Surprisingly rude washing machines here in Denmark

  1. i remember when i went to sweden, and taking the train, and giggling when they would announce “slutstation”.

  2. One time while on vacation in Odense I went to a laundromat and spent like 15 minutes trying to decipher the instructions written there using my subpar Danish because the automated system was unlike anything I'd seen back home. Once I finally understood what it said, I turned around with my dispensed soap to go to the machine I selected to use and on the wall was another sign of instructions in perfect fucking English...

  3. Dane here, can confirm that our washing machines detect the presence of excessive amounts of protein stains on sheets and in women's underwear. It will then proceed to shame you into conforming to societal standard. The outrage has actually gotten to the point where certain Danish manufacturers have started offering "viking models".

  4. I used to see friend in Copenhagen who's washer used to read 'Slutningen af ​​vask' at the end, which is what it meant - cycle over.

  5. The washer detected some foreign specimen in your undergarments...and judged you accordingly. What is this, the third wash this week?

  6. Many years ago, Queen Elisabeth of England visited Denmark. Thanks to a quick thinking employee, they changed the sign in the elevator.

  7. I remember visiting a friend in Sweden, we watched a movie and at the end it said “SLUT”. I barely knew any Swedish and started dying laughing, and she started laughing at my reaction and we ended up having one of those laugh sessions where our stomachs hurt after. It’s a nice memory.

  8. When I worked for a Swedish company we got a list of employees and someone wrote “<—slut” next to a persons name who had been terminated.

  9. Not sure if they still say this, but in some hospitals in Denmark the elevators say "In motion" which in danish is "I fart".

  10. This reminds me when I was about 6 or 7, my dad went on a Saturday evening basement movie binge and was watching some random black and white Danish film that I forgot everything about except for the ending. I would just occasionally swoop in to watch for a minute then run around the house with my brother, but I caught the last minute where a guy walked towards the beach and then the camera zoomed out to the sky showing only the word, "Slut".

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