What is the best water ice flavor?

  1. Lemon from Pop’s is god tier but if I find myself at Rita’s I go with mint chocolate chip water ice w vanilla soft serve on top

  2. Remember the Roses’ trucks, the little mini jeep things? That was the real deal shit. Water ice and a pretzel 🥨

  3. Damn you unlocked some core memories for me. Mom's was a manager for Rita's for 20 years. Almost forgot exactly what this flavor tastes like

  4. Jimmy's on Front & Wolf made ginger ale water ice last summer with actual ginger chunks in it. Swear to god it was the best thing I've ever tasted, especially in a gelati. Everyone go to Jimmy's and beg them to bring it back.

  5. Can’t go wrong with mango, but there’s a spot in south jersey with strawberry lemonade (with strawberry bits in it) that’s insanely good

  6. I didn’t see black cherry, when it’s made right with chunks of cherry it’s not even close. Best wooder ice ever

  7. Johns had lime and strawberry as weekend specials a few weeks back and it was a delicious pairing. Their mango is consistently great. Cherry for the classic. I did have a black cherry water ice from primos at some random event and god damn.

  8. Man, I no longer live in Philly but now you'se all got me fiending for raspberry or cherry mixed with chocolate soft serve

  9. I like Black Cherry but it has to be the kind of black cherry with the fruit pieces in it. Pineapple is a good second bet with Mango as a decent third place. Not that third place is bad but there's a whole host of flavors and of the more common one s these are best. These are both usually a tie between Pop's and John's. It's been a while so I forget which one had the chocolate water ice with chocolate chips that was good and not that weird gritty texture.

  10. Dont do this. You're on the fast track to a life solely devoted to internet cat pictures if you continue down this path. It's not too late to change directions.

  11. Mango or strawberry! I got a mango with swirl gelati on my 1st date with my GF and even though she still judges me for it, it was worth it!

  12. Rosati's makes a very good water ice. I had the mango which was damn good. Now for full disclosure, they did drop off free samples to us (I work at a shipping/mailing place) which may have bought my vote.

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