Nyakim Gatwech model with the darkest skin in the world. Just stunning!!!

  1. Honestly, you have to wonder what it takes to photograph someone with skin so dark. Light sensors pick up the light reflected off your skin, but if most of that is just absorbed because of the dark tone, there isn't a heck of a lot to capture. I know photographing black people with digital cameras was extremely challenging when they were still new to the market, and I can't help but think that it's still technologically challenging.

  2. No kidding! In live theatre, lighting a show with dark skinned actors is different than light skinned. And doing a show where the 2 leads are a pasty white blonde actor and a very dark skinned actor was nuts. Costumes help a bit to reflect and absorb light a bit but it's a challenge

  3. I'm a little confused. Is her skin this dark looking in reality or is because of the lighting? Because in the other pictures it doesn't look that dark. I've actually seen darker people just out in day to day life.

  4. lol no that's HEAVY post processing going on...I'm sure there's some lighting fuckery involved but this is a HEAVILY edited picture.

  5. Huh. Is her gum "black" too? Is that common? I was always under the impression that the pigment stops with the skin

  6. I thought she was pretty dark then I saw the other pics, I have seen men and women just as dark walking about tbh, doubt they’re models though.

  7. Ever notice how a black person can put a white t shirt on and the swag is on point. The contrast makes it amazing.

  8. For real!! Nyma Tang has a youtube channel reviewing and doing makeup, and she really opened my (white AF) eyes to how few makeup brands make foundation and concealer with POC in mind. It's wild.

  9. If I had skin that dark, I'd make baby oil and highlighters my makeup. Is probably have to up my skincare and hydration game but it would be worth it.

  10. I went to grade school with a guy like that. His skin was truly black. He had the most perfect set of teeth and his smile looked like a blazing sun in contrast to his skin tone. It was wild.

  11. Had a friend with ridiculous black skin like that, he was legit the best at ditch, he would blend in like a fucking ninja while all us white boys stuck out like a sore thumb, he loved it. Wish he would have stayed but he ended up moving back to africa once he got older.

  12. My stage acting buddy does this backstage all the time, he’ll be hiding in one of the wings and all of a sudden you see two wide eyes and the creepiest smile

  13. What impressed me to know is that the darkest people aren't even africans, they are polynesians.

  14. For those of you with young kids interested in discussing skin color, I can wholeheartedly recommend the book

  15. I always hate when people say "this person has the most ****** in the world!" There are probably people with darker skin they just aren't models or pretty to look at.

  16. Ah another "here's a stunning black model with dark chocolate, dark dark, darkness queen," post for gathering karma. This photo has been heavily edited, she looks nothing like that in real life.

  17. I always notice when white people (not saying OP is white, but my friends who do this are white) go out of their way to say how [stunning, gorgeous, beautiful] famous black women are.

  18. Ok so yeah she's super black but can we talk about how flawlessly smooth her skin looks. It's far more impressive if you ask me

  19. I keep seeing posts of dark models making claims like “this model has the darkest skin in the world.” first of all it’s never true, the model in question is always being made to look significantly darker in the photograph than they do in person by the photographer, using lighting techniques and editing - but also, where do we think such information would be coming from anyway?? Like do people think there are experts going around measuring the skin of Black models to figure out who is the international darkest. Like I imagine a lot of people wouldn’t be cool with their skin being treated like it’s a scientific oddity.

  20. I'm glad to see that we're finally past racism and allowed to openly and freely say things like "darkest skin in the world." The twenties are great!

  21. Why is it stunning? Cause she’s black? What does her skin color have to do with anything at all? Also, my friend Elvis from Ivory Coast is much more black than her, he’s midnight purple.

  22. Jesus christ can we get some lighting for this picture I can't even see anything, I'm sure she is beautiful but stop taking pictures of her in a dark room

  23. Gorgeous! I remember when I was younger seeing a black man that had skin so dark it almost had a purple cast to it and growing up in my small mostly white community I had never seen anyone that dark and I remember thinking that was the coolest looking skin I had ever seen. His skin was darker than hers, so I’m not sure how well the 'darkest skin in the world' claim holds up, but she's certainly strikingly dark!

  24. So dark yet still glowing. And here I am so blindingly white it probably hurts to look at me in the sun. :/

  25. The whole thread devolved into talking about black animals and photographing same or dark skinned people. How about a comment for how jaw dropping, outrageously gorgeous she is? <3

  26. Now how would they know that? Are you saying there is some kind of institute that would measure such a thing? 1945 would like a word with you.

  27. My God. That's fucking gorgeous. The kind of gorgeous that makes me feel slightly creepy for pointing it out.

  28. In case people haven't noticed, this picture is extremely dimly lit (and quite possibly photoshopped). Her actual skin tone may be very dark by American standards, but it's pretty average for Nilotic peoples.

  29. This is a poorly exposed photo. This is coming from a photographer. Why has this got so many upvotes? And how is this claim even being made.

  30. Genuine question. Would normal tattoos even work on skin this dark? Would they have to be white colored tattoos?

  31. See, that's actually black! I get really frustrated when brown people call themselves black. She is absolutely beautiful

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