GOP embraces natural immunity as substitute for vaccines

  1. The evidence that their plan is not working is right there. it's not difficit to obtain or understand. Unvaxxed are dying at 12x the rate of vaxxed and more people died in 2021 than 2020. It's. Not. Working.

  2. Not surprisingly, from the party whose people are so slow that many of them still won't acknowledge who won the civil war, never mind last year's election.

  3. I wonder what the ratio or percent of people that will die from COVID so that some of them can avoid the shot is.

  4. Don’t forget their apprehension on excepting evolution and a fundamental lack of understanding when it comes to natural selection.

  5. If Democrats said drinking water was good, hospitals would be overwhelmed with dangerously dehydrated conservatives in a few days.

  6. Fine. Let them all go the way of Herman Cain. I’m really tired of the debate, it’s like talking to a brick wall.

  7. My empathy for them is pretty much nil at this point. We're approaching a million deaths in this country and I have compassion fatigue. I don't celebrate human death, but it's hard to mourn people who die out of pure ignorant spite.

  8. As I lie in bed with a breakthough COVID infection and inability to taste and smell since yesterday, screw that. A ten minute visit to CVS and am still this sick? I feel as if i'd be in the hospital without the vaccine. People proposing such ideas are freaking insane and a danger. Such an idea is equivalent to winnowing which is nazi-esque.

  9. Yeah they mean adaptive “natural” immunity. Granted if these people picked up a textbook for once in their lives they’d be so embarrassed… then again maybe not.

  10. It will reduce the numbers of the “faithful” by killing more core republican voters yet that will just not be something they publicize on fox news so none of their voters will believe it is happening. They will all just think their individual family was unlucky or had sinned or something.

  11. The joke of all this is that if we had to pay pharmaceutical companies for the COVID vaccine, the GOP wouldn't just be on board with getting vaccinated, they'd be making it mandatory for people to get it.

  12. Remember when these people were saying that vaccines were our only hope and masks and social distancing were pointless? Moving the goalposts as always.

  13. They’ve lost so many people to this virus that it makes it difficult to believe that they value life as much as they claim to.

  14. Those that live through it unaffected do. Those that die or have long term issues from it... well not so much.

  15. And those that have long term issues will be on the financial backs of the vaccinated for the rest of their life.

  16. Saying they have "enough" immunity is not the same as having the most possible immunity, in fact natural immunity is very spotty and inconsistent compared to the vaccines.

  17. Also, it's better to have both anyway. Even if you were sick at some point, just get a jab to improve your resistance further.

  18. Let them embrace it. Just don't let them clog up the hospitals, begging for help and letting other people suffer/die for it.

  19. "Natural immunity" comes from vaccines, too. Should have called it "infection-acquired immune response" to clarify the stupidity of getting full-on sick when you don't have to.

  20. And natural immunity has already been shown to not be as effective as the immunity one gets from the vaccine! I personally know three people who never got vaccinated yet got COVID more than once. Two of them told me before they even got COVID19 that God would protect them from getting the virus. Once they got sick and returned to work their story had changed to God saved me. Then when they got sick a second time they once again said God saved me. To that I said you originally told me that God would protect you from getting sick in the first place, perhaps you need to pray harder!

  21. Our modern society has made it far too safe for the stupid. You can be an ignorant drooling moron and the infrastructure of the modern world - health care, government support, etc., will allow you to survive and prosper - you will never have to cope with the consequences of your folly. It doesn't matter whether you smoke, drive while drunk, or refuse to wear a seat belt, there is a good chance that you won't pay the full penalty for your blithering idiocy.

  22. Unfortunately, it’s going to take a whole lot more than that. I say unfortunately only in the amount of time it’ll take.

  23. Yeah, I guess it technically is a plan. Not the best plan but a plan, I just hope that the vaccine holds out on the next mutation since they want to stick to this asinine plan.

  24. Because natural immunity did so well against small pox and the Black Plague. But the word natural immunity has “immunity “ in it so it’s all good.

  25. I’ve gotten my antibodies tested every month since I tested positive feb 2021. The value has risen every single month. I have more immunity now than I did in the 90 days directly after infection. This cannot be a one size fits all approach.

  26. What is your point? In order to gain the antibodies you had to get COVID. Vaccinated people can get the antibodies without the 1 in 100 chance to die from a respiratory disease.

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