Most Senate Republicans don't want to see Trump run again

  1. It’s because the people want trump, and trump has more say in the party as a whole than the entire spineless senate.

  2. They have real no plan to help the majority then comes a populist and they rally behind orange Messiah because he saw one thing they all agreed on... the population of "real patriots" is trickling down and something must be done about it.

  3. They don’t not want him to run because they don’t agree with his shit, they dont want him to run because it will mobilize democrats to go to the polls in record numbers if he runs.

  4. I have a feeling a lot of the establishment bigwigs in the GOP are working pretty hard behind the scenes to make sure somebody other than Trump is the frontrunner in the primary. He caught them off guard in 2016 and they kind of had to support his reelection since he was the incumbent but if they have the chance to replace him with someone like DeSantis they will. Trump was useful to them because he signed all the bullshit they sent him but the guy is personally disliked and difficult to work with and they just plain don't like him on a personal level.

  5. I'm pretty sure they can revisit his impeachment and make sure the outcome is different. A lot of relevant info about the Insurrection has come out since Trump left.

  6. It's is not only a bigoted statement but also so dated in it's fear mongering. Forsake of argument let's say that a lot of the Haitian refugees have AIDS. So what? It's not the 80s, people understand the disease and don't have an overwhelming fear of AIDS anymore. AIDS is transmitted through sexual contact and direct blood contact, people know this. It's also very treatable now where infected people can live productive lives. I just don't understand who this type of stuff moves the needle for except the most racist, xenophobics out there.

  7. You can blame them because they had the opportunity to prevent him from running again and their cowardice of refusing to publicly speak out against him only further empowers him and his chances of controlling the party.

  8. As a person from a bigoted border state (several to choose from, I know...), people have been saying this about "Mexicans" (any nonwhite immigrant) for decades, despite many countries having better vaccination rates for all sorts of diseases than the US. It's intentional dehumanization.

  9. It's even more gross if you think about his former Vice President, who completely ignored the HIV-outbreak in Indiana in 2015 when he was the state's governor.

  10. No they’ve been going down this train for years. They’ve had plenty of times to stand up to Trump. Most Republican politicians are spineless.

  11. Don’t forget the Republicans flew up 15,000 Haitians from Brazil in one day and left them at the border to manufacture this crisis to shit on Biden.

  12. Well, you know, running in high heels is pretty difficult. They give him the weight distribution of one of those bowing bird toys that tip forwards and bounce back up again. Except I wouldn’t put my money on Trump bouncing back up if he tipped too far forward.

  13. Then that should have impeached him and remove his ability to run again possibly throw him in prison. Not addressing your errors only leaves them to be repeated.

  14. Exactly. I'll believe this bullshit when they stop changing laws specifically to get him reinstalled in 2024. They could put a stop to this any time they want to, and they don't, because they actually do love him.

  15. That's why they're saying this anonymously. If they were on record voting to impeach a President of the same party, their political career would be dead in the water.

  16. Yea but they’ll fall in line like castrated sheep in expensive suits. Romney looks like he’s almost human once in awhile but the bottom line seems to be at heart he’s just another rich guy. Well, another rich guy who will sell his soul not just to stay rich but ensure none of those pesky poor people move up a rung or two.

  17. Trump is a two-time loser (lost 2 elections) and a treasonous anti-American traitor who tried to destroy our democracy to stay in power. There isn't a single good American that still supports this criminal loser

  18. Trump has an estimated 100 million , electronic followers. Most of them , angry , armed and extremely dangerous to western democracy.

  19. These are the same Republican Senators who voted to acquit Trump twice and protect his option to run for office again?

  20. Wishful thinking more than tangible fact. Most senate republicans are self serving grifters like tRump (albeit slightly more sophisticated) ..they will kiss his ass or worse if it lines their pockets .

  21. I don't believe this. Not for a second. They paved the road for him in the run up to 2016. They guaranteed his nomination by having the last two candidates "unite against Trump" rather than having one drop out, preventing any one candidate having enough power to stop him.

  22. This is a certainty, but the majority is also afraid to take a public stand against Donald Trump. Political strategy plays a big role here.

  23. Yeah, the problem with Trump is not himself, but rather the fact that the Republican party became so radical and removed from facts, that the base is more radical than it's leaders. Every Republican, who turns on Trump will have a very hard time in the next primary and will very likely lose his or her seat, along with getting death threats. For them, Dear Leader can do nothing wrong, so any critizism must be wrong and the person saying it must have a secret agenda to undermine Dear Leader.

  24. They had 2 chances to take care of the problem, now they have a third chance so let’s see who’s got the balls.

  25. Yes but for the wrong reasons. It's not about that he let thousands die or colluded with Russia, it's that he shows Republicans in a bad light

  26. Why didn’t they impeach him when they had the chance then? They’re so cowardly they can’t even do the right thing when it’s in their own self interest

  27. Ok, so what does Moscow Mitch want? If Trump running serves his hustle, he will have the rest of the party cheering for Trump because 100% of them are obedient dogs.

  28. Most senate republicans had a chance to stop this menace and instead continue to double-down on his ideas. They can all go down together.

  29. Whether he runs again won’t matter to the Republican brand. The GOP is now one of the most toxic brands in America. It’s associated with the promotion of death and disease, unapologetic racism, immorality on a monumental scale and endless assaults on the Constitution. What matters in upcoming elections, on all levels, is whether Americans who are outside of the poisonous MAGA bubble will be engaged enough to go to the polls and stop this cancer from spreading further. I know several people who have left the Republican Party because of it’s corruption and degradation not just on the national level but also on the state and county levels. They are resentful and hurt by what has happened to their party and ironically seem more engaged in stopping the destruction than most Democrats. Do the majority of Americans have the will to go to the polls and stop the militant minority? It remains to be seen.

  30. I believe the wobbling lie factory wishes to see himself as the king-maker for Republicans. He will continue to hold his rallies and fleece the public for money even if he doesn't run, as he most likely believes only those he supports will win election in 2024.

  31. Then support someone who can beat him in the primary. His track record of keeping republicans in office hasn't been great as he'll just energize democratic voter blocks again.

  32. It’s not because they want someone better. It’s because they want someone worse. Desantis running without trump is terrifying. He’s a competent Trump.

  33. Doesn't mean jack. The entire party needs to reject Trump and purge its ranks of his supporter. But here is the kicker, if the GQP doesn't change rhetoric on social and economic issues another Trump will surface again.

  34. Two things are clear though: 1. none of them have the balls to speak on the record and 2. If he runs in any capacity they will all full throatily back him with the same viciousness they did while he was in office.

  35. Trump is going to run again, or at least be around long enough to cash out on the grift and really screw the party. There is only one thing Trump cares about, and it sure as shit isn't the GOP.

  36. The REAL problem is the American people. We continue to allow both parties to get rich off of our sweat and labor, and they actually accomplish very little. They pass laws that don’t apply to them, they spend money carelessly as if it was theirs, all the while, the common citizen struggles. It is time for a convention of states, set term limits and hold our public servants to a higher standard. Nuff said.

  37. Well he’s going to (pending he’s not in jail or dead yet) I can’t wait for the Republican shit show of Trump vs Desantis vs whatever other shit persona that party puts forward. (Carlson? Maybe?) Pence lol!?

  38. Lord I fucking hate articles like this. Giving cover to cowards who quietly disagree or wish things were different but go along with every awful thing their party and it's undisputed leader say or do. They only want what keeps them in power.

  39. So why aren’t they standing up and proclaiming this as loud as possible from every corner of their district? Oh…wait…that’s right…never mind…

  40. That's because they want to run for president and they know he will beat them easily. Once they're all defeated, they will fall in line behind their messiah and beg for forgiveness.

  41. Partly because they know that doing so would drive anti-Trump voters to the polls and partly because guys like Cruz, Cotton, Paul, and HeeHawley want him out of the way so they can run.

  42. Nobody there in 2015 wanted to see him run then, but they all sewed their lips firmly on to his anus the second he won and I see no efforts to disengage now.

  43. I can understand why they don’t want him to run again. He is toxic for Republicans - look how he lost them the senate seats in Georgia and with them the senate majority - and manna from heaven for Democrats who will be able to just run Jan 6 attack ads against him.

  44. These GOP senators usually lie a lot but Trump's absurd claims take it to another level. I wonder what side effects it's having on these people. Whether it's taking a toll on their health or even in their social circles where they might be ostracized by friends and family.

  45. Sounds like most Senate Republicans are in for a rude awakening, you can't put this one back in the bottle. You sold your party and souls to him, now he owns you. Don't start crying about deals you made with devils when they come to collect.

  46. No one wants this except his ignorant followers. Trump doesn't even want to be president again, he just wants revenge and grift money.

  47. They said he was a “kook” in 2016 and it has been all duck and cover ever since. The long list of opportunities they had to reel him in they ignored and by doing so breathed life into one of the worst world leaders of all time.

  48. Since Trump won the nomination in 2016, Republicans have been putting out fluff pieces in the media like this one talking about how in reality, secretly, they are all strongly opposed to the things they say, do and fight for on a daily basis.

  49. Or course they don't want him to run. But they want his supporters, so they'll back him if he does. They want him to die so that one of them or some governor can take his spot as the new face of MAGA.

  50. The truth is most humans in the US don’t want to see him anywhere, ever again but the media keep pandering to the extremists because they are the loudest and most aggressive and get attention. It’s not just Facebook that puts profits over the good of the country. Sigh.

  51. Republicans made their bed when they supported everything Trump no matter what disaster he created. Majority of Americans are far from stupid -saw how he has destroyed the country and voted him out. If he runs he will continue on his totally destructive narcissistic path and finish off the Republican Party. Trump is out for revenge and republicans will pay - losing all morals will cost them dearly.

  52. They have no choice now. They've abandoned any coherent Republican platform for the past six years and tied themselves to Trump's madness. As goes Trump so goes the Repuican party. They could ruin him but they'd ruin themselves for at least a few cycles. I just really hope the DOJ picks up this congressional investigation and we get some criminal charges further alienating Trump and quieting his enablers. If they don't then they're complicit in my opinion.

  53. Aren't these the same assholes that let Trump walk on two separate impeachments? They're not thinking of the good of the USA, they're worried about their own places at the taxpayer-funded feeding-trough.

  54. Trump will absolutely run. Why? Not to win but so that he can beg for money from his cult followers. And he’ll get it. LOTS of it!

  55. Not even my partner’s annoyingly conservative parents want to vote for him again but they will if he makes it through the primaries. Everyone, even if you’re conservative, please vote for literally ANYONE else

  56. God, I hope he runs again. Or at least pretends to run until it's too late for a Republican candidate to gain any traction.

  57. They don't want him there. They just want to refer to him and place the idea on a pedestal, just like they do with Reagan while ignoring all the horrible things that were done

  58. Trump left office with fewer jobs than when he entered office. Trump based his economic record on the stock market. The stock market is currently higher under Biden. By Trump’s own standard there is no economic destruction.

  59. Miss the lies and golf vacations that cost you (if you pay taxes) millions of dollars? Sad isn't it. Your god has a body of putty and feet with bone spurs no one can remember or find.

  60. Personally, I’d love to see Trump run again. In 4 years he damn near destroyed any chance the GOP had for gaining control of all three branches. Let him finish killing the GOP.

  61. Elections are a problem.. Voters don't know what is good for them. We just need to install an Emperor. Not Trump, ME!!!!

  62. Doesn’t matter what they want, they all fall in line and suck his ****. Republicans are spineless and if they go against trumps base they get targeted.

  63. It's interesting but nearly every Republican I know, even those who voted for him, openly admit now how much of a disaster he was and continues to be. People didn't like Hillary Clinton, and thought Trump was being rhetorical and metaphorical with his positions, now they know and don't trust him at all. Perhaps the next corporate democrat to run, who also happens to be a woman will be better received?

  64. Do they have a choice? They didn’t want him to run the first time but he became popular enough they (mostly) all fell in line. Why wouldn’t it happen again?

  65. They didn’t want him in 2016. He was punchline when it started. They will bend and buckle if he does well again. Republicans are learning their career is at risk when they go against MAGA.

  66. And none of them will say that to his or the public’s face because not a single one of them has any backbone. There has never been as big a group of sniveling cowards in America’s history, as the modern Republican Party.

  67. Clearly they do want him to run again because they all except for like what 4?? acquitted him during the impeachment trial.

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