On this day, 120 years ago, Witold Pilecki ‘the Auschwitz Volunteer’ was born.

  1. I can't explain it, but he has such a Polish face. Like when someone asks you, what Polish people look like, it's this guy. That's what they look like.

  2. My Polish-born father has the same face, as do I, my brother and sister, there absolutely is a Polish face. Strong jaw and flat screen TV forehead. I am constantly ragging my cousin about how big her forehead is.

  3. The allies did not believe his report at first and dismissed it as they thought that Germany was not capable of such brutality. Glory to heroes!

  4. Mr Rotmistrz Pilecki is shamed of things are happening in Poland right know. Have You heard about Wołyń crime? Ukrainian People genocide polish People in way that nobody can even imagine. So brutal way to killed Childs, pregnet womens, Just every single polish citizen. And right now? Everywhere in Poland you canon See ukrainian flags. Polish donating ukrainian witam huge money. Nobody remember wołyń crime. And at subreddit "polska" a wrote down an comment about Wołyń crime And I Got bann. Free speech dosent exist. Thats is not russian propaganda, thats facts !!!! People sholud know the truth. And after this comment I propably will got another ban becouse of telling truth.

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