US says it 'won't tolerate' Russia's 'reckless and dangerous' anti-satellite missile test

  1. Idiot Russians jeopardize their own cosmonauts as well as astronauts in nearby space stations. Just shit hole things as usual.

  2. They got sanctioned and Putin had to steal an election to deal with it. I dunno why people forget how hard he pushed for the sanctions to go off. Seemed pretty important to him.

  3. If this is threatening the ISS, isn't it low enough orbit that the debris will eventually burn up in atmo?

  4. U.S. sends gallons of Super Glue to Russian Space agency. The note says go repair the s*** you just blew up.

  5. Surely Russia just screwed up? They are partners in the Space Station. They had 3 cosmonauts aboard. WTF would they risk all that deliberately?

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