Anti-Defamation League and Auschwitz Museum condemn Fox host for comparing Fauci to Nazi doctor who performed medical experiments at death camp

  1. Until you want to teach about them in the schools. Then you have to provide alternative view points of what happened

  2. Also: "It's not fair that you call those right wing marchers Nazis just because they were waving a swastika flag and shouting anti-Semitic comments! In fact, you calling them Nazis makes you the Nazi!!!"

  3. Reminder: Faux News pays kooks to speak lies on air, according to a preapproved list of talking points. They then pretend they are a neutral vehicle for opinions -- which courts have already decided they are not.

  4. Yeah, at some point you would think that it wouldn't be a free speech argument anymore. Incendiary comments like that lead to fires in the movie theater.

  5. Fauci is trying to save lives. It's Faux news that is trying to kill people by railing against the vaccine.

  6. After some middle eastern men put their hands on her (not to downplay sexual assault, which is a serious issue; but it wasn’t “rape” in the penetrative sense of the word, which she associated this with) she went full right-wing crazy.

  7. What about the doctors who performed forced hysterectomies on migrant women separated from their families? Doesn’t that sound Mengele-esque?

  8. Yes, but this article refers to Fox referencing Dr. Fauci, an epidemiologist, and COVID protocols. What-about-isms don’t nullify what is being discussed. Yes, forced sterilization is definitely wrong and it is quite concerning how little of a deal was made over that. However, doesn’t mean it’s right to call someone else, completely unrelated to that, Nazi-like for recommending taking precautions against a pandemic.

  9. It’s the ultimate projection of this entire cult built around projections. The Nazis themselves accusing everyone else of being Nazis.

  10. There's nothing conservatives love more than trying to cast themselves as poor, hapless victims. An ironclad persecution complex is at the heart of conservative ideology.

  11. Beyond the pale. No moral compass whatsoever. What the hell has happened to our civilization? Oh right, we elected a tyrant and let him run wild. Such a pox on democracy.

  12. I hope FOX news has the evidence to back up their claims because if not Dr. Fauci is going to own the network!

  13. It is amazing and a sign of our impending decline into a fascist dictatorship, that anyone could be supported by a “news organization” for spouting this hate.

  14. Doesn’t tucker carlson have a documentary out about how the GOP hate being called nazis? And how they’re basically being persecuted like jews in the holocaust? Lmao.

  15. I’m sure that if the original Nazis time traveled to modern day, even they’d tell Fox to stop culturally appropriating Nazism.

  16. Fox hosts consider it an honor to be "condemned". Their bosses keep score by how many people the "talent" piss off on a daily basis. I wouldn't be surprised if Ms Logan doesn't get a healthy bonus from this.

  17. The fact that Auschwitz condemned the Fox News host is something I don’t think anyone except to read during their life

  18. She's a trash person. Back in like 2012 she aired a bogus story on 60 minutes and then went on a partisan rant when called out for it, and apparently was still fuming after the network retracted it.

  19. Idk, can you provide a quote from any of those news agencies where someone directly calls Trump Hitler?

  20. That would be the rightwing demagogue, who got elected because of the threat of the Other, calling back to a mythical golden age of nationalism, who blamed the countries problems on a leftist conspiracy that stabbed America in the back, then tried to overturn a free and fair election because ‘leftists attacked the institution of democracy’, and the tried to install himself as dictator.

  21. Uh if I can speak as a Jewish person here, no, it isn’t. Public health safety protocols are verrrryyy different from the systemic brutal slaughtering of millions of my people and others.

  22. It is in no way close like fauci or not he isn’t just cutting people open and torturing them or slaughtering children just to see what happens. Mengela did do those things. The comparison is so fucking dumb. Both sides of the US political spectrum need to grow the hell up and stop comparing one another to nazis. It’s like we as a nation have collectively forgot truly how evil nazis actually were

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