With recently Poland's arms deal with S.Korea, I wonder how Polish people view S.K

  1. Amazing movies, One of the best cuisines , Pierogi z kimchi, Esports and gaming culture, Kids studying so much it causes depression and pushes them to suicide, kpop

  2. I would add to that: strict drug laws, universal military service and Son Heung-min. In general nice place to visit, but wouldn't trade to live there instead of Poland.

  3. The Korea as a whole has a similar history to Poland of having two neighbours that were a pain in the ass (China , Japan ). Beside that, i don't really know much else.

  4. Also, a similar history of occupation. The Japanese were the Nazi's of Asia, especially to Koreans. Their relationship still hasn't recovered since 1945.

  5. Having lived and studied there I absolutely love the country and people. Historically and surprisingly culturally (in some aspects of course) we are very similar.

  6. They make good movies, honestly very good ones. Other than that I think everyone is neutral or positive towards them, they've done nothing bad to the poles.

  7. I still remember the deal with Daewoo from the 90s about taking over some Polish car factories, which ended with a sudden bankruptcy of that company. This makes me feel a bit weary about basing so much of our defence on South Korea.

  8. Yeah but that was fully because of the corrupt Korean leadership of said company. They bought one car factory, modernized it to European standards and the Korean part of Daewoo went bankrupt, not Polish factory.

  9. Their military stuff is one of the best in the world though. We're indebting ourselves to hell but we're also getting a top tier equipment. Well maybe except fighter jets

  10. Poland is one of the only countries in the world to have a North Korean embassy… so something about that…

  11. I actually find this really funny because NK never denounce Poland because of their communist state in the past. When Poland sent support to Ukraine, they denounced the West and Ukraine but never directly mention Poland

  12. Personally I don't care about nationality. I care about personality. The individual. I refuse to lump people into one box just because of where they were born. If that's what you meant with this question.

  13. Dunno about the rest of the country, but personally I liked some Korean movies, plus I really like Korean cousine- kimchi, gochujang and jjajang pastes are staples in my kitchen; last time I bought Dasida for the first time and I must say that I never had better beef stock in my entire life.

  14. Well, if these tanks will not play Gungam Style when riding through battlefield I will be strongly disappointed.

  15. I have few companies that are from Korea and ruled by Koreans near me. People like to work there as far as I know. Sk seems like developed country with hard working people, amazing in tech. Personally I like them a lot

  16. Your cinematography in recent years are realy hitting the spot for me. Culturally, you guys are very interesting and had the pleasure of having enemy neighbours. And as much as I respect both yours, japaneese and chineasee culture. Yours have the smallest amount of skeletons in the closet. Although it's a tradegy that half of the peninsula is under that pscycho family reign.

  17. Well, I used to share a room in 2002 with Korean guy in Wroclaw. Very funny, open and crazy people when out of official places/work/uni, etc. He used to enjoy heavy drinking/prostitutes/general fun activities and going out with me to my trainings/mountains/my home area.

  18. k-pop, good food, good cinematography, good tv (squid game, kingdom), many high tech companies, capitalist hellhole, wacko neighbour, Heung-Min Son

  19. generally positive, i like their thechnological thought but from my foreign friends and other sources i think korea is very racist and xenophobic, simmilar to some others regions of asia

  20. I feel like Koreans have choked on the growth and your society is focused on capitalism too much.

  21. South Korea - funky alphabet ("windows, doors and parapets", not too hard to learn though), K/DA, pretty girls and boys, organised, KIA

  22. In my personal experience, they work to much, and quality of their work suffer because of that. Also they have problems with small talk.

  23. Good military partners with great equipment. K-pop (especially Black Pink ❤️). Lonely people (dunno if its true. I just saw a program about single people marriages). Wealthy country. Hyundai/Samsung/Kia/SsangYong/Daewoo. Korean instant noodles (Samyang!). Nice looking women. Mandatory military service. People like to eat and drink. Awesome TV-dramas (I started to watch these because of my fiancee and I love it. Now Korean TV-dramas is my favourite category on Netflix I guess). Interesting food but kinda weird at the same time. For me South Korea is like Japan's little cousine. I would love to see it one day but I prefer living in Poland I think. 😀

  24. While I certainly don't think it's a hellscape, there is undoubtedly an oligopoly - what's worse that's by political design.

  25. The same as before: SK is business partner. We have some chemical plant being constructed for investors from SK. Business as usual.

  26. I see it as a better Korea with good movies, nice alphabet in comparison to Japanese and Chinese ones and work market being a combination of East Asian overworking with American style capitalism.

  27. When I went to Wrocław we slept in Bielany Wrocławskie, which from what I saw became a Korean Chinatown full of Koreans, Korean language and restaurants. Apparently there's a large LG factory. I didn't mind and I don't think anyone else does.

  28. LG Chem Wrocław. They hire like 20k people or sth and giving jobs to many bus drivers in Wrocławiu. Thanks to that Busdriver salary in Private company is just a little bit lower as in the West.

  29. generally positive, i like their thechnological thought but from my foreign friends and other sources i think korea is very racist and xenophobic, simmilar to some others regions of asia

  30. Before i started deepening my knowledge about Korea in general, i very often mistook it with Japan in many areas. I thought that language, culture and traditions of these two countries were almost identical, and i think that many people who aren't specifically interrested in Asia are doing the same mistake.

  31. Cool east asian country, like Japan but Korean. Big entertainment industry. Assorted cool culture stuff. Similar history of being between 2 global powers, and always failing against both of them. Japan will always be the cooler country in most Poles' eyes, due to several historical moments where Japan and Poland collaborated, but South Korea is also a cool country I hope piss doesnt mess up relations with.

  32. I don't think anybody thinks anything about Korea anymore. It used to be somehwat recognizable due to Daewoo which was a good competition to our domestic cars at the time. Nowadays it's either k-pop fangirls or no recognition at all. I don't think people think anything else about it.

  33. I think Korea hasn’t been much present in Polish opinion so far. We appreciate food from your country, probably heard about your k-pop bands. Other than that I think there is not much to say for us poles. We made a deal and I think that’s brought our countries closer. I’m pretty sure there will be more to talk about when the tanks appear on parades and expos in Poland

  34. Imo the best out of the bigger Asian countries. China is well uhm… commies. Japan is stiff as if it has a broom stick up it’s butt. N. Korea is N. Korea, nuff said. S. Korea has good (albeit VERY commercial) entertainment, good eletronic brands, is really developed, and overall the people seem to be nice and easy going, I actually don’t know that for sure since I’ve never met anyone from S. Korea, but that’s the vibe I get from what I see online

  35. I work with koreans, some of them are very friendly, some of them really fake. But overall they are not very honest and do a lot behind your back. Very cold people and a lot of them extremaly corrupt. But overall nice people.

  36. South Korea is more westernized version of Japan Overall, positive In general, it would be better if we would be buying from our industry rather than south korea

  37. Poland sees S Korea like a lot of the other Asian countries; people have a lot more respect and being proud of their family/history. I wish people outside of Asia would take some of the attributes and install within their lives.

  38. Very positive. I would love to see more polish Korean cooperation. I hope Korea will be the one chosen to build nuclear plant. It would be great.

  39. I feel like Korea was historically in a very similar setting to Poland when it comes to geography- surrounded by strong neighbors somehow surviving and thriving. You survived the harsh imperial Japanese occupation and had explosive economic growth a couple years after the split. Nowadays it feels like the country is very developed, but very unjust socially, with the government actively assisting the chaebols, super high pressure on young students etc.

  40. Kpop, starcraft, movies, tv series, dating reality shows, kimchi and because of history for me its like Poland in Asia. Edit: and I love my Hyundai i20 2021 version :)

  41. Really sick madafakas, extra tough rules for school and workplace, money is very important to them, came up with some weird things like kpop

  42. Im afraid of korean girls, I feel like they'd be judging my lazy ass constantly with their slick eyes and try to steal my rich boyfriend if i had a rich boyfriend

  43. Tbh I don't think that the typical Pole knows anything about South Korea. I still meet lot of people who are confusing North and South Korea.

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