"Rare monsters in past league content is something we’ll review for 3.19" - Bex

  1. F**K archnemesis. F**k that league and F**k this rare mods. One of the worst changes in POE. If you want POE to die then good job

  2. Feels like Archnemesis should be a different classification from mobs like Rare and Magic. The modifiers have too much of an identity over the mob themselves. The should complement existing mobs mechanics but as they dominate their characteristics, each modifier should be associated with a different, unique-mob.

  3. I feel like they could've just swapped archnemesis with nemesis and bloodlines and called it a day. Occasionally you run into a pack of magic monsters with archnemesis or a rare with archnemesis and it's an occasional fun little fight and not a 24/7 bullet hell. Also reward buffs.

  4. It's extremely clear the modifiers were designed as a choose your risk and raise rewards with more risk. They absolutely weren't designed to be in every area at all times for no extra rewards.

  5. It feels like it could be balanced by having ONE archnem rare per zone. Let it be big and scary, have a small initial aggro radius, and have a built-in rewards icon.

  6. I was thinking this too until someone suggested just giving rogue exiles their effects. Same outcome but easier than a different classification, and it lets you risk/reward it further by boosting them with atlas

  7. No more than 2 or 3 rare monsters have had an actual identity past their modifiers once you clear Act 4 since Act 4 became a thing. You don't play around a creature type in this game, you play around their modifiers. This is the worst hill to die on. The only things with any form of identity in this game are the league mechanics and bosses.

  8. What exactly was the balancing team doing all the time, when they didn't have to go through balance changes for player characters?

  9. They've loaded a char with mirror tier gear and ran couple of maps. Ir seemed fine to them so they said it was fine.

  10. Plus whatever they were working on is now probably side lined until they get this mess sorted out.

  11. I'm going to completely defy the adage of Hanlon's Razor here, and say that this doesn't seem like an act of incompetence or laziness. I feel that they did indeed test and balance this...And were happy with how hard things were, as per the mandates of TheVision™.

  12. Balance team is just a script they go through the skills. Don't you remember 50+ rebalanced skills and most were meaningless changes (e.g. <5% change in damage)

  13. I just can't believe this is how Archnemesis went core, it makes no sense to me and ruins so much unrelated content by how prevalent it is (in my opinion). What made the mods okay with me in the previous season was that I got to engage on my terms. I knew what mob type I would be facing, and could pick and choose which mods to juice it with. When you KNOW the mob you're facing is going to have effigy you can be on high alert for that thin red line, when you KNOW you're up against storm strider you can be prepared to safety dance around a bit. These moments of intense combat followed by the more chill clearing of the rest of the map made it okay, but now with them spawning in randomly you are always on high alert and honestly it's exhausting.

  14. Funnily enough, the only league getting close to them abandoning Sentinel in terms of how early is Archnemesis.

  15. This is funny because I did as well. Didn't reach yellow tier maps before me and my friend told ourselves that we'd wait for some balance changes instead of dying through content.

  16. Amazing post tbh. It basically proves that Archnemesis integration to the core game was half assed.

  17. Yes. Holy moly I read this this evening and was like... Well they basically admitted to not testing archnem mods in any "old" eague content. Super sad for GGG to turn out like this.

  18. Well... Of course they knew the problems that this integration would cause, just as they knew that the integration would only be complete in 3.19.

  19. I have never checked mods of rare enemies before. I still dont check them. There is no point. If a rare doesnt have a big fat loot icon above their head and it takes to long to die i just skip it.

  20. This is what no competition looks like. We are just beta testing features. At some point they stopped selling a game and started selling hype.

  21. I wouldn't even mind actually beta testing, but they'd rather do beta testing while also selling supporter packs.

  22. But it won't because this is the only game in the space that will let you mcgyver shit like wardloop into existence. Everything else that gets developed for it is more locked down. Even D2 was more locked down than this.

  23. Yeah. When there's positive news, they make a post from community account & get to front page but news like this are always delivered in comments. I wonder why.

  24. That would be reassuring if not for the fact that release-AN was broken as fuck, and mostly is still dogshit, despite 'being testes extensively'. They Will probably slightly tweak effigy again and call it a day

  25. So they abandoned the improvements for PoE 3.17 to focus on PoE 3.18, according to Chris himself on Baeclast, then PoE 3.18 launched in a sore state due to the complete lack of gameplay testing, and now that they once again abandoned the improvements they are still trying to make us believe that things would be different for PoE 3.19? Are they straight up trolling now?

  26. It gets old being their beta testers, they clearly take big risks on changes for the game and have no intention on fixing the issues before the next league. They feel like they have to drop this league and quickly get to work on the next one.

  27. Well thanks for letting me know to just quit now! What a dogshit implementation of AN, and this is coming from someone who actually interacted with it, and enjoyed it last league. Crazy to see the game go from some of the best experiences I've had in 3.17, to some of the worst in 3.18.

  28. Its a risk reward system, and the risk currently simply outweighs the reward in the VAST majority of cases. Reducing "arch nemesis" monsters to just rares, and only having a few per map, (with possibly the ability to add more through Scarabs or other means) but giving them a much greater reward pool would solve most of, if not all of, the current issues people have with the system as it stands currently. Creating even a system by which the map boss is removed, and the map is instead filled with only arch mod mobs would be an interesting way to ALLOW THE PLAYERS to alter, and interact, with the game in both and engaging, and unique, way.

  29. The issue is far less with maps now I feel and far more in its interaction with other league mechanics. I personally really like harvest, blight and delve, and blight and delve in particular is very bad with this, blight where towers are ignored and so many on death effects spawning on top of you one cant stand still to build towers, delve is bad because you don't have enough space to move in with all archnemesis stuff on top of all the delve things requiring movement in an already very space restricted area, and often what feels like 50+ rares ending up in a concentrated area.

  30. It’s it really been 13 days and current egregious problems with their entire game structure overhaul are going to be left unchecked for 75+ days? How the fuck does that even make sense on a game balance or a financial longevity standpoint?

  31. Probably because they realized it will take a while to fix properly, and they might as well just bundle it with 3.19 rather than release it with the changes a month before the next league when nobody is even playing anymore.

  32. Two weeks have passed, now only maintenance work on existing league, all manpower working on the next league already.

  33. All manppwer on nextleague only for it to Turn Out too an half rushed, badly implemented, straight unfun slightly modified Version of breach or essences

  34. What drives me nuts are the idiots who come out and praise GGG for these types of announcements.

  35. Wow. Screw GGG's response to how badly they messed up the game right now (both Sentinel and Standard. Criticism not directed at Bex.)

  36. I'm one of them. Was generally a 36/40 or 40/40 player that has spent a large amount of time (7.2k+ hours) and money on this game. I uninstalled it the other day.

  37. v3.17 was so good I went 40/40 for the first time since Harbinger (i.e. five years ago) and pushed maps solo until I hit L100 for the first time since I started in v1.0 in 2013.

  38. I've played since Anarchy league and last league was the best state PoE has ever been in. It's honestly so disheartening playing this league. The Atlas tree is easily my favorite thing GGG has ever implemented but playing now just feels like a chore.

  39. Nah, it was good and true. This is just how GGG operates as long as I've been following this game. Things are good, but GGG wants to change something, so they do, it fucks everything up, then they rebalance that broken thing or maybe add new things that make things good again, then they want to change something...

  40. I too will review the changes to Rare monsters in 3.19. In the meantime, I will not play the current league that is already feeling abandoned at the moment.

  41. What no competition for years in the market does to a motherfucker. Can't wait for a half assed bandaid in 3 months then week or two of additional tweaking.

  42. Considering how bad retention have been since 3.15 I would be very surprised if this game is as profitable as just a year ago. The new player experience is worse than ever too, so have fun trying to sell more tabs and MTX to vets who are swimming in them.

  43. I still play but haven't spent a cent this league, despite usually spending money every league I play. Unlikely, but if they actually fix some of the serious issues with archnemesis mid-league I'll 100% buy stuff.

  44. How was this not reviewed pre 3.18? I feel like they decided to add AN to the core game like a week before the announcement lol.

  45. This is quite embarrassing for ggg. They fucked up hard launching this half-ass content and made it core, and now they are not going to admit their failure with the way they phrase this. I’m not spending another dollar with ggg.

  46. If only it was the league, this is the entire core game they gave up on. Next league will be even worse, cause Chris can’t help himself from nerfing player power every time.

  47. The lootbox has been out for a bit, as have the supporter packs. No point in fixing something that isn't profitable, use the broken state of the game to build hype for next patch to make more sales. I really wish People would stop buying supporter packs so compulsively, so that maybe ggg would stop hammering in their vision into the game, when Said vision feels like shit tier balancing. Even 9 years back with desync felt less awful than the current state

  48. Not even 2 weeks in and just giving up on the league lmao. So wild. Guess they got enough MTX.

  49. I made it a habit a few years ago to only buy supporter packs one week into a new league if i have fun playing the game and plan on sticking around.

  50. I'm very curious how much they earn each league. Wouldn't surprise me if it's equal or rising, since people apparently can't help themselves.

  51. Build your own personal ARCHNEMESIS and getting a high Risk vs Reward option was great in the Archnemesis league.

  52. GGG probably has more communication than any other game dev I’ve ever seen, at least of games I’ve been into. Chris dropped 3 big posts within days after the league launch doing pretty much exactly what you said and saying they shipped the mods way overtuned, and they’ve nerfed them 5+ times in the less than 2 weeks since it’s been out. Bex is always on here feeding us little comments like this filling in some of the gaps between the big official communications are put out. Saying this comment is treating the community with contempt seems like quite an exaggeration imo.

  53. I think the saltiness is not so much driven by the fact that GGG told us a brazen lie when Chris claimed that "the implementation of the AN modifiers was extensively tested" - the saltiness imho comes from GGG's refusal to acknowledge, let alone fix, the core issue.

  54. It's good that they're reviewing it, but they really should have reviewed it before adding it to the core game on the live server.

  55. These should have just been extra mobs that aren't everywhere in addition to the normal rare and magic mobs. That create a random "Holy shit" moment and nothing more. Having them everywhere just sucks.

  56. just get rid of those god damn on hit on death effects. we don't need a million stuff trying to kill us AFTER the mob is dead

  57. So... we must play this "extensively tested" shit for next 2,5 months?! Okay, I have 140ex, I'm bying 40/40 and leaving. Fuck this shit.

  58. To be honest... they don't care that you are leaving now. They care that you are not buying any more loot boxes or supporter packs. There's no difference for GGG, if they make the same money with 3k or 30k people... They could even prefer less people, so they can rent less servers... who knows... At the end of the day you vote with your wallet, nothing else.

  59. i usually hit 36 or 38 every league but this time i am not even interested in those gear sets. I want something unique (like scourge pet)

  60. Well review for 3.19... Then 3.19 turns out to be bullshit, then theyll review it for 3.2 and the cycle continues.

  61. Lol I personally don't really have any issues this league except for Blight but this is just embarrasing. You put something out that's clearly untested and that messes with all your old content and your reaction is "ehh we'll fix it in three months"? Wtf GGG

  62. When GGG is going to learn that making game harder is going to be their downfall. Players nowadays are casuals and there are tons of games out there, when u can just kill time and having fun or experimenting new games . Majority of players play softcore for a reason Atlas is in the best place in history of poe it's fun and it's being overshadowed by Archnemesis

  63. they can make it harder if it makes sense like additional rewards, better way to choose your difficulty, telegraph attacks better etc. the current clusterfuck is a complete joke though, i agree.

  64. I just straight up quit after just randomly dying many times to random monsters, I don't understand in what universe it's a fun game getting continuously stunlocked to death or just straight up getting one tapped by a 200 mph monsters charging at you from outside the screen. Feels like before you get the stun/freeze immunity maxed out chaos res 3 defensive auras the game is just a torture device you have to go through in early maps. Unfun.

  65. Don’t forget all mobs in a pack has aim bot and shoot or charge you at the same time. It’s like half a millisecond you see the mobs and your already dead unless ur a hyper tank. This shits been going since forever. Is it so hard to give this friggin pack mobs different time to use their skills. Three mob types im especially referring to are rhoas, those bats which their echo sound wave shot and those poison sting shooting bastards

  66. Just put the shiny text on the mobs without actual effect and bring back nemesis mods with their effect. Ez you get shiny we get fun. All happy, no?

  67. RIP some fun AN mods like end act bosse's touch, but it will be better they delete all content than let other cancer mods ridiculously empower trash mobs.

  68. Then im done. I have to completely get a diff atlas strat and build. Im not going to level another char and the challenge rewards arent worth it to me.

  69. Am I the only one thinking they added the nodes to block previous leagues mechanics cause they knew archnemesis on every rare would break those mechanics?

  70. Oh cool, they've already moved on to the next league. Guess the next 10 weeks is a write off then?

  71. Well atleast they are honest about it, I guess it is time for me to quit the league and maybe check out the next one or the last one for the year since my son should be born around next league launch. Good luck to the exiles that remain playing this league!

  72. Why not now? If I can play 2 maps and understand what’s the problem I don’t see why it can’t be tested right? are you guys like testing with meta builds on drugs to not see any problem or…?

  73. I guess playing this game again is something I'll review for 3.19 then. Currently it's simply not enjoyable, constantly getting one-shot, wombo-comboed by BS archnemesis mobs, slowed by seven different mechanics, and unable to even pick up items without degening half your life pool.

  74. Surprised there is no plug for the supporter packs in this response. "Were abandoning the league.. we will consider it in a few months for next league MAYBE. Thank you all for your support buying the supporter packs, and for a limited time you can pre-order next leagues supporter pack when you invitably come back through false hope"

  75. great to see that they've given up on another league, keep making the game worse GGG, your annual revenue will show it soon enough.

  76. We can combine the molten shell mod with volatile dead mod and just make the homing volatile dead be on death because it already has molten shell while it is alive

  77. So instead of a 2 week patch we get a 2 week notice of abandonment? Cool. I Guess I'll abandon the league too.

  78. Remove them replacing rares.... Make them special Spawns like rogues. Hate the new mobs with a passion they are so annoying and make some content completly undoable which i really want to play

  79. just delete it honestly. It wasn't fun then, it isnt fun now. It is so infuriating to just stand there and deal with these mobs for almost a min and getting absolutely worthless loot.

  80. I start to believe that the difficulty is what they want. They surely have tested it extensively and our deaths are intended. There are pretty lots of players who enjoy pre-patched 3.19 and they are going to be the player base of future hard mode.

  81. No, dont review. Remove. This was the worst experiance ive had in thos game in ten years. We dont want it revised or revamped. These mods suck. Period.

  82. They are still not fine in things like Blight (Still ignoring towers) and Delve (by far not designed around the very tiny space) among other issues.

  83. Archnemesis mods may have a valid place in Path of Exile, but it will look nothing like the current implementation, and will take more than 1 patch to design and test (GGG, please test it this time).

  84. Lol talk about an overreaction. Of course this shit is here to stay, that's why they made it. They're not gonna make us go through an entire league mechanic that was a beta test last league, then put all this work into getting rid of the dull mods from before, only to stop working on it because their first iteration was garbage.

  85. Sadge, really wanted to play but they gave up... I believed they would do something to fix this shitshow but 2 weeks and drop gloves?

  86. Hey ggg, if you abandon this league it will hurt your playercount in future leagues so much youll regret every haveing been so lazy. Honestly this implementation along with zero balance changes and makeing the new amulets super rares is so incredibly terrible one has to wonder where and when you dropped your professionalism and became so full of yourself. Im not going to play this game ever again if you cant make it fun, and neither will a ton of others. Good riddance

  87. Even the result is like this they should NOT tell us “past content review will only in 3.19” when the league is just 13 days old. It is much better to say “We wil prioritize to tune the modifiers on their own then with past content”.

  88. Rares are mostly fine now. Monsters are tankier than previous leagues but after several balance passes they're more than playable. High tier reds with a janky off meta build is gonna be rough but there are tons of builds that still slay.

  89. ive played every league since delve. made it one week into this one and have no interest to play. dont really have a reason just uninterested. playing ARURF instead and having tons of fun 😀

  90. If you will try to make a candy of sh''t, it will still remain sh''t...Those mods still break builds, meta builds. I'm not event talking about non meta skills. Check poe ninja and you will see that after AN the number of builds decreased. It seems like GGG is squishing all the build diversity untill it will blow up and all players will refuse to play the game...I'm writing this because I see the feedback from veterans (not streamers) who aggree that AN must (not should but MUST) be removed. And it is quite interesting to see what will happen next

  91. I'm kind of glad I didn't play this league, although I've been debating a late league-start now that I have some time to play. But from what I'm seeing, maybe I'll wait til next league or something.

  92. I can kill shaper guardian faster/easier than a juiced rare mob .... I know that shaper guardian are a little bit outdated and not very strong but still, something is wrong.

  93. why not just delete it? not a single person want these changes besides GGG not wanting to feel like they wasted all that time having people come up with this garbage

  94. If player count equals to earning. Pretty sure GGG will do what they like to instead of what players want. Reddit on fire for 2 weeks, retention is similar to 3.17. If I were CW, why bother LOLW.

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