Thoughts on Vanguard ETF Allocation

  1. I'm definitely not a fan. In some ways you appear to be performance chasing, which is often a good way to end up behind, not ahead.

  2. Great stuff and I appreciate it! Gonna do some more home work. One note on ex-US, what are your thoughts that so many US companies have a presence around the world (and many are a large player or dominant in their industry) that one needs to be careful in going too heavy international as then you may be over weighted?

  3. I appreciate the feedback. I was just going down that path you mention after some feedback from another Redditor. This is good stuff as I think I needed to be reminded of the principles of investing I learned so long ago but have fallen away from. I need to get back to basics. Being aggressive has served me well but that has to do with the wild performance of the US market over the last 30 years and not any skill on my part. Now, I feel if I continue with the approach I have been using the last 30 years, I will set myself up for a disaster and I won't have a salary to fall back on.

  4. I would simplify it more. If you're sprinkling in some growth - maybe look into VUG. It tracks growth companies big and small and across different industries. Tech might be hot today but not so much tomorrow. Personally I would do:

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