You run home from school. You sit down, twist and hear the click of these bad boi’s… what game are you about to start playing?

  1. Still haven't found a player that's as good and as simple as WinAmp, but honestly, not like I have a good reason to abandon it.

  2. Age of empires 2 for me, I love that game; still do, new DLC for the definitive edition coming out in two weeks!

  3. Yeeesss! MechWarrior 3 here. Wasn’t sure if there would be anybody else playin one of these. Fuck yah man

  4. Only game my dad would destroy me in. They'd play during lunch where he worked, it got to the point where it was something like 10v1 against him. Even on he'd dominate. He's been looking for a game like it ever since.

  5. Yes! I wish they would do an UT99 remake it’s such an amazing game. Crazy it’s still up and running along with the IRC chat

  6. Finally, lot of younger generations saying Diablo 2 (great game) but by then people were rocking some altec lansings with windows 2000 or some such. The speakers pictured are most def windows 95 warcraft 2 Era!

  7. That's the one thing that hasn't changed about "lower end" speakers especially in combination with older phones.

  8. Really cool how skiing was a bug in S:T that they decided to keep. Damn shame they could never get it right in the sequels (or added shit like the grabbler).

  9. I knew somebody was going to say it! Man, I've been watching some streamers play it lately and I still want to get back into it.

  10. Monkey Island. Only, I had a badass Altec Lansing 2.1 system that was the start of an unhealthy audiophile hobby.

  11. Hell yea. All these responses are so typically “Reddit”. What about sonic cd, Putt-putt, zoombinis, addicting,, windows 95 demos where you on a weird spaceship, ski-free.

  12. By the way Denton, stay out of the ladies room. That kind of activity embarrasses the agency more than it embarrasses you.

  13. I'm not sure but I know I'll be getting a cellphone call 2 seconds before it actually starts ringing. It's kind of a super power I had.

  14. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3, just looking for public online lobbies to join and do some tricks. Was a massive fun for me. Also the OST was such a blast.

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