GOP Rep. Mace’s bill would federally decriminalize marijuana

  1. They already have been, if you look back at the initial Farm Bill federally recognizing industrial cannabis there is a HUGE portion of the intentionally ignorant who claim that Trump was the first to make the move. 2015 was the first year that the federal government began its reform of cannabis policy in this regard, good luck getting those people to acknowledge that president though.

  2. Almost sounds like a perfect opportunity for a president who campaigned on "I can get Republicans to work with us". Wonder if he'll take it.

  3. It's already happening. This administration has missed another opportunity for the midterms. It just keeps happening over and over, damnit!

  4. But this would be bad for private prisons, police confiscation of property used in drug sales, and big pharma.

  5. Just gotta make sure distribution is regulated or make sure the pharma brand is just so much more fire than Jim's down the road.

  6. Hilarious. I also thought if trump really wanted to fuck with the dems he would have deschuled, now republicans are daring dems to get this in front of Biden and I’m not convinced he’d sign it.

  7. The bill is actually meant to derail momentum around legalization. This Republican sponsored bill is meant to protect the right of states to criminalize people for Marijuana. Never trust a Republican/corporate representative.

  8. sounds like he's just trying to bait people into that response to distract from the reality that the primary gateway to opioid abuse is doctors and pharmacies as the local spokesfolk for big pharma...

  9. Jesus fuck this sub overreacts about everything. No, this isn't great for Republicans and awful for Democrats. This is someone introducing a bill that won't go anywhere. It's part of the larger discussion about marijuana reform, that's it.

  10. Democrats passed a bill through the house in 2020 and it was filibustered by the GOP. A house committee approved a bipartisan bill in September of this year.

  11. The Democrats already have a bill up. This is just a few Republicans trying to pretend it was their idea all along. And most Americans are dumb enough they'll probably buy it.

  12. Democrats are soooo fucking dumb! Just hoping on dangling this carrot as long as they can for votes. Meanwhile, republicans are going to snatch the win out from under them.

  13. Two versions of this have already been stopped by Republicans. One actually passed the house, but McConnell killed it in the senate.

  14. Jesus fucking Christ the Democrats have dropped the fucking ball if they don't pass legalization and expungement before November 2022.

  15. To be fair, Dems have done this a few times. The news doesn't care because they expect it. A GOP rep does it and it's suddenly news.

  16. How much republican support do you think they would get for a bill that legalized and expunged records?

  17. This was so dumb. Incredibly stupid. Some of us thought when we voted that Biden and the dems would have done this already. Because it’s such a low hanging piece of fruit. It’s wildly popular among democrats independents and republicans under a certain age. And Bidens stubborn boomer attitude on this has allowed republicans to just come along and snatch it from us. They’re going to make Biden either let republicans take the legalizing marijuana win or make Biden into the grinch who vetoed something incredibly popular. Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

  18. You know democrats have introduced such bills many times over the years. Bills get introduced all the time, the reason they got shelved is because of Republicans. This is something that requires 60 senate votes.

  19. This is just a bill being introduced. Bills get introduced all the time and most of them just quietly die. Calm down, this is nothing to get up in arms about.

  20. There is a shit ton of money to be made legalizing it. Even in the states where it's legal, it's hard for those businesses to get banking and credit because it's not legal at the federal level.

  21. Talk about a political divide, you draw a hard line at apathy as though it's relevant to anyone's experience

  22. Translation: Republican politicians are now invested, and big tobacco has given the approval since they’re invested, as well. We can all legalize it now.

  23. Democracy isn't black and white. There are 50 democratic senators and democrats currently need all 50 to vote in unison to get anything passed. That's unrealistic on most issues unfortunately. If we want Democrats to do more, we have to get more and more progressive democrats elected.

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