Unhinged Republicans Threaten Retribution Over Bannon Indictment | They’re vowing to hit Biden aides with frivolous subpoenas if they take over the House, despite Biden aides not having anything to do with a violent insurrection.

  1. I remember Benghazi hearings. We already know Republicans will hold pointless hearings. Jason Chaffetz was chair of House Oversight and before the 2016 election he promised that

  2. But my prices are higher and Democrats haven't done this and this thing I think is extremely important despite having bare minimum lead in the senate, therefore they deserve to lose and we deserve to be ruled by the vengeful sociopathic autocrats to teach them a lesson.

  3. Ya, these morons pretend we haven't all lived through Republican congressional majorities before. They're absolutely going to subpoena Biden's people. The difference is that Biden is actually the President, and his people will actually be able to invoke Executive Privilege.

  4. I think the GOP is wayyy too cocky about 2022. Which is why they lose. Reality bucks history predominately due to big events in an election year. In 2002, 9/11 played into GOP favor for example. I think this time it’ll be the revelation 1/6 was a coordinated attack by elected members of the Republican Party. Or a Trump indictment. That’s why they’re batting their chests and issuing these war cries. They know they’re screwed if anything else gets out.

  5. They better be very careful about frivolous lawsuits, as the courts frown on them and they may find themselves behind bars and paying big fines. But we all need to vote against these republican bastards in 2022. Give them no voice and no way to act out their threats.

  6. Jim jordan allowed many young boys to be abused. Maybe did some himself. How can he still be I. Congress ??? Didn’t PATERNO get destroyed for the same thing ???

  7. Gym Jordan mr Ohio state wrestling coach who stood by while his athletes were molested and he was ok with it!! Ohio can’t do better than this scum?

  8. The difference is, I'm guessing the democrats would follow the law and actually show up unlike the members of the "law and order" party.

  9. Kill em with kindness, “hey, just dropped in to see what you wanted to talk about. I’m an open book, ask me anything!”

  10. Oh I'm sure Garland will get right on it. (This comment is 90% sarcasm, because I believe there's a 10% chance Garland acts on these threats).


  12. The sad thing is that alot of republicans think that the current charges against them are fabricated. So in their view they will be doing the same thing to the democrats that democrats did to them.

  13. Remember this is very likely to happen starting in 2023. The past results in Virginia and New Jersey show we’re on the edge of another authoritarian take over attempt.

  14. The problems is, Republicans are consistently gerrymandering areas to give themselves the advantage. There needs to be a strong turnout AND effort to counteract the gerrymandering everywhere - this is a serious struggle to save our democracy from cynical forces (source:

  15. The strategy the GOP seems to be going with is to push us to a breaking point. One where there is a constitutional crisis and that the rule of law doesn’t matter, only victory for victory’s sake matters.

  16. Their entire belief is around the central idea that government doesn't work, so they actively try to find ways to make it not work. Then they succeed, they look at the chaos they just created and use that as the very example to prove government does not work. Look at what they did with the post office last year. Now here they are screaming that kids won't get their Christmas presents.

  17. Putin was stationed in Berlin when the wall fell. He was a true believer when the USSR broke up....his lifetime goal is to return the favor. He's doing quite well, sowing dissent in the US, and in Europe, (see, Arab immigrants to....Belarus ??)

  18. Say what you want. The GOP knows how to use power when they have it and obstruct when they do not. They recognized Hillary as a threat when Bill Clinton was President and they have effectively Demonized her since. It worked.

  19. When I was a kid working retail in school, I caught a guy shoplifting and as the cops came in he told me he was "comin' for my ass later". This thug-ass behavior is no different.

  20. Democrats won’t wake up to the Republican threat until it’s too late. We can’t expect creatures of a broken system to fix the system. Democrats (politicians and voters) are like first class passengers on the titanic, except as the ship is taking on water and slowly sinking, they’re still just standing on the deck like nothing’s happening.

  21. If Republicans win big in 2022 & 2024, you should feel unsafe. They have said repeatedly they are coming after us. If you're Democrat, liberal, LGBT, African American, Mexican, Arab, Muslim, atheist, disabled, or a university professor, they're coming after you. If they had their dreams fulfilled, they would line us up against a wall and execute us all.

  22. I don't understand the threat. The Democrats don't give a shit if you subpoena them. They'll show up and answer your stupid questions and go home, and you'll have done nothing but waste your own time.

  23. It’s not to scare the Democrats. It’s political theatre for their voting base and a portion of undecided voters. They’ll go on camera using these subpoenas and court hearings as proof that the Democrats are the real criminals.

  24. Wait for it, another dozen Benghazi investigations are incoming. But that would have happened even if Bannon hadn't been arrested.

  25. Republicans simply don't believe in the Constitution, Separation of Church and State, Rule of Law, or much of anything else aside from the belief that they should always get their own way. Simply put: Republicans no longer believe in America.

  26. Republicans are America, any other idea is the make believe. genocide, slavery and ownership of the majority of citizens. The we the people fantasy is just for parades and stuff. Like protect and serve, it's not real.

  27. Can you subpoena someone who's willing to come before Congress, however sham the allegations are? Hillary Clinton answered their call, went before their sham Benghazi bullshit and took questions for HOURS. So let's not act like these threats are viable or we're afraid of going before Congress. It's going to be a major inconvenience but bring it on.

  28. Unhinged, unbalanced, unrepentant, uneducated, unenlightened, uncaring Guardians Of Putin (GOP) are unhappy. BFD

  29. Everyone commenting here, do you see the polling on the midterms? If the f'ing Democratic party doesn't wake the hell up and start changing their messaging the fascist takeover that barely failed last year will be completed. It's not a matter of being too leftist, it's that the majority of people wanted the things that were supposed to be in Biden's agenda but the f'ing 'centrist' (read Republican) Democrats and the non-right-wing media are too busy parroting the MF'ing right-wing talking points while all but the progressive Democrats sit around with their thumbs up their arses.

  30. The infrastructure bill was signed into law today. I'm betting(with my money) that the economy will start growing and strengthening. The demand for electric vehicles and clean energy is very high and it's growing and the biggest drag on this have been oil subsidies, expired green energy subsidies and an old electrical grid that can't handle the load of electric vehicles. This will be an economic driver for the next few decades at least.

  31. Sorry but the GOP has to realize that they don't get a free pass to try and overthrow the government. Anyone who even thinks about voting for these treasonous traitors need to have their heads examined. Your only hope is de programming of the brainwashing you've undergone!

  32. Imagine hearing that a politician who you've never met and never interacted with, on any level, got arrested for a criminal offense by the FBI and immediately jumping to their defense by promising to legally attack someone completely unrelated to the issue at hand for crimes you cannot name and possibly have not (and may never) be committed as "retribution."

  33. I think it's time we start talking about the fact that if these kinds of people are winning more elections in this country than they are losing, it's already too late and we're not coming back from this.

  34. You are right. Unfortunately, there are very few people who understand the dynamics at play. They think fact checkers and policy discussions actually work - they don't work at all. I can't think of anyone in the Democratic party who can actually deal with these people.

  35. So Republicans will start fake investigations on Democrats for political gain, but the DOJ and Garland won't do real investigations against Trump with real crimes committed.

  36. They were always going to do this; even if none of this shit sticks to Agent Orange(and let’s be realistic, it’s probably not going to and they will successfully run out the clock) Republicans ARE going to make all of us suffer for daring to strike down their Glorious Leader. The only way to prevent this is getting rid of the filibuster and passing the Voting Rights Act to undo and prevent future gerrymandering and having fairly distributed districts, otherwise say hello to authoritarian rule..

  37. That will happen. You can bet your money on that. Republican party has become just like Taliban in America. They are cultivating conspiracies, hatred, and everything evil against the country inciting half of the Americans. There is no low bar for the Republicans anymore.

  38. Heh...IF! Remind them that their #1 noise maker had no job (Large Marge) and #2 is a paid actress (Boebert) Seriously Google this stuff Boebert also claimed twice to be a born again virgin. Of you pay her enough she will say literally anything

  39. The implication here is that they wouldn't abuse their authority with frivolous subpoenas if DOJ hadn't subpoenaed Bannon.

  40. So this is what I see happening if that does come true. The Biden aides show up because they believe in the law. The Republican reps ask stupid questions and waste the reps time, their own time and our tax dollars. Republican voters pay no attention to the BS and vote for these same idiots again. God I have uneducated people....

  41. Gym Jordan will do his auctioneer impersonation and not let the witnesses answer questions by interrupting them to yell at them and the Republican base will love it.

  42. Shows the state of the country where one party will openly and corruptly threaten to waste likely millions of taxpayer dollars on a fake investigation, and it doesn't hurt them.

  43. It’s so wild to me.. like this is insanely childish. They are giving subpoenas for no reason. If a Biden aide deserved it, then do it. I wouldn’t be mad. The fact that the right is clutching their pearls at the idea of being held accountable blows my mind.

  44. We expect nothing less from the Republican party. And those aides will show up and respectfully answer all the questions they are asked, because they'll have nothing whatsoever to hide. Just like last time Republicans held the majority.

  45. Anything Republicans are threatening to do they will do anyway. Hillary Clinton testified under oath before Republican led committees multiple times, as did Holder, Lynch, etc.

  46. They learned the false flag suing from their leader. To them it is patriotic while the rest of us who have respect for law and order understand the court has actual cases to hear.

  47. So subpoena Biden’s aides, they’ll show up because they’re not lying, traitorous garbage who ignore the law. Can’t indict them then. Bannon had the same option.

  48. Our government is simply unable to function any more. We are unable to get the money out of our politics (thanks asshole’s at the SCOTUS) so we are now forever stuck with the same old idiots year after year scrapping with each other instead of doing the people’s business.

  49. It’s ok, we learned from Trump Administration precedence that a sitting Administration can tie up Congressional subpoenas indefinitely in the courts to render them irrelevant. So if Republicans ever get control of Congress again, the roadmap has already been written.

  50. Look the GOP has marked off all 14 points off the list. It’s not gonna get better before it gets a lot worse unless we come to terms with what is actually happening and see how extreme these people really are. It’s actually very concerning.

  51. wow what a stupid thing to say!.. If they happen to need to subpoena for genuine reasons it can now be dismissed as frivolous. idiots

  52. They were planning on doing that anyway. The government should not let these threats intimidate anyone.

  53. They already did it with HRC. She testified and they got nothing from HOURS of bs questioning. I saw the Dems should preemptively strike and bring every single member of Trump's cabinet on the Hill to answer for the administration handling of COVID.

  54. It doesn't fucking matter if Biden's aides were saints crowned by the Pope himself. This is about revenge plain and simple. The sooner the Dems understand this and act on it PROPERLY, the better off we all are going to be.

  55. If the GOP ever thinks they can get an advantage from hitting Dems with frivolous subpoenas - they'll do it immediately (in fact, they've done it before)! And it won't have anything to do with retaliation.

  56. It stopped being about “We the people” a long long time ago now its just a dick measuring contest between corrupt politicians.

  57. They will absolutely impeach Biden if/when they win the house and Senate back. Doesn't matter what for. Probably do it two or three times to break trumps record.

  58. Threatening frivolous subpoenas. Yes, I completely remember the totally non frivolous Benghazi investigations. Ten investigations.

  59. Man, these Trump troglodytes are really something else. Well, I expect the most unseasoned, undercooked, and underwhelming nothing-burgers to come from Republicans on their witch hunts to find what mean things were said about their king.

  60. Dems play polite. Repubs don't give any F's...it's like the Garland nomination never happened...and even Garland isn't acting like he's pissed. We read the freaking Rules of Queensbury and the other side has shredded the Constitution, save the 2nd Amendment and the part about 3/5 of a person.

  61. honestly if they want to waste their time in the house chasing after nothing thats better than anything else they'd be doing

  62. House Republicans don't give a shit about Bannon. They're going to harass the Biden administration as much as they can when they re-take the House whether Pres. Dumptruck's aides get subpoenaed or not. So we might as well subpoena them.

  63. We should be filling up GITMO with politicians and lobbyists who steal our right to vote, fucking terrorist traitors.

  64. This is exactly how the Republican Party has been governing for the last 20+yrs. It's all grievances and revenge that has no substance or basis in fact or law.

  65. Not sure that is much of a threat because the Biden aides would show up and answer questions so they have nothing to worry about.

  66. They’re doing this to froth up maga and bring about more insurrection riots and chaos. If you’re wondering why Garland is so quiet, this is the reason.

  67. Hillary sat for a deposition by the GOP House committee for almost 12 hours once, and took it in stride because she had nothing to hide and they were in the middle of their dozens of investigations and inquiries frenzy.

  68. Fascists threatening to act in bad faith should be ignored. Do what is right by the country.. Not what the fascists are trying to scare you away from doing.

  69. If they're this mad now, imagine how ruffled their feathers will be when some of them have to testify about their roles in 1/6. McCarthy is threatening cell phone companies over fucking call logs. They're sitting on some dirty shit, and unlike most, this committee seems to have the balls to dig it up.

  70. They've lost the ability to threat. A threat is something that is done in response. They're just going to do whatever they want anyway, so the last thing anyone should do is take their threats as anything other than announcing their existing game plan.

  71. Despite the fact that they would have nothing to fear from a subpoena and could easily leverage that politically against the fuckheads that would transparently wasting taxpayer dollars and precious time as a legislative body to retaliate for a legitimate investigation.

  72. Empty threats. Even if the GOP does take over the house and hits the Biden govt with subpoenas, they won’t mean anything. How many of the dem’s subpoenas went through during the trump years?

  73. Okay. If I get a frivolous subpoena I'm showing up for it, like, "what did you want to ask?" A subpoena is a subpoena. You show up and you answer the questions. It's as simple as that.

  74. Good for them. They'll actually have to sit around and ask questions when those aides show up, so I guess whatever? If they want to make their own lives miserable...

  75. Do they think a Biden aide would actually defy a subpoena and they would get to call for indictments?

  76. Our entire government is run by children. It’s so embarrassing. I hate that they are supposed to represent us to the rest of the world.

  77. Apparently it is a crime to not answer a congressional subpoena. Is it a crime to ignore the questions and tell you what you think of them?

  78. Republicans really are turning into Nazis now huh? (Not that they weren’t moving that direction for the last checks calendar 40ish years)

  79. I can explain: As racist traitors to the flag, the GOP is explaining their hatred of the Rule of Law, and are prepping their cult members for terror attacks on the country if Constitutional laws are applied.

  80. ...They know that Trump fired this guy, right? They didn't part on good terms. Trump may not want anyone supporting Bannon.

  81. A threat to our government by anyone in office should be grounds for dismissal! They should be investigated be the Feds and charged with whatever they find

  82. Is there anyway to elect adults to these offices. It like watching unsupervised kindergartners in a sand box. And I’ll apologize to kindergartners every where for this analogy. They deserve more credit.

  83. Bring it, Snowflakes. You got nothing America wants. Fear. Delusion. LIES. You're shitting your pants knowing you're responsible for 1/6 and they're coming for you.

  84. They can't do anything to aides who comply to subpoenas. This is just postering to their base, like the good old "lock her up" chants. It will not result in anything.

  85. What do you call an American Fascist? A Republican. And like all noisy, self- promoting wankers, they fold when shit gets real.

  86. For more than four years the Trump trash kept threatening to throw Hillary in jail. The problem? No crimes were committed. Meanwhile, the laundry list of criminality and corruption from the GOP just keeps getting longer.

  87. Well of course they will, because they’re not honest participants trying to govern; they’re trying to rule. After Trump, why is anyone surprised at the depths of depravity in the GOP?

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