Does anyone have experiences of histrionic personality disorder?

  1. I'm diagnosed with HPD. My main way of getting attention is playing a victim by constantly oversharing about my mental health issues, self-harm, and other stuff. Whenever I'm craving for a specific person's attention it's like I automatically get sad so that I'm able to "vent" to them and get their sympathy and worry.

  2. I knew someone exactly like that. I vividly remember mentioning I liked American horror story and her responding (keep in mind she wasn’t even in the conversation) “I watched an episode once and there was a girl in it who took pills to try and kill herself. I thought wow wish that was me and did it myself and ended up in the hospital for a week! Third attemp too :))”

  3. It’s actually really mild and it’s gonna be taken out of the DSM. People don’t really get diagnosed with it anymore. The people are usually friendly magnetic and draw people in easily by just being themselves but to everyone else it might seem exaggerated and intense or over the top in everything they do. Hypersexual, a lot of the attention they draw is sexually charged and I hate saying this but it is a bit about attention… now the things that are wrong in the internet and a myth is that they need to be the centre of attention. That’s not always the case… sometiems it’s just the attention of one person they want and as long a they have that they are fine. If they don’t it can feel like they’re dying, emotional torture and like they won’t be able to do or think about anything else because they need that from that person, which is unhealthy to need people, but they do. They need attention and care. But yeah don’t really read a lot of he internet because a lot of what is out there on Histrionic Personality is actually wrong and it’s sad because they’re being mislabeled as attention seekers

  4. That’s not actually true. HPD like with all PDa vary in severity depending on the person, but in order to be dx with it it needs to have an impact on your life.

  5. I have HPD traits. I have an extremely flirtations personality ie: I flirt with people I meet. Also I love to use provocative body language to attract men/women to me, I don’t like being the center of attention though and I don’t have rapidly changing emotions which I why I don’t identify with full blown HPD

  6. Yes I was diagnosed a few months ago . In my experience I did anything and everything for attention such as sh , smoking , drinking , threatening to end my life

  7. Suicide Hotline Numbers If you or anyone you know are struggling, please, PLEASE reach out for help. You are worthy, you are loved and you will always be able to find assistance.

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