Wife of Trump-Backed Senate Candidate Sean Parnell Claims He Strangled Her, Beat Their Children

  1. Remember the days when something like this would kill a political race? Not guarantee its victory.

  2. This scares me every day as a woman. This should be the end of this guy’s career - but - he still gets votes. There are that many people who don’t see it as a big deal. Many are at the top of our justice system.

  3. Remember when that fella got excited and screamed a little too excitedly? Then it ended his political run and they turned it in the Halo Elite scream?

  4. I dont actually could you enlighten us? The last elected president boasted about grabbing women by their pussies and it seemed to help so please, tell about this whimsical American time.

  5. Gotta love how in the same breath trump supporters would praise him, and the demonize anyone for wanting their child to wear a mask as child abuse. Ain't it always so

  6. They're all grifters trying to make a buck off rubes and the right wing politics is the easiest grift in the game right now. If you have a little bit of charisma, brains, and willingness to be dead inside, you can make decent money in the right wing media-sphere.

  7. In a serious answer, it allows whoever can harness negative partisanship the best win. And the people who do that both and most "authentically" are often lunatics.

  8. Didn't she testify to this? Testify means you are saying in a court that this is true under penalty of perjury.

  9. All he has to do is claim she said something communist or that his wife wanted to make a choice about her own body, then God told him it was the right thing to do. Republican votes in.

  10. Her cousin once sent a gift basket to Nancy Pelosi's grandson's 4th grade classmate's aunt! Deep State conspiracy!!

  11. It's kinda terrifying that the same people that would crucify a democrat candidate for this shit are totally cool with it so long as the guy has an R next to his fucking name.

  12. This is commonly known in Pittsburgh and has been for some time. The majority of us hate Parnell. Oh and anyone reading this thinking that the allegations might be false, she had a restraining order filed against him before he even ran for office.

  13. There are some very sorry, sick candidates being run in the Republican Party of Today. Have to look at Pennsylvania and just shake my head in astonishment at the number of fanatics, wing nuts and extremists that exist there.

  14. Sounds like a godly GOP politician I’m sure they are proud of his masculinity. Take that feminists.

  15. Of course did, that’s actually quite common on religious conservatives. Domestic abuse, alcoholism and inability to control their emotions is like Christian conservative 101 lol

  16. I can't for the life of me imagine why this is such a common theme among Trump devotees and staffers.

  17. I’m finding his denials insufficiently Trumpy. A real pro would say he doesn’t even know his ex wife, and that his kids are too ugly to be worth punching.

  18. I’ve been following this guy for awhile. First heard of him on the Jocko podcast where he talked about his tour overseas as part of “outlaw platoon” which is also the name of the book he authored. At the time it seemed like an interesting story so I read the book and gave him a follow on social media… Worst decision I’ve ever made.

  19. Well Parnell blocked me on Twitter, FB, and Insta, so maybe the rest of you can go to those pages and let voters know about these allegations.

  20. Sounds like a strong contender for the Republican nomination - he's got their kind of "family values - wives and children total subservient to the dominant white male in the household, and nobody dare interfere with what the Bible ordained.

  21. And that just makes their base even more willing to vote for them. That makes him a role model and someone they can look up to as why they do what they do.

  22. Literally not a soul on the planet is surprised… not his supporters or his opposers, but that doesn’t change a thing.

  23. Is his GMC Sierra a Denali or an AT4? Because that's about the only thing I can't determine for certain by looking at his smug face.

  24. So has anyone made a quantitative list of all the criminal and other accusations against Republican officials and candidates? I can name a few (like Larry Elder, Lauren Boebert and of course Matt Gaetz) but not exhaustive. Really says a lot that you could even make a list that long

  25. This POS is a Trump stooge and the poster child for what the GOP has become. He ran against Conor Lamb in PA 17 last year and whined about how it was rigged and all that fun stuff.

  26. This dude almost beat out Conor Lamb in my area and used adds where he dressed in black and gold and stressed being a family man, military hero, and fan of Pittsburgh sports. He was a tool bag. I'm not surprised.

  27. “Let me emphatically state: I have never raised a hand in anger towards my wife or any of our three children,” the statement said. “What happened today in court was not justice, nor did it have any basis in fact or truth.”

  28. That’s gonna get more to like him. At this point negative press for the right should be like “believes in science and covid, and understands why vaccines are important, also thinks a woman is equal to a man and deserves the same pay for the same job with the same experience.” Stuff like that would tank their chances within the right.

  29. Rightists love abusing and assaulting women and children. It’s all part of their Rape Culture Wars to protect rapists and abusers (men).

  30. I remember his commercials while running against Connor Lamb. The first started of super douchey and aired during Penguin and Pirate games, then it was all about his military background (Lamb also served, but they tried to downplay that,” then the kids and tried to show he was a “girl dad” too as one of his kids is a girl and barley showed his two sons. The there was the one where he talked about his injury and leaky brain to try and get votes.

  31. Gianforte who is the Montana governor slugged a reporter a day before he was elected and no one cared

  32. This guy was on Tim Pools podcast which I regret ever watching but he’s a grifter and very good at it. 250k views on all his videos. They were rooting for this douche to win the last election. Tim Pool and Joe Rogan are the Republican podcasts for Republican intellectuals. They have guests like Alex Jones also and UFOlogists. Pretty smart stuff. No wonder they know so much about vaccines, the Bible told them also.

  33. I would expect nothing less of the party of "family values." Projection and hypocrisy are their backbone.

  34. It’s not a coincidence that your college buddies, and everyone else who knew you in school testified that you’re a deviant. He literally used sex terms that are WELL KNOWN and lied about their definition and meaning

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