Does anyone look through the viewfinder anymore?

  1. The screen gets used for: Odd angles (ie camera very high or very low), focusing for astro shots and video. Neither of these cases is very common to me, but they happen.

  2. The canon r5 a viewfinder is so beautiful I use it for recording sports video, too. The screen is just there for review! ❤️

  3. Also sucks for shooting outside because the glare from the screen can make it hard to compose shots.

  4. R5 and R7 both have articulated screens and I keep them closed 99% of the time. Viewfinder has everything I need.

  5. I use the screen when manual focussing, focus peaking+magic zoom make it so much more accurate. Especially with macro shots!

  6. I mostly shoot through the viewfinder. Only exceptions are video, and tilting the screen up so that it sort of works as a waist-level viewfinder, which is convenient in some situations.

  7. I'm mid 30s, so one of those that grew up with tech. Phone shooter for many years, went Mirrorless back in October. I use viewfinder 99.9% of the time. When I don't it's because it's a super low or high shot.

  8. Yep, an old photography professor said the same thing, that resting your brow against the camera as you look through the viewfinder stabilizes the camera, and in effect makes your brow and hands like a "tripod."

  9. Viewfinder almost exclusively. The exceptions are for tricky angles, namely, really low or high. Then the flip out articulating screen gets used.

  10. I just don't feel like I can compose without looking through the viewfinder and its getting annoying when I am trying to take shots from low down / positions where I cant really get my eyes down to see, is there some trick / skill to composing via the LCD?

  11. Since I switched to mirrorless I've found myself using the LCD screen much more than I used to. It's easier and faster to select focus points or to shoot weird angles (camera up, under furniture, etc). I do mainly portrait and boudoir.

  12. I wear glasses, so the viewfinder is incredibly annoying for me to use. So I've learned to just shoot through the LCD. It surprises me how many people only use the viewfinder. Do you take your eyes off everytime you want to look around and/or change settings?

  13. As an aside, I love that you call it "taking your eyes off" because that's exactly how I refer to removing my glasses and I haven't heard anyone else phrase it like that.

  14. Depends on what I'm shooting. I do a lot of weddings and most of my shoot is truly candid/fly on the wall so the live view discreetly shooting suits me best . As some people as soon as they see me putting a camera to the face, will stop what they're doing and pose, which isn't what I want.

  15. Yes. If you look through a viewfinder, then you see a full tonal range (your eyes recalibrate themselves so that it fills out the brightness gamut from black to white). If you are not looking through a viewfinder and the external scene, viewed through your eyes, is more contrasty than your selected image, then that image will seem to have a very small dynamic range.

  16. I use a GX8, using the viewfinder "because of lag" is pointless. The feed is the same either way you use it.

  17. I use the viewfinder pretty much exclusively, unless I’m doing video or shooting at a very low angle.

  18. I prefer the experience of the viewfinder, but being able to adjust the focus by tapping the screen is super convenient

  19. Lol I just asked a similar question the other day. I am trying to get in the habit of using it. I find the screen drains the battery fast

  20. I only use the viewfinder unless i need to hold the camera in a cramped area and I will use the screen. The LCD uses too much battery power when im shooting for 10+ hours.

  21. If I have a TTL viewfinder, I use it. I like seeing things through actual optics without being filtered through electronics.

  22. Viewfinder only. If you're out and about and only have the one battery. Using the viewfinder gets you a lot more battery life.

  23. Depends on the rig I’m using at work. We’ve got some C300s with graticals which I feel I can pull focus on best, and an A7S3 with top handle mounted 5” monitor, which I feel is more touch and go but easier to shoot with both eyes open/move a lot. God forbid I’m on a cinema camera with long lens and no gratical then it’s up to the tiny canon flip up monitor which I prefer least because of glare/focus pulling. Never use in camera EVF because of how our battery plates and A/V TX are located.

  24. Waaait what? I though all professional photographers used the view finder… makes me feel weird knowing someone would shoot using only the screen (all the time)… sounds a bit… strange.

  25. Seems to be the insta/youtube street photography generation that use the screen exclusively, if you watch videos from the likes of North Borders, Pierre T Lambert etc they pretty much use the screen 95% of the tme

  26. Always viewfinder. If you hold the screen out in front of you at arms length you are more likely to get camera shake. Resting on your forehead to shoot means more stability.

  27. Truth. New EVFs are really really good. I remember using my first EVF in like 2005 and I can see how memories of those could shade perceptions of new EVFs.

  28. There is definitely a lag. I switched from Nikon D810 to Sony A7iii/iv and there is definitely still a lag between shutter click and processed image. I often notice it when I’m doing portraits and catching people mid motion. That is one of the first things I noticed with the mirrorless cameras.

  29. Using the viewfinder gives me an extra point of stability on the camera. I don't understand the people that hold the camera at arm's length and use the screen.

  30. I'm far from pro photographer, but I prefer the viewfinder, partly because I like to get down low for a lot of shots, partly because the sun in these parts makes the screen hard to see, and mostly it feels more like photography when I use the viewfinder.

  31. I can change the diopter on the viewfinder so I can look through it with my eyeglasses on. To use the back screen I have to take my glasses off and then I can't see the subject very well except on the screen. So no, I don't use the screen if I can avoid it.

  32. I always do on my DSLR as it takes (I kid you not) one whole second from pressing the shutter to taking a picture when in live view. Normally it would be instantaneous and then shoot at 7fps

  33. I exclusively use the viewfinder unless I need to hold the camera at an angle where I physically can't (like above my head, etc), in which case I will the LCD screen. but in general, at least on my Nikon D850, I feel like the LCD screen is inferior in terms of usability / control

  34. I only use viewfinder, unless I use the GR. I come from film cameras so the LCD is a waste of battery life for me. Hell, I'd love for digital cameras to have a version without video as well.

  35. I don't really care who does otherwise but I don't even consider camera bodies without an optical viewfinder. I do not want to use an LCD, and it's incredibly wasteful of your battery and very disruptive for guests who are going to have their attention drawn to bright lit up screens. It's a big reason I hate concerts where everyone has their phone up recording.

  36. The screen quality on my evf is much better than the back lcd screen so I certainly enjoy using it, but I find myself using the back lcd all the time for low and awkward angles. Really saves me from having to lay on the ground or hurt my neck.

  37. I definitely use the viewfinder most of the time. I feel like having the screen on constantly drains the battery quite a bit faster.

  38. 99% of the time I'm looking through the viewfinder on my D5100, the screen is only used for awkward angles really. In all honesty the screen is a battery killer. I can live my camera switched on for months at a time without the screen on then come back to it and it'll still have a load of charge left in it.

  39. 95% of the time, I use the viewfinder. I went mirrorless in 2013 when the first Sony a7 came out. I do enjoy using the screen pulled out and pretending it is a waist-level finder like I enjoyed shooting my Hasselblad or Mamiya C330.

  40. I only use the the screen when the angle of the shot I want makes it so that I can't properly use the view finder. And then it's generally only as a guideline so that I'm more likely to get the subject in the shot.

  41. Always viewfinder. Not sure if placebo or my pulse is that bad but I feel that pressing the camera against my face to use the viewfinder makes it keep more stable (unless tripod that is)

  42. Viewfinder makes it easier to see what the shot will be since there is less clutter and distractions around the shot.

  43. This is my biggest disappointment about moving to mirrorless cameras. No viewfinder. It’s why I’m hanging on to my mirrored cameras even though they are effectively obsolete.

  44. Depends on the situation. My camera only has 9-focus points through the viewfinder, so compared to essentially an unlimited number on the LCD screen I do prefer that. Also different angles work better with the LCD screen, especially low down shots. I just pop out the screen and makes it easier on my body.

  45. Viewfinder almost exclusively for me. The only time I turn the LCD on is for silent shutter (lightning, Astro, high magnification macro, etc).

  46. For digital, I only use the LCD as a viewfinder when I absolutely have to. I don’t want to switch to mirrorless. Greatly prefer optical viewfinders on SLRs to EVFs on mirrorless.

  47. Viewfinder unless I can't see through it bc I need to hold the camera up higher, then I'll use the screen and swivel it down facing.

  48. I’ve never used the view finder once on my camera, I find it awkward and slow to use compared to the screen.

  49. I think it’s just for content or they’re noobs because they hardly ever frame it right through the screen. Running through a crowd doing “street photography” maybe it has its advantages and they can be more aware of their surroundings, but again the composition is never that good. I only use my screen for if I’m shooting a weird angle.

  50. I think they use the screen because the viewer wouldn't be able to see the process of taking the photo which would suck. I'm sure a lot of these POV street photographer YouTubers are using the EVF a lot more when they are only on their own without having to show the process to anyone.

  51. ‘Real’ photographers? I mostly use the viewfinder, but that’s pretty extreme stuff thinking that makes someone a ‘fake’ photographer. That’s a weird elitist viewpoint. I’ve used the screen when it’s physically impossible to get the shot otherwise, am I a fake photographer now?

  52. Got bad eyes and can see far better on the screen, would you kindly sod off with this "not a real [...]" bullshit.

  53. I got absolutely no respect for any photographer who is looking at the lcd and taking photos like an Asian tourist in Times Square. You are a professional, look the part buddy.

  54. Nobody cares about you “respecting” or not subjectively better or worse methods of taking photos

  55. The only time I use the screen is when I'm on a tripod in live view mode, but even then, I set the composition through the viewfinder before turning on the LCD.

  56. I vastly prefer using the viewfinder on my camera. I like to use my telephoto lens to take pictures of birds and planes a lot and trying to find/track those is a pain in the ass if I'm doing it "from the hip" so to speak.

  57. The only time I don't is if I'm shooting video, because my camera blocks the viewfinder in video mode. I occasionally use the screen if I am taking a shot at an awkward angle

  58. It all depends on what you are doing. If filming the screen is used. If it’s still, I will use the view finder. That way there’s more contact and can see how the subject is composed. Also depends with video how bright it is outside. For both a view finder is best. Sun hoods only do so much

  59. Always I find composition works better that way plus it means I don’t need to put my glasses on to review shots, check histogram or check focus.

  60. Almost always. It cuts the surroundings out, it's usable in the bright light and relatively bigger.

  61. I use the viewfinder most of the time, but I'm getting pretty used to looking at the flipped screen more and more even during fashion shoots when I'm on a low angle. It makes a lot of things easier using the screen but I feel more immersed in the picture or the process when I'm using the viewfinder, therefore I prefer using it whenever the position of comfortable enough.

  62. I'm using the LCD-viewfinder almost all of the time. Especially when shooting with a telephoto lens, this way I can also hold the camera way more stable.

  63. I only look through a viewfinder. I never use the screen. I have the M10D for this reason. For cameras with a screen I set it up once then never use the screen again unless I format the card.

  64. I'd say 70/30 rear screen to viewfinder. Most of my photography is done either on a tripod or with my camera super low to the ground so I'd have to be a contortionist to be able to use the viewfinder.

  65. I use the screen mainly if I have to put the camera in a angle or a position I can't reach with my head. The screen is also helpful for still portraits on a tripod. In this case, using the screen makes it easier to fiddle with framing.

  66. I rarely use the screen on my DSLR. I also shoot film, so there’s that, no screen. I suppose if and when I switch to mirrorless, that will change?

  67. For photographing birds and planes using a long lens, I use the viewfinder. This somewhat goes against the norm though, as local birders overwhelming use dot-sight.

  68. Almost exclusively view finder. Using live view on my nikon is like using a point and shoot. Time time it takes the camera to prepare for the next shot takes too long. If i need to take a shot where i can't hold the camera to my face I'll use the view finder.

  69. Depends on what I'm shooting. Most of what I shoot is long exposure stuff in the dark with an all manual lens, so all I can see through the viewfinder is blackness. But I couldn't imagine using the LCD outdoors.

  70. With a Nikon DSLR it's the viewfinder. The Canon G16 PowerShot I use about 80% LCD, 20% viewfinder. I almost always use the Canon for work when I'm indoor documenting construction progress.

  71. My "real" camera, a DSLR, is so old, it doesn't have live view, so the burden of this decision is lifted from my shoulders.

  72. I have a canon 5D Mk III where I only use the viewfinder, and I have a Sony A7III where I use the viewfinder as well but will use the screen for low or high angle shots. I have a degenerative eye condition called keratoconus and when my eyes are tired after a long day using the screen comes in handy. Looking through a viewfinder tends to make my eyes feel more tired or more aggravated.

  73. I used to use the viewfinder more when I used a DSLR because live view on the screen was annoying and clunky to use. Now I have switched to a mirrorless camera, I use the rear display probably 95% of the time.

  74. The quality of my EVF is a lot better than the big screen so i always use the viewfinder unless the camera is in a weird position like almost on the ground on a tripod.

  75. I wear a cap whenever I go outside, so it's not really possible to look through the viewfinder while holding my camera vertically. So I end up using the LCD screen most of the time. Otherwise, I prefer looking through the viewfinder. Unless I'm taking photos from a weird angle

  76. I'm still shooting on a DSLR because I'm a cheap grad student (my next camera will definitely be mirrorless, you have my word).

  77. 99.9% of the time, I use the viewfinder. It feels natural and the normal way of doing things for me at least.

  78. New to mirrorless. Still using viewfinder. But I’m an old school film shooter and have been shooting nearly 20 years, it’s habit for me. But I also shoot using my iPhone and drone, so just handhelds are held to me face.

  79. I barely use my screen to shoot, granted my body is 14 years old so the screen isn’t that good to begin with. When I have to hold the camera in a way I can’t physically use the viewfinder, that’s when I use the screen.

  80. I’m new(ish) to photography and I love using the viewfinder. I’ll use my screen when I find myself in a weird position, otherwise I’ll viewfinder as much as I can.

  81. The LCD is a good waist viewfinder. Other than that, I only use it to review photos or do something in the menus.

  82. I prefer viewfinder, but the advanced autofocus system on my camera (5div) only works in live view so I’m pretty much forced to use it. Definitely going for mirrorless if/when i upgrade just for the live viewfinder

  83. VF all the way. When using a tripod and shooting landscapes I might use the LCD as well, but outside of that niche it's VF always. Much more comfortable.

  84. Viewfinder is so much better during days, I use manual focus so if I don't use the viewfinder the picture usually goes out of focus. LCD is barely visible in daylight. At least with my camera so yeah viewfinder all the way.

  85. The shape of my glasses makes it impossible for me to get a solid view through the viewfinder and without them the focus adjustment doesn't reach my prescription so I only use the LCD. I try to use the viewfinder but It feels like my glasses are going to break when I do since I have to press so hard against it to get a full view.

  86. I shoot film, so I’ve got no choice. But when I still had a digital setup, it was vf 99% of the time. It’s just better in almost every scenario.

  87. I do Formula 1 and cars mostly and it's imposible to try panning with the screen so its viewfinder for me always.

  88. I use the viewfinder all the time. The dark tunnel with the image in the middle allows me to see the subject much better.

  89. They both have pros and cons depending on the situation.. I don't see why this has to be a one versus the other kind of conversation

  90. I’m pretty much brand new to photography and I’m much more comfortable looking through the viewfinder. Maybe because I can also stabilize the camera using my face, I don’t know.

  91. My main (digital) camera is a Fuji Mirrorless and has been for almost 10 years now. I almost always use the viewfinder. I really only use the screen if shooting at a weird angle or if the camera is on a tripod (and only sometimes for the latter).

  92. I definitely use the viewfinder as my main neans of using the canera handheld and observing the scene in front of me. I use the screen when on a tripod, tilted upwards, or whenever, like yourself, my eye can't comfortably sit on the vf.

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