Love new rub/sauce day!

  1. I agree, I put that sh*t on everything! I also like several other rubs of his and use them probably 90% of the time. Honey Hog was and still is a favorite, but when Heim started selling his Bacon Burnt Ends rub, I use it now on pork belly. Killens BBQ in Houston sells their rub at Buckees and I like to use it also. It's a really good brisket rub.

  2. Holy voodoo is such a unique flavor - love it. I need to try holy cow and gospel too. What's the rib candy like? I can't find an ingredient list on their website, hope not high fructose corn syrup etc

  3. Holy cow and holy voodoo are the two I use for stuff from them. The Kinder's Taco fajita I think is better if you get a chance to try it i recommend it alot. Kinder's lemon pepper is fantastic for bbq too.

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