Meet Anyuak beauties, from South Sudan.

  1. They may be pretty dark, but this photo has definitely been touched up. The colors were just denatured. It all blends almost like a greyscale photo

  2. Absolutely. The photoshopper traced an outline around the women, made that into its own layer, and decreased the color saturation to something crazy like 10%. Which makes the women essentially a black and white photo superimposed on the background (trees) with the foreground of fruit in front of them. Looks like the warm hues in both forground and background have been toned down, too. (Notice the green in the trees isn't a very warm color green, and the juice is oddly pale brown instead of yellow-orange.) But the manipulation of the women is mostly through desaturation, not contrast-- otherwise the whites of their eyes would be too bright. In this case the editing just makes their eyes look light grey.

  3. very certain it has been edited. those bananas are not banana-colored. This modified to strengthen the contrast between the skintone and the outfits.

  4. Professional photographers tweak the settings on their cameras to the conditions and to meet the end result they’re hoping to achieve. Even if it’s not “photoshopped” the odds are slim that there wasn’t anything done to make the skin appear as a very charcoal black vs a dark shade of brown.

  5. Also, calling these women “beauties” feels really gross and colonial. They’re not fresh-picked apples or plump cows, they’re human beings

  6. I think it gives context to pove it's not a black and white picture and to give a sens of the exposure/brightness of the whole image. It shows that the pitch black skin isn't a result of underexposure, as the other items show up as very bright to the point of being desaturated.

  7. Every African model picture that gets posted here. Then you see their instagram and its normal black.

  8. You've got literally the blackest of black people but still you decide to up the contrast? If anything, lower the contrast and warm the picture so that that deep dark color is really visible. Unbelievably stupid photo editing.

  9. very dark but there is some color evening going on. desaturation, they also probably did something with the white balance to get each of the dresses to match. if you notice the dress on the far right has some cream or yellowing to it.

  10. They aren't really that dark. I'm not going to say there's no one that dark out there in the world but really even the darkest black people aren't completely black like this. At the most they're a really really dark brown.

  11. Sorry if this is inappropriate, I will delete this comment of it is, but I never knew there where people out there with such dark skin. I knew that some people are very dark but this dark? Wow, I'm impressed

  12. The fact you think this is an inappropriate comment and apologize for it just shows how sad a state the current culture is in.

  13. Google "Nyakim Gatwech" - she's a very popular super dark skinned model, every bit as dark-skinned as the ladies in the picture above, and very popular. Just beautiful.

  14. I have met some black people with extremely dark skin, but they are mostly guys who were genetically very dark who also worked and were otherwise outside really, really often.

  15. Something a bit off with the color grading, it looks quite desaturated. (looking at the fruits and Green background it seems pretty obvious)

  16. Oh god I scrolled way too far to find someone else who saw it too. I was LOLing at the super serious expression with giant buck teeth combo for a good few minutes. The I realised...lip reflection

  17. This photo is a bit exaggerated, but South Sudanese people are basically the closest in the world to being almost literally black. They’re incredibly striking people.

  18. What is it with all these pictures of photoshopped black women? There seems to be a new one every couple of days.

  19. Everyone is worrying about the photoshopping, I'm wondering why they look so sad. Is that normal for Sudan people? Am I seeing something that isn't really there?

  20. You have to be careful about what you say about some ethniticies, they can get super offended at just the mention of their colour. Take white people for instance..

  21. My favorite part of this dumb comment is you whining about downvotes but playing it off like you don't care.

  22. This photo has definitely been edited. Every human have the same skin hue, and very similar saturation, the only real difference being the brightness off the skin.

  23. What exactly makes their skin so extremely dark? Or is it just the makeup they're wearing that's making it look that way?

  24. So you know how a lot of mixed race people have kids and their kids are like "Yeah they could be mixed? Idk though, hard to tell. Maybe they're mixed maybe not"

  25. I’m 99% sure that the saturation was turned down quite a bit in post regardless of the wonderful skin tones these ladies may have

  26. I went to school with a girl as dark as these ladies. She was obviously adopted by white people, as she spoke with the thickest valley girl accent I've ever heard. She was beautiful, fashionable, super nice and drove a royal blue BMW Z3 convertible.

  27. I met Anyuak people when I was in Paris. I was mesmorized by how literally "black" their skin is. Just amazingly beautiful imo. Like Coal.

  28. Anyone who doesn’t see the two in the middle as hotter are basically not attractive to darker people because they can’t distinguish that some are better looking than others and are just pretending to think they’re all hot.

  29. Holy shit they are damn dark. Really cool seeing these sort of complexions would be cool to see them side by side with a really pale group.

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