Lauren Boebert Faces Ethics Complaint From Muslim, Jewish Groups Over Ilhan Omar Comments

  1. I hope the Ethics Committee will do more than merely pay lip service to these complaints. Here's a history of the committee, one entry in this document points to a vote to expel a member some time ago.

  2. There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge. Isaac Asimov

  3. It surprises me that people keep saying this is new behavior when it’s been going on unabated since the founding of this country. The same racists that slaughtered the Native Americans, enslaved blacks, excluded the Chinese from immigration, kidnapped the governor of Californias daughter cause they were Mexican and started a war, and turned back a boat filled with Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany are the same people today that are doing this. It’s not new behavior.

  4. I would say these days if you believe either side of left or right you only read or react what they or Media wants you to think , if you are UNbiased you will see the evenly and corruption on both sides

  5. Marxism is real also..... Civl restraint instead of calling one side "wrong" would be more helpful to create some critical thinking again. Its not just "do as I say" and "think like i want". Gaslighting the American people will fail.

  6. Ilhan Omar should play up the religious freedom angle here. Her religious freedom is being attacked with threats because of a member of Congress. The GOPs against that right? They are for religious freedom aren't they? Hit them. Hit them hard.

  7. They're for the freedom to impose their (Christian) religion on everyone. If we get any 'freedom' at all, it's to choose the specific sect.

  8. they're not white enough so no it wouldn't work. If they were white enough then it'd be some other non-reason reason for them to ignore it. Their actual end game is to have only white christian males allowed to vote again, obviously. That's what "great AGAIN" really means

  9. And she will wear that complaint with pride. The bottom line - the GOP's base slurps up the trash MTG, Boebert, Gaetz, Gosar et al. dish out.

  10. It's fun time watching American democracy flushed down the toilet while Democrats hold up the rule book, thinking it still matters to Republicans.

  11. Wouldn’t it be great to see them try it something? Everyone gets mad when I blame them for not fighting back. It seems like there’s a really fine line between voting/ activism and the whole coup plotting/ seditionist/ threatening people/ bribing foreign officials/ bullying your party/ corrupting American institutions/ lying to the public blatantly.

  12. the GOP then tears a page out of said book in order to wipe their mouths after each one of their shit-talking jowel movements

  13. What's the alternative, though? If you have someone that you care about and you want to make things equal for everyone, including them, while following a moral code, how do you combat it? They see their peers as enemies to destroy, they want to make things unfair for certain groups, even if it hurts them too. Their morals are inconsequential and change at any given moment based on donations, popular opinion, and hatred.

  14. Any other job would have shitcanned this goddamn moron the first time she spewed that shit towards a coworker. Kick her out!

  15. I’m not sure what’s worse; that a person like her is in office or that enough people voted for a person like her to be in office.

  16. The voters are way worse. Boebert is only in office because hundreds of thousands of Coloradoans voted for her.

  17. Member when the first order of business for the Republican majority was to attempt to eliminate the office of ethics oversight? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  18. Can she not be sued for defamation at this point? Accusing someone as a "jihadist" has a lot of serious implications and Omar receives death threats over it.

  19. None of these spineless wackadoos will ever be held accountable. The Rs just eat this stuff up. This is what their constituents want. And there is no way anyone in congress would ever move to remove these members from their seats. While nothing short of full expulsion of these members is the only relief, it’ll never happen.

  20. Do you honestly think she or her constituents give a red flying rat's ass about this? They adore her because "she says what's on her mind" and "she thinks like everyone (in their world) but isn't afraid to keep quiet". They love her for this and nothing will come out of this. Racists do racist things...other racists love it. "She is so brave and courageous" is all her base and the rest of the Republican party will say.

  21. Exactly. Something like this is actually great for Boebert. Her and her constituents will see this as something to be proud of. She can say something like "the radical left is trying to cancel me for speaking the truth about Islam!" and conservatives will eat it right up and give her campaign a bunch of money.

  22. Lauren Boebert fits the classic definition of Psychopath', you know with impaired empathy and remorse, and bold, disinhibited, and egotistical traits, what is amusing she is not alone. Something about people who go into places of power, this is a system problem seems to me.

  23. Boebert: (Noun) That residue that is deposited in one's pants when an attempted clandestine passing of gas turns out to be something more. (Verb) To soil one's drawers. Example: "Billy tried to sneak out a fart, but accidentally boeberted in his pants.

  24. Does anyone remember that just after rump was elected, the first act of the republicans in congress was to try to eliminate the ethics committee?

  25. The USA is so full of hatred, man - don’t you guys have laws that prohibit your politicians from stirring up violence? From committing defamation? From the outside, it looks like the republican party is breaking your country into pieces. It’s very sad to see.

  26. Boebert has displayed to the world that she lacks good judgment and wholesome character. She needs to be removed from office. These radical right's need to grow up and stop this destructive path they are on.

  27. it would be real nice to hear from those white people that call themselves christian in congress

  28. She makes jokes about Omar bringing in a bomb but we all know the members who were reason metal detectors had to be installed on the floor of Congress.

  29. She'll get what's due when pigs fly. McCarthy and McConnell are not going to allow any of their front line rabble rouser pawns to suffer and harm.

  30. What literally does even mean “faces ethics complaints”. What the fuck is that even going to accomplish? Posturing bullshit

  31. Sadly, the only thing that will happen is she will be censured. Look at what happened with Gosar....removal from his committee assignments. Yet, he still receives a paycheck while laughing at everyone knowing he's protected by the RepubiQans. It's disgusting, vile behavior that is only being encouraged by the silence of McCarthy.

  32. She made one comment with an anti-Semitic trope 9 years ago, apologized and hasn't done so since. The instance two years ago where she talked about her inability to criticize Israel without being attacked being "all about the benjamins" was specifically calling out a non-Jewish congressman, Kevin McCarthy, who interestingly has made comments about prominent Jewish billionaires, including Soros, trying to "buy the election" - a comment for which he received zero condemnation from the right because he's not a brown Muslim woman.

  33. I hate this person, admittedly I have in the past also hated Hilary Clinton. But, Clinton pails in comparison to how much I hate Boebert. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst, Clinton is a 7. Trump is an 8, Boebart is a 10/10.

  34. Idk why but the name Boebert always cracks me up. Who tf came up with ayo we ll be Boeberts from now on🤣

  35. In Spanish it reminds me of Boberto, which is like a nickname for Roberto implying Roberto is dumb (bobo is dumb in Spanish).

  36. The real problem here besides this bigoted person, are the 220,000 plus Coloradans that voted for and continue to support her. She is openly hateful and stoking the flames of anti Muslim rhetoric, and indirectly (because she didn't say it explicity) making it okay to hate brown women and anyone that looks different than a white woman or male. Anyone that votes for he, has voted to hate based on religion and race, period.

  37. It's pretty rare you can get Jews and Muslims to agree on something, but hating Lauren Boebert I guess brings us all together.

  38. Has the ethics committee(s) been successful EVER in being any sort of punishment or accountability? Oh they lose their roles on certain decision making committees but that seems about it.

  39. In Congress? Not really. They don't have the power to actually do anything more than investigate and make recommendations about consequences. Indirectly, however, whenever they start really investigating something, they usually provide enough cannon fodder for primary and general election challengers to take care of business.

  40. She’s going to say people are trying to cancel her, then turn around and use dog whistles to promote hating those groups more. Calling it now

  41. Her entire party should be targeted. She may be the spokesperson, but nobody in party leadership is meaningfully objecting. Indeed, they are actively opposing any form of censure.

  42. Which she'll be proud of, she'll garner support for, and she'll be all over headlines for. It's almost like this exact fucking tactic has been used before by a recent president to great, horrible success.

  43. Are people in her district happy with what she brings to the national conversation? they feel as though she does a good job representing them? Extremely curious about this.

  44. Sounds like a projection from the loser in Colorado....I believe it was a bunch of white folk who stormed the capitol building on January 6th NOT people who identified as Muslim.

  45. How the fuck is this ignorant racist allowed to keep slinging slurs in public, as a government employee...?

  46. Seemingly, Ms. Boebert is unusually and particularly proud of her lack of learning (a.k.a., stupidity) and ignorance. Which that makes her a perfect Republican Candidate....

  47. It seems like the same people who went off on the new Twitter CEO for a benign quote from The Daily Show were the folks who thought this was perfectly fine. Conversely, those same folks couldn't understand how an analogy showing the absurdity of stereotyping isn't the same as calling folks the Jihad squad...

  48. Is that what you get from this? That we should listen to religious groups? Nothing about being a good tolerant person, racism, hate, etc?

  49. What’s the obsession with tanning products and plainly filled in brows? All these people look the same.

  50. If ethics committee couldn’t be the grown up to maintain the proper behaviors of their members, then the congress is nothing more than a bunch of self indulging yahoos.

  51. This is what you get when you elect someone who couldn’t even pass a GED after 4 tries. Ignorant and despicable.

  52. See how we stand up against anti-religious language in defense of omar despite her being an overt anti-semite? #goodguyjews

  53. Omar actually apologized for the “all about the Benjamin’s” comment in clear and plain English. Something Republicans are completely incapable of doing.

  54. Establishment Dems are fucking fake for censuring Omar over her Israel tweet at breakneck speed as opposed to doing fuck all about Boebert other than "this is concerning"

  55. It is factual that Omar supports terror groups, hates Jews and Israel, and has allegedly married her brother to commit immigration fraud. Those are the facts.

  56. Hmmm maybe because the antisemite part is bullshit. Jews aren't dumb, arguably the smartest ethnic group and feared for a good reason. Wouldn't be siding with an antisemite

  57. Considering she’s told this story more than once, on separate occasions, shows she fabricated it purely for laughs. This is not a show of strength, but a sign of a weak person. She could do far better. Awkwardly posing with a Barrett like MTG, for instance, would show “strength”.

  58. What about our old man in charge calling Rittenhouse a white supremacist? Boebert’s comment is just as asinine as his comment.

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