Does GGG realize that people are actively blocking league mechanics because Archnemesis makes them terrible?

  1. I block harvest because why would I want to spend 10 mins crafting mid map? Never made a single good item from it either.

  2. I hate shit that takes me out of my map... I just wanna grind not read 4 affixes on 6 different pump things that I barely understand.

  3. Sorry that doesn't fit the narrative of Archnemesis = Game ruined. Your opinion has been discarded by the hive mind. Have a good day.

  4. I still successfully run blights and breaches. These posts on reddit are so fucking delusional and self entitled. Glad GGG doesn't cave into whiny redditors

  5. returning player after skipping a few leagues. why is it not feasible? the sentinel mods make them too strong?

  6. Speak for yourself bro, I block anything besides heist and expedition cause I dont care for the other league mechanics

  7. I'm really curious about the numbers they've gathered of what's the most blocked league mechanics from top to bottom. Hope they could share it and improve on.

  8. Same here, just running expeditions with shrines, strongboxes, eow influence and sentinels.

  9. block delirium, farm deli orbs on other mechanics, run ~40% deli maps without the need to race the clock.

  10. I like legion a lot too, you can sentinel them after you've killed them while passive for extra profit and with the atlas mods you will drop a decent amount of emblems

  11. I have everything except for harvest and expedition blocked at this point. I went from running deli maps with harbinger, legion and beyond for a good chunk of 3.17 to blocking all of those things on my atlas.

  12. Except Metamorph. I genuinely blocked this mechanic because of Archnemesis. I play totem. Metamorph should have been my main dishes, but I am still not comfortable with AN mods on it.

  13. This is absolutely the case for me. I started off with a plan around blocking certain league mechanics based on what I want to do, and that has completely changed to a strategy based around blocking things that work terribly with the archnemesis mods.

  14. If you’re still struggling even after the nerfs, your build needs work. You’re probably running mods that are too difficult for your build in its current state. Link your profile so we can see if your complaints have merit.

  15. That's a wild take. People are blocking mechanics they dislike, consider not profitable or the ones that work poorly with their builds.

  16. I'm sentinel empowering legions, incursions and expeditions and having no problem, haven't ripped to any of them. Could try those. I itch at the thought of the issues I've heard about with Blight though. I haven't even bothered going into Rogue Harbour. Starting to delve with my next build (previous got Eater slammed into standard because I though my second ever Eater fight would be a great HC idea), curious how that is. I'm assuming delve is OK.

  17. I disagree. I really like this league, sure, rares were OP at the start but imo they fixed most of it. I like it being a bit more challenging, more focus on defences and not just melting everything.

  18. More focus on defenses? Running determination, grace, and defiance banner while picking up reservation nodes is focusing on defense? It’s not more challenging, it simply forces you to waste time reading, waste time waiting for on death effects to end for looting everything, and more focus on “just copy paste the build” because player movement for actual avoidance is meaning less in a tiny ritual box spinning 5 ice laser while you can’t even see the ground with 50+ enemies on screen with mods you can’t react to.

  19. Are numbers legit low right now? Steam Charts show an expected picture considering we are talking about a league and not an expansion.

  20. Please never use Steam Charts to compare league to league. After 3 months they prune all data points except for one per month and interpolate values between these. It's completely useless.

  21. Idk I block stuff based on what I dont care about, and blocking it to boost other stuff. Pandemonium sentinel with juiced expeditions or breaches are great fun.

  22. No that it is not true!! How dare you don't immedietly die like everyone else when you see a rare mob? How dare you have fun??

  23. I don't block anything because I like playing all, and honestly this compliant about archenemies ruining league mechanics is a bit of an exaggeration, just don't roll your maps like an idiot and you'll be fine.

  24. i'm actively staying in white and yellow maps because the mechanics i want to do are too fucking insane in red maps... its stupid... had an essence mob in a t16 that lasted longer than 2 full shaper kills... INCLUDING THE RUN BACKS AND THE 4 PreBosses.

  25. Are you guys using Sentinels in all your maps? I sincerely believe that people are juicing their rares with Sentinels and that's why you're constantly encountering raid bosses. I don't think just the standard non-sentinel'd rares are that bad. But if you're pressing F2, that's when shit gets scary.

  26. Some mobs are stupidly sturdy even without sentinel. Just playing Poison Concroction, when mob is immune to wither, there goes half of my dmg. Immune to curses? There goes another 50% of my dmg as mob has impenetrable 50% chaos res. Add some another BS mod which grants regen and it's basically a draw. Add Sentinel on top? I can congratulate myself for building something that has bigger effective healthpool than Shaper.

  27. I block mechanics that I don't enjoy doing or things that don't fit my current farming strat. We are not the same.

  28. I have to agree with you about rares on average being less dangerous outside of some nasty combos/specific mods which is nothing new for this game. Effigy can fuck off lol

  29. Expedition Legion Delirium and Harvest are fine with Archnemesis, dont know what content other people block because they cant do it.

  30. Legion is the only one that kinda “got buffed”, probably unintentionally, but rates actually drop decent amount of splinters now and without aura stacking it’s not as deadly as before. Harvest on the other hand is complete garbage with 20 degen/slow areas after they die. Also mods being a punching bags isn’t super fun when you’re not playing meta/minmaxed build

  31. Yeah, I blocked Blight because it was frustrating to have a mob be invulnerable and waste the encounter, not because I didn't want to do it. I could have just done them anyway, and counted that as unlucky, but I honestly wanted to be spared their oversight impacting my game.

  32. I was hyped before the league but ended up quitting on the first week of the league because of Archnemesis rares. There are other games I enjoy that I can play until they fix/remove Archnemesis. Taking a break is also healthy.

  33. This type of impatient gamer is what’s wrong with the gaming community. All of the major bugs have been fixed in less than 2 weeks.

  34. To be honest - I was so hyped for the league - I made it to maps - I got to 112 completion - I shaped my atlas into what I want - within 2 days I was so repulsed by all the additional ground degens, on death effects, and other shit that essentially prevented me from playing after every second pack, while waiting for the shit on the ground to disappear, or running from magma/toxic or other shit aimed at me before moving forward.

  35. PoE one is just for beta testing this year i dont think they care about it, there putting all there eggs into PoE 2

  36. There's a good mix of feedback in this thread that's appreciated. It helps us get a well rounded picture of people's views about this. Rare monsters in past league content is something we'll review for 3.19. In the meantime, we'll continue to review the individual balance for Archnemesis modifiers.

  37. It's not a good mix of feedback, it's 99% negative, you fucked up your league, it happens, what infuriates players is that you are acting like everything is fine.

  38. I don't hate archnemesis modifiers, but leaving them in this state for things like Blight and Harvest (Things like Trickster, Temporal Bubble, etc) for another 3 months would be awful.

  39. Not sure how this was overlooked. All previous league content was balanced around the old rares. Kinda sucks we basically have to wait almost 3 months to enjoy certain past league content.

  40. Can you also take a look at fortify being dysfunctional for 3rd patch in a row for many melee builds? It got even worse with the mob rework since you lose fortification vs blue packs too now on some builds.

  41. If it's only going to get reviewed in 3.19, why can't archnemesis stuff just be removed for 3.18? At the moment, it's making more of a mess of the game having it in than not having it in.

  42. A large problem is the amount of ground degens in content. I mean even without movement constraints, the amount of ground degens are ridiculous. Go into delve, ritual, or blight and you can’t do anything.

  43. excuse my language but what the fuck do you mean review for 3.19? It's in the game now. You should have reviewed the past league content BEFORE you hamfisted it into the game.

  44. I can run fully juiced ilvl83 logbooks on my Ice Shot. I can't handle a single t10+ blight map encounter because the mobs are so stupidly tanky and have like 15 different things going on.

  45. If this now confirme take 3 months to evaluate , could you spare 3.17 during this 3 months as well, so we all have a comfortable place to stick with and you also have a sufficient time to re-design it?

  46. Yes, please continue to review and appreciate. And when you got a minute in between that, maybe actually think about how the game got from its best to its worst state in a single patch.

  47. I beg you Bex, turn away from this dark path of fun killing archnemesis addition to core game. With every death of my character from this i just want to play some other game. 10 years of poe and i never thought u guys could butcher the game like this.

  48. So basically... in a patch touting even greater control of league content in maps, you ruined league content with an ill-designed and even more ill-tested rare mob overhaul and can't be bothered to fix it til the next league, but you also can't be bothered to get the archnemesis system no one asked for out of the game it's breaking in the meantime? That about sum it up?

  49. This isn't necessarily aimed at you but I think a large part of the frustration here is, how on earth does a big company like GGG implement huge, sweeping changes like this to the game while somehow missing the GIGANTIC rework this would require to other systems like Blight, Legion, or Delirium? How can such ridiculous oversights happen, and more than that, why does it happen so consistently? It happened with the flask rework, it happened with the big nerf fest, and now it's happened AGAIN with the rare mob rework.

  50. It is a GGG classic when they make the game worse and decide to leave it for an entire league even though the game was completely fine before the 3.18...

  51. I think the main thing that makes the AN modifiers so unfun is that it essentially invalidates my choices because it forces me to go against modifiers that I specifically rolled my maps to not have.

  52. Damage in league content is still overtuned. Arch nem has seemed to double down on the issue rather than the problem it was trying to solve. I am not wanting to play the game because of the arch nem and the combination of mechanics that break my build and kill me with next to no recourse.

  53. Please don't die on this hill, archnemesis isn't fun in any way with the current system, regardless of tuning. Take the advice like you finally did with og nemesis, revert the change, bring it back in an actually, extensively tested form of something like arch exiles. Or sell me 3.13 because current poe just ain't it :(

  54. Harvest rare monsters could use a bit toning down at some point, they make every other rare monster outside of harvest seem so weak in comparison (if you were collecting feedback in this regard).

  55. I'm pretty sure that someone from GGG already said in the past that the power level of league-specific monsters would be reviewed, but in the end that promise was never fulfilled, so I can't be hopeful about what you commented here.

  56. Please raise the issue of wither immunity and stun immunity on modifiers with the team. Getting rid of flat immunities to elemental ailments was a good step, but wither and stun immunity are unnecessarily punishing to the few builds who care about these mechanics.

  57. I'm blocking content to boost other content mostly, but "Legion rares with Archnemesis are more deadly than endgame bosses" is a thing.

  58. I did think it was weird that rares became so much more individually scary but league mechanic where difficulty was mostly achieved through "screen-full-of-rares-itis" didn't have their monster density lowered.

  59. Here's my piece of feedback: until Archnemesis modifiers are no longer core, or they're changed dramatically from how they were implemented in 3.18, I'll not be playing the game or purchasing any MTX. Archnemesis has made the game more flat and less fun.

  60. Please pay some attention to it now. Please don't wait until next expansion. Start with reducing the number of degens and volatiles that chase/spawn on top of you. The game was good before.

  61. Can you guys just go back to old rares? Arch nem was such a terrible idea and I don't know why you guys are doubling down on this.

  62. Damn, this reads like we are getting the scourge/arch nemesis treatment. Update as much as possible for <1month then dip, no matter if it's still broken or not.

  63. So basically you confirm that Archnemesis incorporation to the game is half assed. Cause how else one can call it if you:

  64. So we get to have broken content for the next two and a half months? Guess you don't want money for two and a half months either then.

  65. most companies have moved to lean agile, fail fast, fix it, people already don't like what's going on, why not spend part of expansion trying out some things, there's no guarantee 3.19 is magically going to get it right first try either. this 3 month cadence of medium/large changes is so dated.

  66. I disagree only insofar as the majority of the comments in the thread are against OP. I would throw my support with OP that I am blocking Harvest, Metamorph and Blight as a direct result of Archnem. Previously I have always been a fan of Metamorph even though it was high risk with mediocre reward - I just enjoyed the mechanics and the challenge. With the new Archnem mods however they are simply unkillable. I am better off blocking it and moving on with life.

  67. When you do that, would you consider undoing the reduction of magic and rare monsters in Ritual? They feel empty now.

  68. If you want feedback, then please raise issue about visual clarity and visibility. For instance, ground effects are practically invisible and only way of telling I am on degen ground is to see my hp drop.

  69. It also feels very "unfun" that almost every in-map league mechanic is an absolute waste of time with 0 reward if you aren't fully specced into it on the atlas tree. Doing default harvest, rituals, abyss, legion, breach, and meta are completely worthless even in t16 maps as they provide 0 reward while being extremely deadly and/or slow to engage with.

  70. Hi Bex, is there any chance the team is looking at removing archnemesis modifiers from league specific content? Such as delirium, metamorph, delve, etc.?

  71. Can you please (honestly) explain how many builds were tested with the release 3.18 patch to red maps? Did the alpha testers not just echo the same inevitable feedback we all gave after launch? I fail to understand how it got released in the state it was in.

  72. That means get killed as pathfinder from mobs with drought arch-nemesis mod. If I can't one-shot it, then I'm fucked.

  73. no hp sponges please, to have a succesful company take these massive risks changing their product is just sad to see

  74. Not being able to block betrayal really sucks. I have never liked the mechanic, especially since there is a forced interaction.

  75. Can you look into Mana Siphoner to not be a lightning dot but like hits/second? Doryanis armour melee builds are getting killed instantly by this mod as the mod hardcounters the build concept.

  76. I think it would be good to remove effigy. At least from blight encounters. The effigy can spawn in a lane and you just rip in you don't have the dps

  77. The "mix of feedback" ranges from "remove archnemesis already" to "oh my God she said 3.19, they're actually committing to leaving this shit in the game forever, holy fuck".

  78. A lot of these are not an issue, despite complaints. I've done a lot of delirium, delve, expedition, and harvest with no problems at all, across multiple builds, even before most of the nerfs it wasn't too bad.

  79. Good to hear. Can you guys please take a closer look at drought bringer eating all endurance/frenzy/power charges in a single attack? Playing a boneshatter jugg atm and it completely counters my build. As it hits me and takes my 10 endurance charges, then I hit him back and die instantly due to the self dmg from boneshatter. It's pretty game breaking for my build as I have no way to fight it period. Especially when it is buffed with more than one mod/map modifiers/content things.

  80. Omg i m not usually toxic here but your message is so full of crap, go and play minecraft or diablo 3.

  81. What? Where are you getting your info from? They've already nerfed the mobs 4 times, if you can't handle them at this point, it's a you problem honestly.

  82. People will always complain about this or that, I personally don't block league mechanics just because of the AN mods. For people who do, that's their business. It's not a fault with the game. PoE today is the closest it's been to the original vision since pre 3.0 days. I love it. I get that some people hate it. But everything isn't for everyone. PoE has picked up a lot of fair weather fans in the last 3-4 years. Maybe it's time to shake off some of the fluff and get those population numbers back down to where the servers can manage it.

  83. Wanted to try essence farming strategy this League so I took all the essence nodes. And now I keep ignoring most of the essences because I cant deal with mobs that have 4+ essences and even Sirus seems easy compared to those rares. Also blocked metamorphs for the same reason.

  84. Ehm, i suspect, the reason for 4+ essence mobs being scary is those 4+essences, not 1-2 archnemesis mods. Especially since essence "skills" are much less avoidable. As for metamorph - dont pick organs with archnem mods you are weak to, and youll be fine

  85. Are you hitting the essence mobs with your sentinel? Essence mobs really aren’t that bad anymore, or at least not due to the archnemesis mods in most cases. What kills you is most often the essence mods themselves, the dangerous part that archnemesis can give them is usually a tanky mod so you have to deal with the essence mods longer.

  86. Yeah I I unspecced Essence for this reason too. I might drop my delirium nodes and re-enable them though just to see if they feel better now that I've geared up more

  87. Arch nemesis is basically a world class project management screw up. They rushed to implement something huge without fully scoping it. It took way more time to set it up than I think they want to admit, and the net result is the game is worse after all the effort.

  88. Wrong. People block content they don't want to do. It has nothing to do with Archnemesis mods.

  89. Metamorph delve and even some heist are nearly unplayable when before they were a nice challenge. Would die occasionally. More if i wasn't focused on the gameplay. Now it's just suicide.

  90. Metamorphs were ridiculous in the start and borderline unkillable but after the nerfs and the fix where the metamorph doesn’t get the health increase from archnemesis mods they really aren’t much different from before 3.18. I did 40 city square maps with all the metamorph passives using gilded scarabs and I think only once I couldn’t kill one. And remember the passives give them 150% more health, without that most metamorphs die in a couple of seconds.

  91. 3.17 was only good because it added a lot of new things to try out lol. Other than that it wasn't much better than any of the other nerfaggedon leagues.

  92. You’re projecting. I block the content cause I don’t want to do that content. Literally no other reason than that. There already nerfed things enough to be easy again.

  93. If you are blocking something because of difficulty, try to upgrade your build first. But no, Instead of playing you are here, whining about game difficulty and how it is unplayable because your 3k hp naked offmeta build with 0 defences gets oneshot.

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