Colorado Newspaper Apologizes For The Embarrassment That Is Boebert With Stinging Op-Ed

  1. Correct, but assuming the best intentions of those you disagree with is a necessary first step to bringing them to your side, even if you know it’s BS. Being diplomatic sometimes means that you don’t insist that your opposition is evil, even if they clearly are. The editorial board is trying to model the type of behavior we would expect from her.

  2. You know that's the one part I chalked down to the conspiracy theory dujuor. Not out of any love of Boebert, but because there are security cameras all over the place, and if there is one thing that Jan 6 proved is that these idiots can't stay off of social media. In addition to security footage there would have been 10000 selfies of ' Me and Boebert ' on Twitter and Facebook. These people aren't Bond villains, they are idiots, and with the love she in particular generates, there would have been a ton of pictures coming out by now

  3. I don't think they were implying it was innocent, but rather that even if it was it would've been indefensible.

  4. Thank you. I don't know why someone would post an article about an article instead of just posting the original article in question.

  5. Weird how everything said by republicans has no place in todays world. Almost like they’re all backwards people that refuse to accept it’s not 1950 anymore.

  6. For sure. GED attempts have a Roman numeral suffix like a bad horror movie. In corporate America, who’d actually hire that toad for anything but washing dishes? Ironically, she’s not even good at that, considering the salmonella track record at her eating establishment.

  7. I mean... It's an OpEd in the Denver Post. Written by the Editorial board of the Denver Post. Boebert is from the other side of the state. There's many reasons that people on the western slope don't read/care about what the Denver Post thinks, including that it's a shit paper since acquired by Alden Global Capital.

  8. She seems to live in a part of Colorado where they are all like minded or at least the majority are, you know the type, racist crazy people.

  9. She is so narcissistic that nothing bad thrown at her sticks since it’s all about the attention. Also, read about her disgusting husband. These people have made a life of crime and their whole existence is pissing on everything to see how much they can get away with. She is a bully. Treat her as such.

  10. My very liberal parents live in her district. It’s a “purple” place with many liberal transplants and local rurally minded folks. They did everything they could to stop her. Now my mom has to be in small town parades with this armed lunatic on occasion. It’s embarrassing and actually physically dangerous.

  11. 538 ranks it R+12 her district isn’t purple. The redistricting makes it R+15 though your parent might have been redrawn into another district.

  12. Their apology does not go far enough. It’s a tsk-tsk we want you to believe Colorado is a great place to live with lots of diversity plus some shaming. But other than saying Omar deserves an apology, nowhere does the Denver Post say she must be expelled for not just this latest egregious, outrageous action or even face censure for her hatred of other. I guess it’s better than nothing.

  13. I guess they didn't want to offend their Conservative readers. I'm not sure why, the Right has no shame. They've proven that over and over.

  14. Now they know how New York City, and Atlantic City, and the county near Mar-A-Largo feel feel about Donald Trump.

  15. My son just moved to West Palm, and works about 4mi from Mar-a-Lago, so I’ve been following their community groups. Toxic as hell, and strongly Republican.

  16. As much as id love to see this crusty blue waffle get what she deserves, I don’t think I can stand reading one more story about her.

  17. Sadly, the left wing media (which huff post definitely is) exalts her status with these pointless stories. I understand the motivation, gets people to click, but bad press is still press.

  18. In any other civilized country this woman would have been forced to step down. She is an embarrassment for the people of Colorado.

  19. I was reading today about the horrific phone threat Omars office has received as a result of this barbarian Boehert. Every country has its few elected officials that make the rest of its electorate cringe but the US seems to go put of its way to elect numerous sociopathic cretins.

  20. Fuck the people of Rifle CO for electing this thunder twat to office. Seriously? This is the best that you have? An idiot high school dropout?

  21. They elected someone who didn’t even graduate highschool. You think they’re even gonna read that shit?

  22. Politicians can’t make these “joke”. Comedians in a stand up club, fair game, sometimes bad jokes don’t land but that’s what comedians do, tell jokes. But a politicians words are dogma and will be heard as ideology humor. Jokes about what they really believe. Fuck these right wing nut jobs

  23. What an embarrassment. She would never get away with those kinds of remarks if they were addressed to a black person, or to a Jewish person. It's pretty bizarre that the GOP isn't trying to reign in this kind of hate speech. There's a good chance it's going to end in the death of a member of congress.

  24. She's a pretty poor reflection on Colorado despite what the article tries to claim. People voted to put her in office and I doubt she's done a flip. She is what she is and a real part of Colorado.

  25. As a Coloradan I’m embarrassed that she would ever be allowed to represent any district. She’s a fraud and the people who voted for her should be ashamed and embarrassed too that you sent a little girl to do a grown woman’s job.

  26. The editorial said, "no matter how innocently intended," when in actuality nothing Boebert says is innocently intended."

  27. Reading about her history, before elected office, I’m at a loss how anyone could check her name on a ballot. It’s insane. I still can’t get over that clip of her prancing around the stage saying “we don’t need your Fauci ouchie”….ya know…the vaccine she meant. I just can’t anymore. These people are running our government and seem to be immune to any penalty for outright idiocy.

  28. That's how elections go sometimes. While the western slope leans conservative, she's certainly more extreme than most of the residents. Her opponent just wasn't very appealing and leaned a little further left than the middle-of-the-road voters were willing to tolerate. With just over 51%, it wasn't exactly a landslide.

  29. Lol, I didn’t realize she never graduated high school. Who are these people voting for a high school drop out to make legislation for the country???

  30. There is nothing that anyone in Colorado could say to excuse the juvenile behavior this sick trollop & shrew. Embarrassment is the least of their worries. Absolutely pathetic!

  31. You should learn how district representatives work and how gerrymandering is a thing… far less than 10% of our population actually voted for her and wanted her in. The ones who did are from a small subsect of the western slope. Denver is literally 200+ miles away, might as well be a different state. Being from Denver, I’m not embarrassed on behalf of our state. I am embarrassed that we do harbor a fair share of rural morons who are single issue voters. You realize they just voted her in because gUnZ right?

  32. Huff po doing 0 work per usual haha. Boebert sucks but she’s filling her role perfectly for her party. Spending time on this stuff which is bad. But we could be holding officials in account for their inability to get anything done.

  33. Denver county didn’t elect her so that op ed is completely empty. I’ll be impressed if the 3rd publishes anything against her in their papers. Considering the 3rd envelopes almost half the state, you’d think you’d see more articles denouncing her. Perhaps the 1st has set the trend in motion. I won’t hold my breath though

  34. She’s no embarrassment look at what. Omar. Spews out of her hateful moth. About us. Americans😡😡😡

  35. Who cares? Every time you dedicate a click or thought or comment to her she is winning. It literally does not matter that she's on the wrong side of every single issue, her success is purely based on getting attention and reactions and making people upset. The only way to beat someone like this is to ignore them.

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