so they make the game overall harder while also nerfing droprate to Infinity. Which is affecting build variety too heavily imo. Either leave the game as is so selfmade builds can still be played while the super strong ones get gated behind a rare drop. Or make the game harder but leave the droprate as is so that most players have accsess to different builds capable of handling that difficulty.

  6. And I agree with the idea of letting people experiment and all that. But the barrier to experimentation is too high.

  7. I just strongly dislike that GGG thinks the way to keep me playing longer is to force me to play longer through arbitrary bullshit instead of making a fun game.

  8. Reminds me of narcissistic ramblings of AAA gamedevs on Twitter when Elden Ring came out. Couldn't comprehend that an "Open World Game" can exist without being 99% an empty time sink.

  9. Or nerfing skills, and not buffing skills that literally never get used... Why can't we get more skills buffed up to levels of meta skills so that we as players actually have a choice outside of throwing 100+ex into some meme level shit just to make it barely playable...

  10. Like when they got rid of regions and progress towards conqueror citadels and instead did atlas passive tree? Lmfao

  11. At least you're not G spamming your way through each day to play the game for 20 minutes like Lost Ark players. Don't give GGG any ideas about "easy" gameplay

  12. I play in my spare time and quit as soon as progression or fun hit a wall. Who cares. There will be a new League and this is not my job.

  13. Realized just before Elden Ring came out: if difficulty becomes excessive, it limits player options, eventually constricting player options so much that it becomes impossible, or just unfun, to deal with.

  14. Honest question, what is the point of white/yellow maps in yours and OPs world? To me people should be more used to the idea of running 10/11's (Ben sure as shit ran 100x the amount of them as you did in his run) rather than complain about 16 being to hard. You barely get better drops at 16 but you expect it to just be a push over, and if it is a push over why even have any other color of map?

  15. A few leagues back , if i want my charater gears to be cheap i can opt into off-meta build and can still somehow make it work for farming red maps . Atm off-meta take twice the effort and even more currencies pump into it just for it to work 70-80% power of a meta build , its feel horrible . Not everyone play this game to beat uber content , some are like me . We comeback every league to try out new skill , we try to make it work . Its our fun but then 2 leagues in a row no new skill and no rework or buff old skills either . I love this game truly but if its continue to go this way , im not sure how long can i holding on to .

  16. I've been playing since Legacy League. I also find myself putting in less and less hours. For me I think the issue is there are too many systems that keep getting added to the game it gets harder and harder for me to keep track of things.

  17. I have to disagree with you on the atlas passive tree being a chore. The old system of getting 32 watchstones every single league by killing the same 4 bosses was the most mind numbing stuff I've ever done. Imagine having to summon and kill 8 full exarchs/EoW before completing the atlas.

  18. Completely agree with you and thus mostly quit the game by feeling overwhelmed. Plus didn't start this league due to the problems I've read online with overtuned monster(s).

  19. I don't understand why Archnemesis needs to be permanently applied to everything.. Why can't it be a scarab, harvest infusion, zana mod, map modifier of some kind etc etc that you can ELECT to have in your map. That way it doesn't ruin everyones experience, the work GGG put into it isn't wasted and the people who want to do that shit can. There is SO MUCH end-game stuff for the people who want a challenge, I genuinely don't get why GGG feel the need to push it on everyone, all the time in such a un-fun way.

  20. I would argue that our characters are more powerful now than ever before (with the exception of harvest and ritual of)

  21. Would love to see more power coming from tree and gems, but GGG is forcing us to play for hours and hours [to me it becomes to feel like some mobile asian game] More and More offenses and defenses are achieved from gear, look at spell suppression! you can roll it on helmet,gloves boots armor with values 20-30....easy 100% and with deadly monster it feels like you shooting your own foot not wearing rares... and now look at block mods on items... I really though they will nerf spell supp on items, I mean 30% from single item and Raider gives 40%? sth ait right

  22. Honestly, i think the economy is the problem. Chris had said multiple times that they take great care in their designs and balancing as to not upset the markets and this just leads to frustration from a large part of the player base.

  23. Well, the game has in the past many leagues conditioned you to skip early mapping and go straight to fully juiced T16's because it was most profitable in SC Trade. But the game has gotten harder, so you will have to adjust your play pattern.

  24. GGG will never do this because it's a lot of work to buff 100+ skills and they risk introducing power creep.

  25. It's worth noting that T14 is the true "baseline" for endgame content. No reason to force yourself to do T16s if your character can't handle it.

  26. You probably don't wanna hear this but you can farm currency in low tier maps too. I understand that you want to farm higher tier content. But if your build isn't performing well in those tiers consider low tier farming.

  27. I farmed 150 exalts this league. Still couldnt make the builds i wanna play work. The one that i farmed my currency with did work, but only in maps, anything else and it falls flat. Having currency does not mean youll have fun or youll be able to make your build idea work.

  28. I second this. Like a lot. Poe is about building for a content. Find the right content to do for a build is the best way to enjoy a league. We asked for late game we got this, this league is fun we got big red lines

  29. I kinda agree with you. Also pretty much all of my casual friends are gone at this point. Not sure why ppl keep calling the game hard. Imo the only issue most ppl who quit have is the required gear to make it through. If you cant reach certain tresholds, you can be god gamer and wont get through consecrator + gargantuan essence or the timed content that rng rips due to random bad luck nemesis spawn. Sentinel mechanic feels good in general, but since I dont play the few roflstomping builds, I just cant afford using it efficiently on something like expedition and such, because that creates impossible encounters with all the enemy defense stacking and altars on top of that. These defense mechanics should have some sort of limits like player resistance has. Obviously it randomly kills me on auto attack, because random rares remove my entire defense. Look at the rich ppl, the best money strategy in 3.18 is playing 2-3k hp builds throwing corpses at the content and use all 6 portals to get a map done. This tells something about the state of the game.

  30. My problem is that I make a certain amount of progress in a certain amount of time, generally doing 36/38 challenges per league. If I feel like GGG made it take twice as long to make that same amount of progress either by increasing difficulty or reducing drops, I’m just not gonna play. It was already a lot of time to put into the game as is, if their end goal is to keep slowing it down to increase playtime I’ll just stop playing.

  31. Path of exile offers a lot of freedom. Sadly it includes the freedom to shoot oneself in the foot. T16 is not the "baseline end-game", normal rarity T1 are. You shouldn't jump into content you or your charaxter can't handle. (By handle, I mean "able to do" as well as "is enjoyable to do").

  32. As they changed a core mecanic as important as the mod pool of basically 95% of monsters, the difficulty curve is completely different from what we were used to. It's fine to have a slower progression.

  33. There's a massive loot buff on t16s and you can't even see most mechanics or items in white maps. T16s are absolutely baseline endgame

  34. Yep, this is the problem with this twisted idea. Without farming end game t16+ content, you just cant afford doing anything economy wise. We lost all the base power and we got gearing options. Well, without the currency to acquire the gear, we cant get too far. Its again the way Chris enjoyed games back in his 20s, but it doesnt work today. It wouldnt work for him as well, but its easy to lose the touch, if you dont play the game, because you dont have time to do it. Nobody is interested in this so called hard mode, more like unreasonably tedious mode and not suited for full time job person. And its unlikely that students and few streamers will fund the game, if rest of the player base gets shafted.

  35. For me its the same metagame. Outside this league im playing ea balista, the others 10 builds in the top 10 ive already played it. The Nerfs to harvest and the game in 3.13/3.15 killed the game for me, 99% of the skills in the game is totally useless. GGG is saying that there are hunbdreds of skills, while in reality there is 10s and the others feels like shit

  36. same here. been playing since open beta. every time i complain about content being too hard/long/boring, these 'pros' just tell me to git good. the fact is that ggg just made poe very boring catering to the 1% no-lifers. at some point I realized that it was no longer fun, just painful and boring. I don't even play anymore but i still have the reddit subscription. if you find it boring just quit like I did and if enough people do that maybe ggg will change (highly doubtful). I don't care if I don't come back to poe anymore since there are a lot of things that are much better now imo.

  37. Very much agree. I've written this league off as a wash and will be waiting for the next go to try again. Sadly there's no retreating to Standard league either, as all the overtuned damage and Archnemesis bs'ery have been applied there too... There's basically nothing to be found but frustrations for the next 12 weeks.

  38. Yes. Don't make the game harder. If you want longer please retention do what you did with the challenges this league. I really like the change to the challenges.

  39. I wouldn't feel so bad about dying if it didnt remove experience. I find it difficult to level up from 91 to 92 because of constantly losing experience...

  40. >At this point, I would very much like to see a round of power creep (preferably in the passive tree and gems) going into the next league.

  41. You are asking for buffs? That will never happen. GGG will see the streamers sail through the content this league and think everything is fine (and kill the 3 most played builds this league)

  42. I think the problem is with thinking that the highest tiers of maps is the general baseline content.

  43. A lot of it is also about not knowing how to incrementally progress a build. In trade you can just wait to get a lucky drop and you just buy your gear. In ssf, you use the resources available to you to upgrade a piece at a time. Essence, harvest, and delve for the basic gear is more than good enough.

  44. I quit league early after done exarch and eater. Not much Eldritch currency I got. Then see reddit confirmed the currency drop rate and boss nice unique get massive nerf. Uncountable amount of floor dot and chaos damage compare to last league. Don't feel much more point to play on. Got 3 ex and few hundred c.

  45. Better that the game gets harder than gets easier. This subforum won't be satisfied until it becomes nothing more than an auto-clicker, and thank the gods GGG aren't going that direction.

  46. I feel like ggg is either terrible at testing or they think making rares take a ton of time to kill is fine. I mean im not sure that apart from very rare exceptions they dont overnerf shit to oblivion for no reason. Or overtune difficulty for no reason. I mean what the fuck was the thought process behind nerfing forbidden flame droprate? Ashes and omni I can understand although they should be more like 5 % droprate and not 1 or smth like that. But Ive run 30 exarchs and didnt get a single omni or forbidden flame. Whats the point of making a unique with unmodifiable 100 different rolls which already means getting a good one is unlikely. And then nerfing the droprate to oblivion?

  47. I loathe the arch nem changes and honestly worry if this is it for me and poe. Also played since beta and never had any big issues with the game until 3.15. Just seems less fun every league since then as they seem intent to kill the fun.

  48. I understand where you are coming from but i just do not agree. The mods got tuned and are pretty much a pushover now. The game feels easier then 3.17 or even 3.16. I

  49. I dislike that you need to downgrade the content you would normally do just to interact with the sentinel mechanic. That really doesn't feel good. So you either go broke not using it (because they heavily nerfed base drops), or you're running low tier content and feeling like you're not progressing your atlas.

  50. It honestly baffles me to see comments like this. If you're forcing yourself to do t16s when your character isn't good enough for it, then the game isn't too hard, you're just not strong enough. You don't deserve to do t16s deathless, it's earned. You're not entitled to the endgame, you have to build up to it. If you're looking for a game where it's totally easy from day 1-3, Diablo 3 is for you. Don't turn this game into that.

  51. I'm about done this league as well. I played last league up to the final day pretty much. I made more currency than I ever had, and got to play the build I most wanted to play (TS). This league they've made things rarer and with more absurd spike damage than ever - the worst aspect of the game. If that's the direction for PoE 2, I won't be playing it.

  52. Tier 16 Maps hard lol they easy Is just All build Glass Canon so yes you die Now You need some def

  53. GL wishing for that, because next league will probably be overall nerfs, including defenses, which means that if you wanna be in the current state, you'll have to spend more into defenses than currently.

  54. The game not being accessible to casual players and especially new players is very concerning to a great many of us. It however does not seem to bother GGG AT ALL. I hope they know what they are doing.

  55. Not accessible to casual players? How so? tier 1-5 maps are pretty casual, not sure how you can see otherwise.

  56. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I actually like the changes (after the rare monster nerfs), except the headhunter nerf, since now you have to build your characters differently, focusing much more on defenses. Previously I mostly played glass cannon builds, since you could dodge dangerous mechanics and the rest didn't hit too hard (or was dead in a blink of an eye). Now I find more and more fun playing tanky builds and even in hardcore.

  57. Everyone have a different opinion on PoE, and how it must be. And that is normal. Now imagine if the game is builded about all opinion, almost all from all redditors. THen, i doubt anyone will play. Almost all think, they got the best ideea and how GGG did not think about that, and that is for everyone(myself included). Ofc some ideea are good ,but those ideea are rare and sometime are hard to implement because of X reasons. From my POV, this game should be splited in more category, from easy with more currency to hard with less currency and in total 5-10 difficulty grads. But ofc is a dumb ideea, cause will take to much manpower to implement that

  58. Well i just play 1 week or 2, to get 90 and stop...i do it for like 8y and i never killed uber atziri, never ever saw any the end bosses, never ever did all the atlas skill points at max, or planned the atlas for full currency and shit, or even did all the maps, and for me its ok. But i never understood the ppl crying about can't get in t16 as i compare to myself, a total casual player that can get in and run them with no problem.

  59. apart from scourge (it lagged horribly for many people me including) i played all sirus leagues for at least 1.5 months. Now in 2 weeks i want to quit. This league in 1 week.

  60. Forgot to put this in the original post if anyone’s curious: the problem this league was clearing maps too slowly. I played a Toxic Rain pathfinder with auto-flask healing. It can stand in all kinds of shit, isn’t bothered by archnemesis, can kill T16 multi-essence mobs but it just takes too long to clear a screen.

  61. Can you post your profile? I'd like to take a look at your build - Toxic Rain Pathfinder sounds really interesting.

  62. This league is just awful. Archnemesis going core AND completely untested has ruined the game for me.

  63. I would not mind difficult - I can farm T1 maps if need to. What I hate is just random - no matter what you do you will randomly die - see Ziz death of example. If I go to GR in d3 I know when it is too hard. There are no magic random one shots from ass.

  64. Nah, I hate Harvest and would be pleased if it got removed. Old harvest was no more interesting to me than current harvest because I play SSF. Even at full strength, augs and removes were rare enough that I just treated it as targeted chaos crafting that interrupts your mapping flow in the most annoying way possible.

  65. literally the same, except i dont want to quit because i got hope that more changes are comming. but for now this league is least fun i had since last 10 leagues. im just idling at T11 for now and wait if something is happening but probably not going to play that league as much as last few leagues

  66. I havent played since league launch weekend, the last 3 acts and even white maps were stupid overtuned Friday night and completely sapped my will to play. 3.17 was so good with the atlas rework and I completely ignored Arch Nem, now it's crammed down my throat and I absolutely hate it. Hopefully you guys playing are getting some enjoyment because im struggling to find something to play until next league.

  67. I feel like I know you. I have a friend thats played since beta and every league since harbinger league they quit after a week or two because they always insist on makibg their own waaaay off-meta build that is ALWAYS a short trip on the struggle bus. Frost Bolt Berserker, Ice Shot Gladiator, Righteous Fire Trickster, Fire Convert Sweep Elementalist to name a few of their dozens of build ideas. They always fail miserably, they can never find the right gear they need, they arent the greatest at crafting and they quit because the game is too hard and its just too frustrating to do no damage and barely get to red maps if at all plus the dying constantly. When in actuality they made the game more difficult on their own. So.... to you and anyone else reading this. Decide if you are (and be honest with yourself) 1) bad 2) OK 3) good 4) great or 5) amazing and pick the number associated with it from the following list:

  68. If you cant handle t16 maps go lower till you get better gear, its a 3 month league, take your time. Sentinel shits out a ton of currency even in low maps.

  69. i'm playing and.. i don't even have all that much fun. If anything it feels like i'm just logging in out of habit.

  70. Players version of fun is becoming a god, destroying everything in your path while you increase your power even more over time.

  71. I wonder if viewing T16 as the baseline is a problematic perspective? Not only is it not really the baseline endgame, it's not even needed to make good currency anymore. Playing lower level maps is actually absolutely fine these days.

  72. Previously many non-meta builds can do white/yellow, maybe reds and with significant investment like 100 ex or more can kill some end game bosses.

  73. I also play less and i just took a position that it will take a while for ggg to stabilize their experiments (despite their "extensive testing" is obv not enough)- so i'm prepared that 2-3 more leagues can be a clownfiesta/or even a bit more-until the hardmode.

  74. 90% of the skills in the game are not viable for red maps let alone end game bosses. If you are not playing the top 5-10 meta builds for the league you will have an extremely hard time

  75. I hate getting voidstones because I don't like maven fight. Now I cant play some of my favourite maps as t16 because I don't have the 4th voidstone. And some of the content still needs Balancing. Like betrayal. I can tank crazy hits from endgame bosses but not cameria. Cameria still trashes me somehow. I cant even properly play the game because I'm not using TFT. They should remove the harvest or make it tradable already.

  76. I didnt quit but i’m playing MultiVersus right now. I started with Helix Zerker which it was going to be LS and i had around 30 deaths when i got to maps. I generally don’t die in the campain.

  77. I totally would have been down for just replaying arch nemesis League again. Maybe the patch is for the hcssf streamers?

  78. I quit in acts, before the nerfs, even with the nerfs AN mods didn't seem to be fun especially as someone who planned to go in on essences and harvest which are two mechanics that are heavily affected by AN mods

  79. I would say, it depend on what we define as "hard". Clear mechanics to dodge/learn is totally ok (dark souls style), random monsters that teleports behind you from offscreen and throw multiples attacks because they have "echoist, haste, deadeye" is not ok.

  80. I’m holding off judgement (and the usual amount of playtime) until this week’s patch. Picked a hell of a time to play a cold ailment character

  81. i already quit the league my friend your not alone, game isnt fun anymore, just a tedious slog, cant see how anyone enjoys this but to each his own, good luck all

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