[SERIOUS] Why do Poles have such unwelcoming/hostile facial expression?

  1. [Serious answer] Polish politeness is based on helpfulness and honesty not courtesy and people smile only when they're having fun or are genuinely happy. Smiling all the time might be perceived as fake.

  2. If a complete stranger on the street suddenly starts to smile widely at me without any reason then it usually means they want something from me, usually my money... Not many things are treated with more suspicion than fake salesman smile and that's how a lot of foreginers behaviors look like to us.

  3. I'm a woman so my perspective may be different than man's but I just don't want to be bothered. When I'm smiling and making eye contact I'm bothered by creeps, Jehovah's witnesses, club promotors, people rising money for various causes. Bitch resting face solves all those problems. No random interactions ever.

  4. Have you seen the Polish comedy from years ago called "Szczęśliwego Nowego Jorku"? about (unsurprisingly) Polish immigrants to New York.

  5. Linda there says those faces are too honest! He wants them to make their faces part of clothing instead of a window to the soul… It’s actually not being fake

  6. We don't. That's just what people look like. That's natural neutral look. Would you like people to smile for no reason, or what? I don't get it.

  7. I don't mean smiling all the time. I'm just saying that the neutral facial expression looks like you have a really bad day and are actively angry. It doesn't have to be this way. Your face may be relaxed.

  8. That's because we DO hold a grudge against you. Everyone knows how horrible of a person you are and the news spread quickly so well yeah that's the result.

  9. Yeah Slavs look angry having neutral expression. I am Czech of Scandinavian descent and when I have neutral expression people say they are scared of me killing them.

  10. Maybe people just don't want to be noticed and appreciate being anonymous, hence neutral. Could have to do with history like communism.

  11. You are perhaps projecting. Happens more with people you identify with, that’s why you don’t have it with other people abroad, because you are polish yourself.

  12. Cultural differences. It's weird that you ask such questions if you're Polish yourself. You should know that if people are hostie towards you, they will let you know straight forward. That's why I prefer eastern peopme than western. If we're friends, we're friends. No nervous smiling or fake emotions.

  13. Strange. Never had anyone in Poland cold shoulder me. Even went hiking a few months ago in Zakopane and most people I past would say “dzien dobry”

  14. I was mostly in Northern Ireland (I know it's different country) and it shocked me when everyone i passed by said "hello, how are you" when I barely / didn't know them. At first times I said only hello at most because I was speechless someone had audacity to ask. So don't be mad when we don't answer, it's something different for us that we don't used to do.

  15. Although I must say that Irish people are extraordinarily friendly (in a down to earth, non phoney way). I think it’s the most friendly country I ever visited.

  16. What I wonder about is why many people walk around with what is called 'resting bitch face' (no offense, not my term) which means grumpy - yet I notice many people openly offering total strangers their unsolicited advice and crashing / entering a conversation between two other strangers.

  17. Fine OP if this bothers you so much from now on i will smile and run a full speed at random people on the streets

  18. We (the Poles), are not very good at pretending so whenever you see us in stressing, boring , life sucking out situations, the first thing you will notice is our “I hate my life” face 👍

  19. I think it's just our culture. Poles are rather suspicious of others and there is some cultural connotation of laughing and being stupid (i.e. stupid people laugh/rejoyce a lot).

  20. I was born and raised in Poland but I left decades ago and I know exactly what you mean but despite trying to figure out why the people act like that I never managed to figure it out. And to make things worse if you forget where you are and you smile or start to talk to random people most of them act like: WTF? what is wrong with you? :). Even if you explain you are not making fun or laugh because of them and your smile is just your "resting face" they are very uneasy to accept that for some reason

  21. When on the bus or walking somewhere I really do not feel the need to smile or act overly nice. I think everyone just tries to mind their business here and I would like it to stay that way.

  22. You are right and I'm a part of this problem, but it feels like that is just how it is and will never change. Maybe we are all just sad and not as chill and happy as southern Europe

  23. No mask. This is a good thing, to be enjoyed. When someone smiles at you or laughs with you, you know it’s genuine and they’re not thinking you’re a complete mug as they smile at you.

  24. This is actually something I noticed, between the US, France, and Poland. I absolutely hate that culture in the US to be overly friendly. It’s just a facade to make people think you want to be there and happy to see them when you usually aren’t. The only exception I can think of are small towns in Alaska, the American south, and some New England towns. They tend to genuinely enjoy being around people. Poland is just more honest about their feelings. It’s not necessarily different, Poland just doesn’t have a culture of fake friendliness.

  25. Think of it as being pure, intense and raw. We are raw people. Give us reason to smile we will but otherwise we just prefer to keep everything to ourselves.

  26. Not just looking hostile - they are hostile. It feels like everyone is super depressed and mad for no reason. It's depressing and not a good living environment.

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