Discussion Thread: President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris Address the Nation | 8:00 PM

  1. Word. After that jog and then that amazing speech, it really puts the lie to the myth that Joe is feeble and can't talk.

  2. I work at a grocery store as the beer and spirits buyer. Since I started my shift today, I've been facing beer left and right, and very close to running out of stock of a few SKUs. It's more noticeable with spirits though; they tend to barely move other than around New Year's. Boys, the booze is flying tonight! I just pray everyone is enjoying responsibly in regards to alcohol intake AND coronavirus.

  3. Lol why would the people who won engage in rioting and violence? Of course, the right wants people to believe leftists and minorities just can’t help it.

  4. No Biden flags either. Just normal posters. That always disturbed me about Trump flags, like they were loyal to him as much or more than the country..

  5. I know no one give a shit anymore since President Biden is happening no matter what but...... Biden is currently up by 9,160 votes in Georgia.

  6. Joe is more excited to talk about his wife than he is to talk about winning the presidency and I am here for it.

  7. It was so nice to just hear a decent man, who has the eyes of the world on him, tell us all how proud he is of his wife. I cried through the whole thing. I didn’t realize how heavy this has been weighing on me.

  8. I’ve watched a couple of his speeches and he always raves about her. It’s a lovely change to see a man in awe of his loving wife, instead of a mail order bride swatting away any photo op approach by her husband.

  9. "I am Jill's husband" was such a nice way to hear that phrased. I loved how he talked about her and made it sound that she was the big asset to him and the nation.

  10. Rejoin Iran Nuclear Deal is probably more complicated now that we've been praying their buttons for a while

  11. Can you imagine being Hunter Biden? Smeared for months for substance issues, brought up directly in the debates as an attack point, wondering whether you were going to be what costs your dad his final chance at getting the presidency in the most important election in recent memory... only to end up hugging your dad as he celebrates his victory.

  12. It's actually fucking insane that Trump flags and stickers are such a massive thing. They aren't celebrating America. They aren't pledging allegiance to America. They're dedicating themselves to TRUMP.

  13. Yeah, i member. You member that day trump tried to coup, but he was too dumb to pull off, and we all ignored him? That was awesome too.

  14. For those who despair about the number of votes Trump got take heart... America defeated a proto-fascist with an overwhelming cult of personality, who had already taken over the levers of power of government, with a democratic election and not a bloody coup, and that is something of which to be proud

  15. He was an incumbant president with majority support of his party. This is an amazing achievement. He could have done anything, and this would still be a close race.

  16. I’m just glad we’ll finally get to see what the Obama White House portrait looks like, you know, since the orange one refused to hang it.

  17. Him and Harris were legit my last choice, but goddamn I'm happy as shit they're both going to lead the nation after this nightmare.

  18. Good character and decency go a long way. Bringing in the best people possible, who focus on doing public service and good for their department is even better.

  19. Oddly Trump has made me grow fonder of sensible conservatives. I now know how bad it can get. I hope we can accomplish some things that make you happy

  20. Can I just add to say that Biden briskly JOGGED to the stage at the age of 77? Low energy my ass. Trump can barely get down a small ramp.

  21. How dare you suggest a respected doctor and educator is somehow superior to an emotionless mail-order bride!

  22. Because we are so sick of Trump, he isn’t worth fighting over anymore. Let’s come together and bring America into the 21st century, we are Americans dammit!

  23. I lived to see the first Black president and the first Black vice president. As a Black kid in TX, I never thought it was possible.

  24. Andrew Yang is literally MOVING to GA to work and mobilize with Stacey Abrams to get new voters registered and educate them for the Senate runoff in January!

  25. I’m the only liberal in my very large, very republican family and I’ve been watching the events transpire this week all alone.

  26. I think President-elect Biden has said "thank you" more in this speach than Impeached President Trump did in his single term.

  27. I’m watching with my mom and she is BAWLING. Seriously such a powerful moment, not only for women, minorities, and oppressed communities, but for American ideals.

  28. Holy shit, the feeling of finally having respect again for the US president is overwhelming

  29. This whole thing puts in perspective how lucky we are to have a democracy in this country. If we don't like someone, we can vote them out every 4 years. Not every country is fortunate enough to be able to do that.

  30. The 8 months of no federal loan payments due to the pandemic has really opened my eyes to what I can do with less student loan debt. Hopefully this pans out.

  31. I just want to say... it’s been a pleasure and a privilege to do all of these presser and Discussion threads with everyone, over the past few years.

  32. Covid has conditioned me to think in such a different way. I saw the glass and thought "wow. That's quite the spit shield." It took me a solid minute to realize that it's bulletproof glass.

  33. I’m a 30 year old dude that never, EVER cared about politics. After the last 4 years, I started doing my research, being careful where I got my news from and fact checking between multiple sources for my own sanity, while staying quiet for who or what I believed in. Today, I’m proud to to voice my opinion.

  34. Looks like ossof is at the victory speech . Hopefully he gets some attention. He looks nervous so maybe he will speak.

  35. One thing I noticed: he has barely talked about himself. He mentioned everyone around him, but never himself.

  36. Watching this gathering before Biden speaks, something got my attention: The crowd is full of American flags..... almost no Biden/Harris flags. At any given Trump event, you'd see dozens if not hundreds of trump flags. But this is just a bunch of patriotic people who are loyal to their country instead of a single person. Feels good to see that again.

  37. I literally cried when Biden acknowledged the disability community. Its met with some stigma when I go on dates or job hunting whether or not to mention it. Most often I have to hide my struggles.

  38. Biden is NAILING this. I'm moved. Just like I was when Obama gave his first speech. I just want to high five and hug alla y'all right now. WE DID IT! We ended evil. Together. BROTHERS AND SISTERS....KICK OUT THE JAMS!

  39. Canadian here. This side of America makes the world love you guys. Please keep making the rest of the world love you guys 🍺

  40. Fuck I’m not used to the President (Elect) of America sounding Presidential, and not like an absolute idiot.

  41. Oh my god that was cathartic. I feel like it's really going to be over soon. I'm fiercely proud of Vice President Harris and President Biden. It's time to heal.

  42. Jesus. This dude with this speech just beat the entire trump presidency and he hasn't even become president yet. ::shakes head:: it's like a totally different level

  43. Whatever happened to Sleepy Joe? I haven’t seen a President be this enthusiastic and energetic in years! I am ducking pumped!

  44. I know Bidens been chosen because he can help bridge the divide in this country, but it’s going to take a lot for me to stop hating Trump supporters. Many of them are still spouting bullshit about the votes being fake and the courts fixing the election. They still deny his ties to Russia. They still hate immigrants, and can’t wait to see McConnell obstruct legislation at every turn. Democrats are once again extending an olive branch to Republicans, but I have lost hope in them changing

  45. I still can’t get over the fact that Trump went to Erie Pennsylvania last week, insulted the city and the people who lived there whilst asking them to vote for him , then proceeded to lose the county in the election.

  46. Nearly 12 hours since the race was called and Mitt Romney is still the only Republican senator to offer congratulations to Biden. Buncha fuckheads.

  47. I’ve been crying off and on all day, as a black woman seeing a woman of color in the White House is so emotional for me. Today has been an amazing day 🥰🥰

  48. My daughters are six and eight and they just got to watch the first ever woman Vice President speak. How refreshing, what a total relief to have leaders I can allow my children to sit and listen to.

  49. Look at all those American flags. Not trump flags. Not confederate flags. Not anything but American. I'm so choked up.

  50. Spare a thought for Boris Johnson who will finally get the spotlight as the black sheep of international leadership he is. Hopefully with that spotlight the UK can kick him out as well!

  51. This is the most Patriotic I've felt in years. I was worried when he became the candidate but I feel like the right man for the right time was selected.

  52. I loved the speeches, but in particular I realized just how much I missed a beautiful and loving spousal relationship in the White House. I definitely took that for granted before 2016; part of it was definitely that I wasn't yet married myself, but I think mostly I just never dreamed that a collection of such bleak, dysfunctional relationships would be on our screens for 4 years.

  53. At first I didn’t think Joe Biden was the right man to be president. There was no way he could beat Trump, he was too moderate, not sharp enough. He’s proven me wrong in every instance. Now I realize he’s exactly who we need right now. We need someone whose mission is to bring us together. It’s such a contrast to what we’ve had for the past 4 years. Let’s go Joe!

  54. Boy, I can't wait for noted Radical Leftist Socialists™ Biden and Harris to implement the Sharia Turbo Communism that Fox News has been promising they will.

  55. I'm completely eating my hat right now because I was one of the guys that routinely talked shit about biden when it was him against sanders and it has been a weird wake up call when I started to see Trump supporters saying the exact same shit. I'm impressed at the restrain the progressives have shown, especially the Sanders ones, there was virtually no attack against Biden from them once the primary was over (as opposed to 2015-2016), they accepted him as their nominee rationally and got behind him to defeat Trump because the stakes were too high for dissent. Shout out to the Warren supporters for actually believing a candidate this smart and sensible could ever get elected.

  56. You know after all this shit I gotta say I'm totally down with having a decent Catholic guy in the White House.

  57. We watched the speeches as a fam unit tonight. At one point Kamala said something about “for every little girl out there” and my 4-year old daughter said “she’s talking about me!”

  58. So that Coldplay’s song that was playing during the fireworks was Beau’s favorite song and was played also at his funeral omg another hit at my heart

  59. Joe wasn't remotely my first pick, but god that was such a great speech. Boy am I proud to be from the US of A tonight.

  60. The people calling Biden “boring” are the same ones that fell for the, “It’ll be good to have a non-politician in office!” bullshit.

  61. Hearing the passion in Joe Biden’s voice made me truly believe America made the right choice. We finally have a competent leader who is ready to tackle the challenges ahead of us, with a sense of responsibility and ability to govern. Thank you to all who voted for Biden. It’s a great day in America.

  62. are we gonna keep this party going tonight? i. feel like i’m at my last night at camp. i’m gonna miss everybody :(

  63. How the hell is the Four Seasons story not getting more traction?! That is HILARIOUS- every article headline I have seen makes Onion headlines sound believable

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