Arizona can't use COVID money for anti-mask grants, feds say

  1. Fun fact: someone I know works for AZ Game and Fish and they are required to wear masks on site at all times. Ducey is literally their boss.

  2. Desantis right now is stripping the money Biden gave Florida schools that were having their salaries withheld for implementing mask mandates.

  3. Bad enough they're anti-mask and anti-vax, they won't even quarantine ffs. Why don't we all just breathe on each other? Why not reuse syringes? Stop swabbing beforehand and save all that wasted cotton?

  4. They’re also using YOUR money do it….AZ is in the top 10 most dependent states on federal dollars with nearly half their budget coming from your federal tax dollars.

  5. Arizonan here. That’s our ice cream man governor in a nutshell. He’s never cared about the average citizen. And now, a former Fox news anchor is running to take his spot. A former news anchor. Someone who read the news. Let’s hope that the one term, twice impeached former president’s endorsement will pop her bubble. Lord help AZ stay blue

  6. After they withheld that money from their own state and its people who actually needed it. The words 'fraudulent use of federal funds' come to mind.

  7. I have a friend who took a cash advance to pay the minimum balance on another card, and repeated this cycle till he had to declare bankruptcy.. I feel like he might have a future in GOP in this messed up timeline..

  8. With this and the cyber ninjas bullshit, AZ trying to take a shot at the worst state title (currently tied with FL and TX)

  9. Don't forget Alabama trying to use COVID funds to build prisons. The race to the bottom is truly a spectacle.

  10. They're confident they no longer have to win elections to stay in office, so they've dropped whatever pretense was left that they aren't really kleptocrats.

  11. They're doing it just so Biden has to stop it and they'll go screaming that Biden is pulling funding for students. It's pure propaganda. They're playing with the lives and future of their children to generate propaganda.

  12. You can't use firefighting funds to buy gasoline and matches for arsonists? Those libs are the true tyrants!

  13. Republican politicians in states like Arizona, Florida, and Texas are going to kill enough of their own voters to put themselves out of power. Hopefully for a long, long time.

  14. How much do you want to bet that within the next couple years we start hearing them actually using this as an excuse. 'COVID hit our voters particularly hard! It's not a fair election!'

  15. They actually aren't. Even if deaths were solely confined to Republicans, they'd still only lose like 1%. It's a hell of a big danger to the people involved, but unfortunately not to electoral math.

  16. Republicans are dumber than dogshit. "Hey Mr President, can we please use these moneys you gave us to fight the effects of covid on fighting *for* covid instead?" No, sit the fuck down.

  17. This headline implies the dumbest possible argument for anything I can think of: using money set aside to solve a problem to instead make that problem actively worse. This is like trying to cure gonorrhea by having loads of unprotected sex with random meth and dope heads.

  18. If any state is using COVID money for anything other than it's intended purpose, force the states to return the COVID money.

  19. Conservatives constantly complain about handouts and financial aide (like food stamps) being misused and then turn around do exactly that

  20. These people are not conservatives, they’re reactionaries that would rather everyone everywhere suffer like people did 300 years ago with the exception of being allowed some amenities like television or the radio playing nothing but Fox News, Alex Jones, and all those prosperity gospel preachers telling them that they need their followers money to buy their jet plane another jet plane so it doesn’t wear out so quickly.

  21. Can we talk about what’s going on in Alabama please?!? Covid Aid being used for prisons?!?! What the actual Fuck?!?

  22. This ducey douchebag is a fucking idiot!! Can’t wait till he’s out of office. All the stupid fucking republics need to get the fuck out.

  23. Far Right in AZ complain that they can't use FED dollars any way they want. Sorry, the FED giveth and the FED can taketh away

  24. With how seditious Arizona Republicans have been in the last nine months it's a wonder DHS hasn't frozen every bank account associated with the state government. It's clear they're under the control of actors hostile to the United States.

  25. Alabama is trying to build prisons with COVID money -- all future federal money should stop to states misusing the money until all the money sent ... or money amount equal thereto ... is used for the purpose intended.

  26. ╔═════════════════ ೋღ☃ღೋ ════════════════╗

  27. Fuck, man, we have to tell you this? Don’t use the covid relief money to promote covid, it’s supposed to relieve the humans, asshole.

  28. Remember when Republicans argued against Obama Care citing their fear of "death Panels?" They have since become a cult of death.

  29. I fuckin hate the status of this country and its politicization of medicine. At first glance I have to ask, what the fuck is an anti mask grant - they gonna just pay money to destroy masks or something? Nope, Florida finds yet another way to be stupid as shit. Can't let Texas outdo them this season.

  30. It’s wild because by not having kids wear masks and by keeping their school from getting funding, they’re doubly hurting the kids and their families.

  31. Wait, why is the government giving out grants for anti mask groups? Why is this a part of the options they can put ANY public money into?

  32. This is infuriating. COVID money is meant to help states dealing with COVID. AZ is complaining that they cannot use COVID relief money for things that will advance COVID like anti-masking because they want to do policies that advance COVID. Conservatives are a bunch self-flagellating shit-shows who actively suck their pro-COVID dicks for no reason. It does not help the country's economy.

  33. How fucking stupid! Just goes to show you have to be explicit about everything. Leave as little as possible--even the obvious--to interpretation.

  34. The notion that a state government can dictate whether or not a school district requires masks sounds so contrary to Republican principles of local government mandates. One really wonders what it is that they stand for any more.

  35. I thought this was an Onion spoof. But no - the psychotic Republicans are ‘practicing medicine’ without a clue by spreading their anti mask CRAZY BS at taxpayer expense!!!! What’s in the water in Arizona? Or has the drought shriveled up their brains?

  36. So he’s essentially saying the districts that do not have the mask mandates need more funding and more resources…

  37. I was literally just marveling on the crazy things humanity can accomplish after reading about NASA’s DART mission. Just thinking I live in a time where we can even think of attempting such a thing…and then I go to Reddit and see this.

  38. Ducey is such a clown. There’s no end game either, he’s term limited, so no more governorship after 2022, he’s said he isn’t running for a Senate seat, he probably wouldn’t dream of running for President if Trump is toying with a bid (not enough name recognition and honestly he’s cowardly), he’s already quite wealthy after having been CEO of Cold Stone Creamery, so it’s tough seeing how this works for him or his party’s chances here.

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