Every mechanic feels like archnemesis.No identity

  1. You know what’s unfun? Getting 10 stacks of vines and using your movement skill a couple of times with insane attack speed on a Zerker thinking you’re getting away from enemies and the damage source and on your 5th cast or whirling blades in a 2 second timespan you die from using your moving skill with the DoT from the 10 stacks of vines.

  2. I cant believe they added a chaos dot to grasping vines archnemesis mod. I actually cant fathom that the person that designed this mod actually plays the game.

  3. Chaos damage is so frequent now with AN mods that I wonder why they havent made Chaos resist more obtainable.

  4. How GGG should have implemented archnemesis is making rares occasionally manifested as archnemesis rares, instead of making all rares archnemesis. And archnemesis rares will have these special modifiers that when killed will have a chance to drop special loot associated with the archnemesis mods, like malediction for div cards or mirror image for scarabs.

  5. Doesn't matter how much defense you got my guy. You still going to randomly get one shot. 100% spell suppression, grace, determination, purity of elements, immune to elemental ailments, defensive flasks, overcapped resists, Immune to bleed, reduced curse effect, phys to ele watcher's eye, straining every single last one of your available modifiers on gear, doesn't matter. STILL ONE SHOT.

  6. I have 70 ex build with ashes, secrets, 100% suppression, ~89% evade, 76% all res, positive chaos res, ~65% phys reduction and still get one shot to steel infused blue pack that shotguns me with reflect shield from off my screen while having gargantuan so they have more eHP than shaper (literally not even hyperbole).

  7. I just run a max evasion build with some phy damage reduction and spell supression. Yeah I die every once and a while (physical spells in particular are a bitch) but there are so many bullshit mechanics flying around these days it's better to just not get hit at all.

  8. I’m running a 100m ish dps flicker strike right now with sub 3.5k life and no defense, everything just dies and explodes. Issue is took around 150ex and I started with minions arguably one of the safest and most laid back and boring playstyles.

  9. being forced into defenses isnt bad imo, the issue is that every build uses the same fucking defense mechanics. i have 100% spell suppression, my auras are determination grace defiance banner, i use a shield, i have a decent hybrid pool with grav chest mod and use ghost dance. what build am i?

  10. Im using determination, grace, enfeeble + blasphemy, temporal chains on hit and blind from asenath gloves, and I die more than I would like to

  11. The resistance system having increasing returns has honestly always kind of been bad. It just wasn't a big issue in the past when the game was balanced around having 75% ele resists and sources of max resist were an extremely rare luxury. Sure, having just a little bit below 75% ele resist felt horrible but that was okay because you're supposed to have 75%, and getting over 75% was extremely strong but usually required jumping through a lot of hoops.

  12. It was a problem in Diablo 3 for ages; it doesn't matter what monster you're fighting, it matters only whether it's a "shoots purple lasers" affix or a "drops frost bombs" affix. It makes you lose all the identity of the bestiary and only focus on the affix name. This just replicates the problem 1 for 1

  13. and by tricking the playerbase into thinking it was going to be a good league since they said there are no "nerfs". I guess they were scared of announcing the changes after seeing what happened in Expedition. GGG has hit an all time low.

  14. And just like last league it's not the actual league that people loved (or in this case close to hate) but the core changes.

  15. Thats exactly whats bugging me too. Every mechanic that throws rares at you feels terrible, most because of the ground effects like burning ground and cold snap that (imo) should not drain your res capped ass in a few seconds and what bullshit is empowering elements please? 90% dr for everything except a random element/phys. Please ggg.

  16. Lol burning ground immunity almost feels mandatory. I took the pantheon and my mapping and delving experience improved almost ten times

  17. Seems like buffing rare monsters was probably easier than buffing rare items, since they have been on about loot 2.0 forever

  18. Just like buffing those under used support gems that no one used for years, so they nerfed the good support gems and never touched the others. I'm sick of being lied to,they want to nerf us, just say they want to nerf us. I mean, I still hate it. But don't pretend like they were trying to give us options, when they don't actually give us options, they just made the existing stuff worse.

  19. I realized last night this is why I quit. I used to be able to relax in maps and passively gain experience. And avoid bossing to avoid ripping. Now you rip everywhere even if you're running determination, grace, and maxed spell suppression. I've never ever had to take determination before just to survive in a map, and to still die to ransom one shots is like aiight fuck it. Maps have never felt worse.

  20. For real. Chilling and alch and go-ing a few maps after work was such a vibe. Now i pretty much have to be on the edge of my seat with my muscles primed and asshole clenched to dodge every fucking particle even in yellow maps. Challenging content is fun but not when it's forced on you 100% of the time. Sometimes i just wanna chill

  21. Lol im playing a rain of arrows raider scaling ele dam mostly cold - pob says i got 150k dps lol t11 maps seem to be topping out the build bosses stop taking damage now

  22. all of the baeclast crew but Ziggy especially were on point yesterday. it's everywhere, it affexts all parts of the game negatively and it's jist absolutely tedious, boring and annoying. there is no upside to it at all.

  23. Yeah they have gone radio silent, not improved rewards (one of the most consistent player complaints about arch nem) and are stubborn about removing what was clearly a bad idea to work on it behind the scenes and instead forcing the players to deal with this unpopular direction.

  24. There's very little identity to anything aside from the Archnemesis mods. It hardly matters what the monster is, or the context you encounter it in, its you against the Archnemesis mods.

  25. Yep. Imagine taking the most not liked league for a while, which almost everybody avoided on purpose and throwing it into the core game in a form that is all present and cant be avoided at all. I guess it pretty much shows, how much they rely on theoretical data instead of real experience. Sure, retention was ok in 3.17, because casuals enjoyed the atlas a lot, so it might seem like a popular league for somebody out of the touch. But literally everybody I know ignored the league mechanic that was an absolute garbage.

  26. Eh, that's not really fair. I don't think most people disliked archnemesis because of the monsters. People disliked archnemesis because storing and combining the affixes was tedious as fuck. The enemies themselves were generally not that bad and had pretty decent rewards as long as you didn't build something that countered your build.

  27. My biggest issue is 75 ele res being not enough. I mean it weird enough that despite 75% being a soft cap you had to have 75 at all time after the story (if you'd look at newbies posts you'd often notice their confusion as they get told about 75 being absolute necessity and I can't blame them on that)

  28. It is sad, that the "monster identity" is absolutely lacking - you either kill it or it survives longer. There are no special moves, special properties, the mob modifiers aren't special.

  29. I’m not sure I agree with you here, I can instantly identify mods on rares or blue packs. Mostly because it’s a mod that fucks over my build a lot and it is annoying, but I recognise them quickly.

  30. I'm still playing but i'll admit, the game is more... annoying now. I don't feel challenged or engaged with content, whenever i see a mana siphoner (even after changes) or a rejuvenating or a storm strider i just roll my eyes and sigh really loud and hard.

  31. Problem is that these mobs usually lack any counter play (considering overall speed of the game). Only ones which are actually cool are aberath/arakali/solaris - touched. But those are extremely rare. Things like ice prison just shove phasing down your throat. As if we didn't have enough things to collide with. In the end it is just pushing people towards the meta.

  32. It was same with old mods, no? You go in every content and everywhere is same rare mods. Now you pay so much attention to it cuz it's fresh and quite hard, but in 2-3 leagues you just forget about it (like it was with flask changes, everyone just play as it is). Yes, there are stupid and imbalanced mods (hello Effigy and Corpse Detonator), but this can be balanced and definitely will be.

  33. I'd argue that the rares have identity now, but the identity sucks and overwhelms other mechanics, wheras before the mechanics had identity but rares didn't.

  34. wait, so you want to tell me the game should be so easy you can clear the game with any 30c build? :D

  35. Hard disagree, although I can appreciate the feeling nonetheless. I'm in SSF and the only build I've ripped this league was a DD necro. RF and ice trapper both still going strong. Ice trapper was my starter too and he made it through the pre-nerf Archnemesis no problem.

  36. Nah. Delve feels like Delve, Blight feels like Blight, etc. This subforum is overreacting like it always does.

  37. Delve feels way worse though. Degens on degens in a limited space. Very stressful and much less fun than previous leagues.

  38. Grasping vines are more annoying than before if you use a movement skill that doesn't remove them and there are some edge cases where new mods cause issues with mechanics (like juggernaut and assassin with Blight). But otherwise its basically the same as before. The sub is in babyrage mode as usual.

  39. Right? This guy is acting like we didn’t just blow up entire screens worth of enemies before regardless of what content. Nothing has changed other than it takes a bit longer to get your build online and if you have to pay attention to rares every now and then

  40. OK didn't expect someone to actually come in and say otherwise. This forum been on some bs since day 1.

  41. Delve does not feel like delve. The level of danger down in the mine I exponentially higher. Rare mobs who do massive damage to you from the darkness, blue mobs with 30 toxic orbs chasing you, the lightning dudes appearing under you and chunking your health even if you never stand still. You're being disingenuous if you say delve isn't far more dangerous now.

  42. So many people complaining you have to play one or two builds in order to do well at the game, and it's flat out not true.

  43. Well, I discovered that what kills me isn't archnemesis but altars. Extra 25% DMG per altar is plain stupid with these mods

  44. I am a bit confused. If there currently is no identity just arch nemesis mobs... What was the situation before in your opinion? Were rare mobs with fun mods like more damage more speed more health a better identity before?

  45. it started off annoying but on my Poison Conc. Pathfinder I threw on Shrines for that atlas and an Inspired learning now its pretty easy sailing, any update they do to it is welcome I'll just roll shit even harder

  46. GGG went through a lot of work to be lazy. I get that GGG didn't like the speed of the game. You made it that bed, now sleep in it.

  47. Funnily enough with the new mods the meta is to go even faster, kill even faster and never stop because ground degens will get you. Thank you for slowing the game down GGG

  48. it sucks because they started to balance the game around high end ssf hc players, only way those guys will ever die is to random BS 1 shots and any "fair" deaths they will logout

  49. I've just been throwing in t16 white maps, by the time my sentinels have done their work it feels like I'm omega juicing the maps.

  50. It would be cool if some mods were uniquely found in certain maps or mechanics. With around 80 or so there's plenty of room to say, yeah these 30-40 are core spawn anywhere mods, these 4 only spawn with legion, these 2 only spawn in snow covered maps like summit, etc.

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