A Hillsboro woman waited until she was 60 to learn photography – now she’s capturing life in a small town

  1. Well, it said her dad gave her a Minolta 30 years ago and now she’s using it… but obviously she has acquired the Nikon recently, which she is using for the shots shown here. I don’t think any deception was intended, but it’s a nice quote that shows a personal gratitude to her dad. It’s a nice personal touch by the reporter. Nobody should blame her for leaning into the digital camera now instead of a 90s film camera. She can handle various color temperatures of light without thinking about most of the time, the screen review allows her to insure the shot is actually good, and once she pays for the upfront equipment costs, she has virtually no ongoing cost to worry about. As far as her work, she has a nice personal touch for a small New Hampshire town newspaper, and I’ll bet the folks there really appreciate what she’s doing!

  2. Not a photographer but what's so good about this? Just seems like snapshots with nice editing

  3. I hear you. It’s in the article (NH), but a a few paragraphs in. The Concord Monitor isn’t a national paper so most of their readers don’t need that context. Lovely story.

  4. Saw that it was the Concord Monitor and assumed that it was NH since it’s the capital city of it. But now that you have the information about the state, what are you planning on doing with the info?

  5. Hillsborough, NC unofficially changed their name to Hillsboro in the 60's but officially changed it back to the original spelling shortly after 2000 if I remember correctly, so I totally assumed it was here and not NH.

  6. Yup, I see this all the time with Americans online. It's bad enough when they spit out nothing but an abbreviation and expect you to figure out which state they're referring to, but this is a whole new low.

  7. I dont know about everyone else but I just dont tend to vote for things. I just scroll by licking my screen and save my precision pressing finger for taking pictures. I imagine most people here are the same.

  8. Yeah honestly that's confused me for a while as well. Hi subscriber count but relatively low participation.

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