Lefty's in the Strip closed for a week over COVID violations

  1. Here's the photo in question I saw on Twitter. With what I've heard part of me wonders what took so long

  2. Also, they are in such a busy location, did they really think they could get away with this? In the heart of the Strip? Really? In no way do I condone their actions but how dense do you have to be to think you won't get caught?

  3. I once went to this bar and ordered a mixed drink (can’t remember what it was) and the bartender made something completely different and told me “well...you’re gonna have it”

  4. I’ve been there twice and each time had to let a blacked-out person yell gibberish at me until I left. There’s no such thing as over-served at that place. Always a red flag of a shitty bar staff.

  5. I worked at a restaurant on the north shore for a while and we had a temp manager from corporate (owners daughter) come help manage most nights of the week. She would pack the place full and let anyone in without a mask or not. I had ppl spit at me, scream at me, grab me, it was fucking hell. Then 2 employees got laid off for having covid and even though they recovered were told they couldn't come back. And when an employee would get ill, the restaurant owner would still go from restaurant to restaurant (chain, 5 in pgh) regardless of being exposed

  6. Why not post the name? Fuck that business and management. Hiding it keeps these people thinking they are untouchable.

  7. The funny thing is, if everyone would take the necessary precautions, we would be able to be more open and more free. Those that balk at the guidelines are actively sabotaging the thing they want most.

  8. The one time I went to this bar we had to wake the bartender up, he was sleeping in a recliner. I am not shocked.

  9. They were mentioned here a few weeks ago along with Oddballs Southside. Surprised that one didn't also get closed.

  10. I assume they won't just keep shutting them down for a week, over and over. I assume the punishment has to get larger with each shut down.

  11. They should just be shut down permanently. Like, liquor license revoked forever. I have a feeling shit won’t change until someone gets an example made of them. Those people are actively endangering the community.

  12. Quite a few places should. I dunno why but I tried going to Popeye's in the South Side yesterday. They need to be shut down as well.

  13. Or better yet, just don't go to that bar, or hang out with the people that go to this bar. This isn't hard.

  14. I drove by recently and it was completely out of control. It was more crowded than I have ever seen the bar, even pre-COVID. It is completely unacceptable as they are posing a health danger to the community. The one week penalty feels light, but I hope the owners take it seriously this time. I know I will be speaking with my wallet.

  15. Yep. Anecdotally, every single time I've passed it in recent weeks, it's been wall-to-wall packed inside and spilling over onto the sidewalk. I used to take out-of-town friends there for a daytime beer or two while showing them the Strip, but never again. Fuck this place.

  16. It said they have to give a plan to the health department to show how them comply before reopening but who knows how stringent they'll be with what they give

  17. Wonder if they'll stay close or just open up. The crack'd egg in brentwood was shut down over mask violations but posted they opened up today with e.a.t and Wendy bell. In the pictures they posted no masks and on the achd site theyre still marked as red.

  18. Good. That place is nothing but problems with absentee ownership. Even before this, it was a regular stop for police on weekend nights for drug busts and fights.

  19. Some are but with smaller occupancy limits and earlier closing times and the food ordering requirement, it's helping keep the worst jagoffs away

  20. It's business that's endangering everyone by risking spreading a dangerous virus, so yes, we should cheer that. If they had followed the rules and not made themselves a public danger, then we wouldn't even be talking about it. Would you still say the same thing if the bartender were randomly shooting patrons?

  21. I run a place in the neighborhood. It’s so bad for those of us following the regulations. Everyone expects that we will be open to ignoring the rules because “the place up the street let us”. They didn’t even close when we were in red. Just ran a speak easy with access from their alley. Good riddance.

  22. Imagine equating stopping extremely hazardous practices to people mad their coffee was a little cold.

  23. I have a legit question and maybe someone out there has an answer. Why are alcoholic beverages only served if you order food? I’m trying to find the logic in this. Recently I was in Cali on business and visited Malibu. The funny thing was every other parking spot (only near the beach) had cones, spacing the cars out...as if somehow cars could get COVID lol. The dumbest thing Ive ever seen haha...forcing people to order food if they want a beer seems to be along the same lines. What is this for?

  24. The intent is that someone sitting down for a meal is less of an issue than someone hanging out at a bar drinking (especially when a person is tipsy or drunk they're less likely to social distance, wear mask, and will routinely talk loudly with spittle laced words). Per the health orders, you're required to be sitting at a separated table while you're eating your food (and possibly having a beverage with your meal and there's a limit to the number of drinks you can order) and while you're not at your table, you must be wearing your mask. You're supposed to go, be seated, get your food, eat, and leave. You're not supposed to just be hanging out. But several bars are doing everything they can to minimally follow the letter of the law while doing everything they can to skirt the intent.

  25. Also the parking spots makes sense too. Removing half of the parking spots is for the purpose of limiting the number of people at the Beach. Removing every other spot makes it very explicit. And since some parking lots are merely "line the edge of the beach with parking" the policy might simply be rope off every other one.

  26. You aren’t wrong, but I would argue that we have a society problem. I mean I know I drink because the world is a bag of dicks. I can’t do anything about it, but my good friend wine makes it a tad more bearable.

  27. I mean, the data is pretty clear that people who were going out to drink have been responsible for a bit of the virus resurgence this summer so not wrong technically.

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