I present to you, the tallest building in South Dakota

  1. If you go to the 7th floor, NW corner office and go in the door about 6 feet and look down you'll see an off-color section of industrial carpet. That is the most interesting thing about South Dakota.

  2. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it actually fell to 87,457th place in October of 2021. Turns out there’s a tumbleweed in Panorama City that loosely resembles Mark Paul Gosselaar.

  3. Without bothering to look it up, I'm going to assume that's also the population of South Dakota.

  4. This was one the most hilarious things I've ever seen, and the guy talking during the whole thing just fuckin seals the deal.

  5. That will forever be my memory of Sioux Falls. Everyone was so excited to watch it explode. Such an epic failure.

  6. I still have a bobble tower I got at a Canaries game of the Zip feed mill! Holy crud that things 15 years old now...

  7. Fun fact about elevators. Otis Elevator company is based in Farmington CT, but due to zoning they can't have a very tall building. So a couple of towns over in Bristol CT(down the street from ESPN headquarters) they have a 29 story test tower that's basically a bunch of elevator shafts

  8. My sister and her family live in a small town in Indiana. I was visiting a few years ago and took my older nephew to the Indianapolis art museum. His favorite thing was the escalators.

  9. I actually really liked Sioux Falls. We only spent two days there - and I’d never want to live there- but it was a nice way to pass two days in the summer. Cute downtown.

  10. As a New Yorker, I am stunned. I never even considered the idea that a state’s tallest building could be smaller than my dentist’s office. What else don’t I know about other states??

  11. https://www.artsy.net/artwork/saul-steinberg-view-of-the-world-from-9th-avenue-the-new-yorker

  12. In Ireland there are very few buildings that go over 3 or 4 stories - I think there is even a law that says you can’t build over 12 stories (I might have got that wrong though)

  13. That I can also see two man made towers from my house in South Dakota that are taller than any man made structure in New York. :)

  14. No one's using them. Kinda follows the "If a tree falls in the forest and no one's around..."

  15. You actually need to go over an hour past our border to get to a 600’ tall building in Omaha for closest. Bismarck has North Dakota’s tallest at 242’

  16. Only need to convince 200k Democrats to move there from a California. You could probably sell your house in California and retire in South Dakota.

  17. Fuck CenturyLink, they're a worthless ass company that doesn't do shit for their customers sake, they bury their cables shallow as shit (usually less than 6"), don't bother to mark them even remotely accurately and they're impossible to get ahold of when you need them.

  18. With all the undeveloped space, why spend the extra money required to build upward, when you can spend less money (and more easily) build outward?

  19. Building up is more efficient because it needs less infrastructure - especially in places where it gets extremely cold.

  20. You must be talking city proper because I cannot believe Omaha has more sprawl than St Louis. STL proper is tiny relative to the metro and only houses like 10% of the total metro population.

  21. My parents made me live with my grandparents for a year in Selby, South Dakota pop. 642 for a punishment when I was a teen, I am from Vegas born and raised. I never talked back again the remainder of my teen years and so on... It was hell. Im guessing this is in Souix Falls?

  22. You call that punishment, I call it heaven. I grew up in Western SD and have been through Selby a few times.

  23. Too lazy to Google, but I'd bet $20 there are ties between whoever designed this and who designed the William Green Building in downtown Columbus Ohio.

  24. I’m from MI and have been to 47 states and most of Europe. The people in the Dakotas/ WY/ Western NE are without question, the friendliest human beings I’ve ever met. The high plains offer an extremely beautiful and peaceful landscape.

  25. If you’re ever back in Sioux Falls, seriously hit me up for a brew (coffee or beer). My treat. If you need a place to stay, we have a few guest bedrooms and it’s a brand new house in a great neighborhood. I would love to hear your travel stories and maybe swap a few of our own! My wife’s an amazing cook though so bring your appetite 😂

  26. I had the good fortune to talk to a friend of my sister's who is a Russian studying abroad here over the weekend, and one of the most interesting things she said was that South Dakotans were so much friendlier than people in other parts of the country that she had visited before coming here, so much so that she thought it was strange at first. I think the only time most people hear about South Dakota is when they see it painted red on an electoral map every four years, and that's all they think they need to know.

  27. Had century link for a land line. It was extremely rare to get a decent connection. Most of the time it had heavy static, randomly dropped, wouldn't accept incoming calls, or sounded like a chain of walkie talkies aimed at each other in an empty warehouse. Sometimes you could hear other signals coming through in the static. Every time we called them to get it looked at they'd say nothing was wrong and it must be on our end. Switched carriers and immediately had better service.

  28. when real estate is so much cheaper than architects, decent contractors, construction managers, high tensile materials, insurance, and political fees there’s no point in building up.

  29. I’m sorry your memories were so poor here but I’m happy you’ve moved to somewhere better for you :)

  30. I find it more often than not people who laugh at our population don’t originate from cities with higher populations than Sioux Falls. They live in states with big cities or near big cities but whatever municipality they live in, it has a smaller population than mine lol

  31. Think about why certain areas have tall buildings (NYC, Chicago). Then go on Google Earth and stroll around in SD. There's so much uninhabited land, it's remarkable. I was in Sioux Falls a few months ago, and I couldn't believe how much open space there was even in a big city like that.

  32. Charleston, West Virginia has 13 buildings that are taller, and that state actually defines a "high rise" as 40 feet tall instead of the typical 75 feet because fire departments don't invest in tall ladder trucks due to the rarity of tall buildings in West Virginia.

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