Hue bridge not connecting to network

  1. Have you restarted the router/modem? Good news is it sounds like a network issue. Try a different cable? Different port on the router? When connected, can you log into the router to see if the interface(Port)is ‘Up’? Can you also see the IP assignments listed in the router? The idea is to see if the network sees the bridge, or not. Then we can troubleshoot accordingly.

  2. Dear. Use the ‘out of home’ feature, that will make sure your ability to control it even if you’re faced with a network issue despite your active network connection. I’ve had this exact issue yesterday l. But didn’t care so long I was able to control it anyway.

  3. I had this issue after upgrading my phone. While I tried powering off the hub and resetting my network switch, the fix was deleting the Hue app and reinstalling it. After that it loaded all my lights from the hub and I was back in business.

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