Trump conspicuously absent from Colin Powell's funeral while the Bidens, Obamas and Bushes are there

  1. I always get a chuckle out of the lifetime Democrat who flipped parties because it was his best chance to run calling other people a RINO. I’m sure his base would say “he’s seen the light”, but the reality is that they are just susceptible to the horseshit he’s shoveling.

  2. Millions of people read this and think it is the result of an honest, brilliant man who's willing to "tell it like it is". There's no way I can read this, even if I'm trying to be as charitable as possible, and not see it as the work of a narcissistic baby. Like if this were a character in a TV show, you'd roll your eyes and say "what hack wrote this? no one acts like this in real life". I'm not even a Colin Powell fan but Donald Trump is basically Nelson from the Simpsons going "Haha!" to everyone around him.

  3. I get more and more confused every day why people decide that this is the guy they are going to follow and want to be their leader. There is nothing about this guy that makes him a leader. He’s been a coward and a con-man his entire life. People follow his every word. Take it as gospel. Wear clothing with his name on it. Plaster his name on their homes and vehicles.

  4. Man, trump is a prick. Although I mildly agree. Powell’s lies caused mass-scale unnecessary death and despair. It’s unforgivable.

  5. A war-criminal who alongside Rumsfeld and Cheney gave America two decades of a losing effort because of oil and because the Bush administration was so far up the Saudi’s ass.

  6. Tbh I agree with the general sentiment of this, even as a major hater of Trump. Powell and everyone involved with sending us into Iraq are pieces of shit who don’t deserve to be celebrated. Good on Trump for not going to this, a broke clock is right twice a day.

  7. As much as I hate Trump, fuck Colin Powell and fuck this idea that when someone dies we have to pretend they were good. He actively and knowingly lead us into a war that cost millions of lives and trillions of dollars. He's a murder, a pillager and a traitor to the United States.

  8. Not trying to be cynical and trumps comment is distasteful but isn’t this the same sub that shit on Powell for being a war criminal a week or two ago?

  9. Dumb ass spent four years in the WH and still doesn't realize the Secretary of State doesn't decide military strategy.

  10. I don't disagree. Are we now just sucking Colin Powell's dick because he's dead and buried? Of course, the irony is that these are bold words from Trump.

  11. Any one of these things should repulse people and he’s done thousands. Fuck Trump and every single person who supports him and his shit.

  12. But Colin did lie to congress to get us into war and now we have the patriot act and now you’re mad at Trump for not caring about him. Pick your battles. Who gives a fuck

  13. Everyone was probably glad he didn't show up. Like finding out your racist uncle can't make it to Thanksgiving this year.

  14. McCain explicitly stated he didnt want Trump at his funeral and actually had Obama speak instead. Then Trump released a statement that basically said he wasnt going to attend anyway and denied that he wasnt invited.

  15. I guess that’s why I didn’t get my invite either, cause I’d take a fat piss (and then some) on this rotting war criminal’s resting place. :) may his corpse spin in its grave forever and his soul burn bright in hell

  16. Who the fuck cares? Colin Powell's fuckups cost the US 5,000+ dead troops, hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqi and Afghan civilians, nearly a trillion dollars. Fuck him and yes fuck Trump too but for this? No, not really.

  17. Gotta say, it's hard to disagree with this. The man fronted the UN and told a bald faced lie that led to hundreds of thousands of deaths.

  18. Seriously though, why the fuck are we making such a big deal of a war criminal’s funeral? Fuck Trump but he had every right to not be there.

  19. Yes! Yes! Absolutely! Trump is once again doing the right thing for thebwrong reasons. None of those other presidents should be there either. Colin Powell had a big part in pushing the U.S. into war. He's got blood on his hands just like Bush. But yeah, Trump's just absent because he's a whiny crybaby

  20. Pardon me but who gives a fuck? Trump is an ass clown and the rest are war criminals. These little ceremonies and traditions are stupid and glorify the ruling class. None of them give 2 shits about you.

  21. To all the liberals in this thread defending the dignity of Collin fucking Powell simply because it’s an anti trump position, break out the makeup and put your red nose on because YOU ARE A CLOWN.

  22. But but muh norms and veneer of decency! We need all of our war criminals to mourn our dead war criminals

  23. The truth truly will set you free. It’s refreshing to have someone say the thing. Politicians are not your friend. Bush is not a lovable old kook he’s a fucking psychopath who’s has the blood of a million plus innocent civilians on his hands.

  24. Yeah I’m not even sure what the tone of the OP is supposed to be. Are we shaming Trump for not attending the funeral of a war criminal, or are we shaming a bunch of gormless neoliberals for bootlicking a fucking war criminal?

  25. Why should anyone on the side of good care about a war criminal who covered up Mi Lai, ravaged latin america, and lied into a war that cost not only a million innocent lives but also the resources we could have used to put humanity back on the right path?

  26. Yea seriously. Colin Powell sucks. It's good that he is dead and it's funny to see Obama, Hillary and Bush clutch pearls at the funeral of a war criminal.

  27. I mean didn’t he get a lot of American’s killed along other innocent people when he lied about weapons of mass destruction?

  28. Yes! Why does every fucking news event need to become about Trump. I guarantee if Trump attended we'd be seeing articles about how Trump did something wrong when he attended.

  29. I mean, I know we hate Trump but do we forget that Powell is the one who sold the Iraq War pretense to the UN and the world?

  30. And had he said this it would have been a savage move. But instead he blurts out an almost incoherent wanna be tweet statement.

  31. I love how the media says "BUT WHERE IS TRUMP??" But won't focus on the fact that Powell was a war criminal and these other fucking idiots are there mourning as war criminals.

  32. Aww, Trump wasn't there to mourn the death of a fellow war criminal like Obama and Bush were. You guys are so partisan you don't even know what to get outraged with anymore.

  33. I have more respect for the unexpected skid mark in my work undies the other day than for the walking shit stain that is Donald trump.

  34. Why does anyone care? They’re all war criminals celebrating the life of another war criminal and it’s news that one of the dumbest leaders in world history didn’t show up? Breaking news, none of this matters.

  35. I fucking hate Trump but Colin Powell was a war criminal and his death should be celebrated not mourned. Fuck Powell and anyone who mourned his passing that man is single handedly responsible for the deaths of thousands.

  36. Not weird seeing Trump absent. Weird seeing Bush there probably thinking, "I ruined this dude's reputation. Who are the cowboys playing this weekend?"

  37. You are all so damn gullible. The smallest verbiage that paints Trump in a bad light and you hop on it like lemmings screaming "omg fuck Trump what a POS". You do all realize Powell was a garbage human being war criminal right? Can we please just STOP talking about that dumb mf. I know its hard when you have morphed you entire personalities into hating Trump but my God find a new hill to die on its so annoying.

  38. I mean, Colin Powell was a bad man. He covered up Massacres (yes, plural) and Trump here is right. We should not celebrate evil men

  39. Don't be fooled. Biden was absent as well. Sure he was there in body but mentally he was waiting for the Bingo cards to be handed out until someone told him it was time to go.

  40. This is one thing Trump was absolutely right to do. Death by covid was a mercy, he should’ve been Mussolini’d by the thousands of families he destroyed. Fuck everyone who showed up there and didn’t spit on him.

  41. Okay this isn't the roast libs think it is. Colin Powell was and is a POS. Trump is too but his public statement on Powell is closer to the truth (obviously the RINO thing is kind of funny) than these statements calling him some wonderful statesman. He's a goddamn war criminal with the blood of millions on his hands.

  42. Why is everyone praising a corrupt politician? 90% of voters seem to have a serious case of Stockholm syndrome.

  43. Powell was not a fan of Trump. There was no reason for him to be there. He did the right thing by not showing up. There would’ve been nothing but contempt for his presence. And the media would’ve continuously pointed this out.

  44. Powell was a war mongering fiend. The fact we’re celebrating one of the most crooked fucks in recent American history is more of a problem than whether or not a buffoon attended the ceremony or not. Stop glamorizing war criminals

  45. Lol, Powell was a cunt. I wouldn't be proud of going to his funeral and I'm not going to laud him just because he died. The history books won't treat him kindly.

  46. No, he's right. I'm not attending at the funeral of a war criminal that lied to UN with bullshit proofs.

  47. It’s kind of amazing. When he died all the comments where about how Collin Powell was a piece of shit anyway. Now they’re going to be upset because someone didn’t go to his funeral? Pick one lol

  48. He doesn’t like them and they don’t like him. Life is better this way. Nobody can act civilized anymore so why interact at all?

  49. Why would Trump go? He and Powell had a genuine dislike for each other. Would you go to someone's funeral you didn't like ? It would be very phony of Trump if he did.

  50. I know everyone’s feelings on Bush, but I genuinely love seeing his and Michelle Obama’s friendship. I expected them to be sitting next to each other…and there they are!

  51. How is it conspicuous? The man literally couldn’t care less about others, and all he did was use the presidency as a means to grift and play golf. You expect him to show any amount of class at all when he never had it in the first place?

  52. I mean… what do you expect? He has gone down as arguably one of (if not THE most) hated presidents in history. Furthermore, between Reddit and major news media treating him as if he’s some all powerful, omnipotent super villain who will single handedly eradicate ever last bit of democracy, I’m sure it was in his best interest. Maybe if people would stop beating a decomposing horse, he would have shown his orange face. Probably not though.

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