Grilla Grills WiFi Stability

  1. I've had my Grilla OG for about 6 months and have never had any connection issues with the WiFi (knock on wood)

  2. I was an early adopter of the wifi board. Mine always worked fine. There was an issue with the initial batch of boards and connectivity. Gorilla explained it like the manufacturer of the boards didn't cut out a part and that piece was blocking the wifi antenna. They replaced (free and without issue) all those boards. Mine works great still and no dropouts.

  3. Them replacing without issue? Ha! No way. I'm still having problems with the control panel and they haven't replaced it. They've sent me a new faceplate and gone through some other attempts at fixing the problem but after all that the wifi still isn't working and it's unresponsive to the touch panel as well. I literally just came back in from unplugging my Silverback because that's the only way I can turn it off.

  4. I have nonstop drops. I have tried several fixes, but it is just a bad board. I will end up replacing it myself. I am not sure if this is a one-off or if there are other boards out there like this. I have a silverbac and use it 4 or 5 times a week and have stopped even using the WiFi.

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