Justice Amy Coney Barrett's own words require her to recuse herself in abortion cases

  1. If they get Roberts on board with their bullshit argument, she might just do it to forestall criticism. At that point, the outcome she wants will not be in doubt.

  2. Yep, this is exactly why the Handmaiden was put on the SCOTUS… specifically to over turn Roe v. Wade. She’s not going to recuse.

  3. Bottom line: if it's not carefully and explicitly codified into law and/or the Constitution then it is not something that they will do and/or avoid doing. To Conservative politicians, Corporations, Police, Lobbyists, etc. you MUST make something illegal, with unavoidable, heavy criminal and financial penalties to get them to not do something that is unethical or implied to be not allowed. Its sick, but this is what its come to.

  4. There's that word — integrity. There is none on the Right. That's why their solutions and rulings on matters are always the most brutal or callous option to even the most reasonable challenges or cases.

  5. I watched their video expecting a clip from her confirmation hearing with her saying "I will recuse myself if xyz case (including Roe challenges) is brought." This article is grasping at straws at best.

  6. Political bad faith is why she is on the court. I’ve figured out any time god did something it somehow involves bad faith and some seriously corrupt people.

  7. "Require" makes it sound like these people have rules to which they are accountable. That is, of course, in correct. Her pre-judged stance on this issue is precisely the reason she's on the court.

  8. The arrival is fucking stupid. “Trump just disqualified himself!” No he didn’t he just said something you didn’t like. DQ means you’re literally no longer in the running. “Require to recuse” means you’re literally required to recuse.

  9. Which is why we need to make sure everyone who voted Democratic in 2020 turns out to

  10. I think its cute that reporters, and authors, and Redditors still publish "ideas" as to how and why the right-wing nutcases of our society "should" act. All while full well knowing that they will not do so. What an abhorrent waste of time and effort.

  11. It would also require that she take her religious convictions seriously. But if she did that, she'd be at home and her husband would be on that bench.

  12. And, based off the VA elections a month ago, voters aren’t taking the GOP’s efforts, to install more justices like her, seriously.

  13. Her existence on the court is the result of the deliberate erosion or outright destruction of the ethics of the entire process of her appointment.

  14. If ethics counted, every justice who has expressed a public opinion in favor of abortion should recuse themself. That would include all of the liberal justices.

  15. Listen, I'm as progressive as they come and I'm calling bullshit. You don't like Barret because of the politicization of RBG's death. I get it. I hate it too.

  16. Just know the Roe v. Wade law protects poor and disenfranchised women. Although being overturned would hurt access to women across 1/2 the States, it will disproportionately hurt those that cannot get access within another State. The rich Christians will still fly out of state, get their abortion, then fly back in and just say they had a vacation. The war on the poor continues…

  17. She was literally put on the Supreme Court to nuke Roe v Wade. That's why she was chosen. That's why the Federalist Society and other far right groups paid a pretty penny to get her nominated and confirmed. She's never going to recuse herself from these cases.

  18. If we’ve learned anything from the past couple years it’s that nothing is required of the elite. They can do whatever they please without consequences

  19. And they were willing to sell their souls to do it when they wouldn’t seat Garland and changed the rules for Barrett.

  20. I don't say this lightly, but fuck John Roberts. I'm definitely a liberal, but I had always thought John Roberts was above the political fray. I don't always agree with him, but that's fine. Today. Today he proved he was just a political hack. He said on tape that the defending position of viability only puts us in the same category as China and North Korea. To which the defense swiftly corrected him with a list of all of Europe and Canada. He can't claim ignorance. He's the chief fuckin justice of the supreme court. What a pandering piece of shit. Fuck that guy and fuck this non representative supreme court. Only 30% of America agrees with these right wing twats.

  21. We're talking about a corrupt ASC justice who attended an illegal Republican campaign rally and super spreader event on the White House lawn, days after being confirmed.

  22. She could recuse herself, take a few weeks off and go to a retreat at the Catholic sex cult she was involved in. Seriously, google it.

  23. Interesting argument based on decades old writings, but nope, Roe -v- Wade is going down. Barrett will find a moral reason why she needs to engage in this decision, and will vote to validate the Mississippi law - and perhaps to eviscerate RvW. Precedent and 'established law' will not carry the day - the conservative majority will celebrate returning to a 'neutral' Supreme Court stance on the issue of abortion - the constitution does not include the word 'abortion' anywhere, it is not an enumerated power of the Federal Government to regulate abortion -- so allowing the states ("the people") to regulate this vexations issue will be presented as the 'neutral' and correct Court doctrine. This is a prediction not my desire.

  24. She would never. Christians hate democracy. They want a theocracy because they're terrified of the modern world, which has lost the need for cults and hocus pocus.

  25. Evangelicals hate it. I'm a cultural Catholic and love democracy... and the right to choose, etc. My morality can't be imposed on others.

  26. and member of the gop funded the insurrection, and I'm sure the DOJ is right on top of that. our government is imploding. I think we all need to be prepared for the worst and arm ourselves.

  27. The fact that she's adopted children, and said women can just give the baby up for adoption, since that's an option shows she is certainly drawing from personal beliefs and not being impartial.

  28. She's a conservative judge appointed by the religious fanatics to do a job. Precedents and even her own words aren't going to matter.

  29. Why does Amy look evil in every picture I see of her? Why does the media have to keep portraying her like…. Huh? Oh, that’s actually what she looks like all the time? Ahhh, never mind.

  30. hey does everyone remember the time the twice impeached guy who never won a popular vote or a second term got to personally install 33% of the Supreme Court?

  31. The one thing you can always trust to get from fanatical fundamentalist ideologues is internal, logical consistency.

  32. Lmao I fucking hate these pieces about hwo conservatives "have to do X out of decorum!" It's never going to happen. They're here to win at all costs, not to win "fairly."

  33. This Christian zealot has a strong political agenda. She will prove the Constitution means nothing to her when it goes against her views.

  34. If she had any ethics, she wouldn’t have accepted the nomination much less confirmation. She’s just another fraud posing as a legitimate justice.

  35. That's not how law works in the US. Judges don't just keep deciding the same questions in different ways depending on how they feel at the time.

  36. Oh sure, she should recuse herself. If the woman had any scruples she wouldn’t have trampled all over RBG’s grave to claw her way on to the SCOTUS. She won’t recuse herself. She will shamelessly push her cultish beliefs on the rest of the country. After all, every religious zealot believes they are “saving us”.

  37. well, she didn't recuse herself in capital punishment cases, but supported multiple executions. So, we see how she feels about her own argument

  38. A third of the SC is compromised and even illegitimate in the eyes of some, but they will dictate the rules that young generations, Millennials-onwards, will have to abide by for the rest of their working lives...

  39. She was supported by a pipeline of people expressly dedicated to overturning roe. She has to make good on the investment.

  40. is she an alt-right nutbag? if the answer is yes...then she will not recuse. turns out keeping minorities pregnant and poor is good for capitalism

  41. Fat chance of this happening. Her being on the court to hear this case is the religious right's wet dream. All of Moscow Mitch's machinations were to bring about this setting.

  42. in a fictional fair and just world? sure. In reality the GQP stooges are quite young and hardline for a reason. They will undo this to solidify their fundie support and then further erode other rights as they will all easily come down once you get the rip started in the same seam. What seems like a good idea to only 34% of americans will be the harbinger of all our collective doom. We are on the cusps of another civil war, this next one will be french revolution styled as the wealthy keep pushing their luck as recorded time and again throughout history , the people stirring these fires are literally creating monsters among us as we chit chat here.

  43. The only real question is who is going to write the majority opinion overturning Roe. If Roberts actually limits them to merely upholding the new law without overturning Roe, he will write the opinion and there will be five concurring opinions, each of which will explain why Roe should be overturned. The five ideology uber alles conservatives all want to be the hero of the post-democracy conservative movement. They want schools named after them in The Republic of Gilead.

  44. C’mon y’all. Conservatives judges don’t have ethics or morals. Wouldn’t be surprised is she takes lobbyist money.

  45. Hypocrisy is a conservative value. Conservatives don't believe in much, as they are reactionaries above all else, but one of the few relatively fixed points they have is in a strict hierarchical arrangement of society where people who are above others are allowed to (if not outright encouraged to) do things that people lower are not allowed to do and which is defined in no small part by the expression of and exertion of relative power over others. More plainly, they believe that they are allowed to do whatever and you are not, because conservatives all believe they are higher in status than the proverbial next guy. Within this, hypocrisy (and lying) is an affirmation and an assertion of their position in the hierarchy. Conservatives will never care even a little bit about this sort of thing because they aspire to be the same way.

  46. Not going to happen. She was placed on the court specifically to do the bidding of the corporations and Wall St. Overturning Roe v. Wade is the red meat being thrown to the reactionaries that vote for the GOP.

  47. Do they though? Do they require her to do anything? We’ve entered a time where norms don’t matter and laws don’t matter, if you’re big enough to ignore them. I’d say the justice appointed to help carry out the nationalist right agenda, can pretty much do as she wants. Who’s gonna stop her? Please who? Anyone? Anyone at all have a legal way to do this?

  48. The right is so odious they are pretty much a parody of themselves. You’d think they would at least be for support for families. Nope, force people to have kids they don’t want and likely can’t take care of then throw bootstraps at them.

  49. Conservatives stopped having principles and a conscience long ago. All they care about now is having it their way, and imposing their will on everyone.

  50. It's not full of people with any ethics. It's a Christian group looking to force Christian law. And tell us to he scared of sharia law

  51. This is why she got picked! It makes me sick but all the pearl clutching about recusal is a waste. We are fucked and no amount of precedent is going to help

  52. Too bad in the intervening 50 years no one wrote a law to support what the SCOTUS ruled on. Unlike the Death Penalty, which is explicit in laws and even the constitution, Abortion when it comes down to it was by the whim of the court. So I think she could say that as the court decided it on a whim to begin with she doesn't need to refuse herself, even if she recuses herself from death penalty decisions. Sorry.

  53. It’s incredible that Roe vs. Wade is gonna get overturned. I don’t understand how in a country with the majority of people for abortion are being subjected to the will of a minority. By the time they say Roe vs Wade is overturned a lot of other states will already have a bunch of anti abortion laws in place. America lost big today.

  54. The flaw in the arguement is if she had integrity she wouldn't have let herself be nominated as part of republican party political games. She choose not to and its a life time appointment to the highest court so it'd take alot to say no to. But hey i guess that just shows she can place self interest over integrity which is always a good thing is a judge / justice....

  55. No, no, in this new fascist order, she should have the ultimate authority on abortion because she’s adopted so many. At least for as long as the men let her stay in her position. All these braindead conservative women actually think they’re not going to lose all their rights too. Sure, if you’re rich, you’ll be able to afford to arrange a safe abortion, but only if that’s what the men in your life wants. They can force you either way, regardless of if you want the baby or not. They can still rape you all they want and keep getting away with it until they get bored. Being a pick me girl and trying to be one of the boys is a useless effort that won’t save you from the abuses of men.

  56. Can we just stop pretending these people will ever do anything resembling the right thing? There is no feeling of shame, or hypocrisy, or anything other than doing what they were put there to do.

  57. The fact anyone thinks a conservative would recuse themselves shows a LOT of people haven't been paying attention to American politics in the past 8 years or so.

  58. Yeah too bad she's been waiting for this very moment to be 100% impartial. Def won't see her using her husband's opinion since that's the crazy backwards religion she's in.

  59. Listened to an NPR interview with one of the people filing the brief on Mississippis behalf. Dude had the gall to say Coney Barrett would absolutely not let her own beliefs get in the way of being impartial. Sorry bud, but we are way past that. I'd believe that possibility if she actually recused herself. She has made far too many partisan statements in the past to make me believe she can be impartial. I also 100% wouldn't put it past her and Kavanaugh to have made previous SC rulings to appear impartial for this very case. Honestly shame on NPR for trying to appear to bend over backwards to give these nutjobs equal representation. Nobody that watches FoxNews will ever give them credit for it.

  60. In the USA Bullshit reigns supreme. Fuck it's 2021 and us women are still fighting for decisions over our own body. Fuck this shit. Fuck it all. It must be so nice to be a man in this country and not have a court deciding what you can do with your own reproductive rights. Fuck Fascism. Fuck this rotten government, and Fuck this patriarchal shit.

  61. the whole point of a judge is that they are impartial. thats literally the most important criteria for appointing one.

  62. Omg THEY DONT CARE IF THEIR HYPOCRITES, I need liberals to understand conservatives are in it to push their agenda they don’t care bout being principled

  63. Ah, but as we've seen in the West Wing, a well-founded argument that exposes their hypocrisy will SURELY stump them and cause them to support the side that data supports! 🤓

  64. Not going to happen. She's a Christian Conservative Hypocrite, just like the rest of the Christian Conservatives

  65. This is literally the culmination of a coordinated effort that has been going on for at least 20 years.

  66. Someone is apparently assuming that a Republican/Christian can be anything other than hypocritical. Decades of evidence suggest otherwise.

  67. I know it's beyond crazy to think that anyone's opinion might change over the course of 24 years, but since we already know that she's willing to

  68. Hard to imagine being gullible enough as to believe that conservatives give a single shit about children unless they're trafficking them or fucking them.

  69. Your forgetting the first rule of Republicans which is that rules are only for other people, not for themselves.

  70. The “evidence” they are listing is from 1998. That’s nearly 24 years ago. Do you not think it to be possible that her view or the situations at hand or the standards/culture of today have changed in over 2 decades to make this not necessarily applicable? Regardless of your view point, digging something up from decades ago and trying to use it in a “gotcha” moment is a stretch at best and downright misleading and dishonest of the journalist at worst

  71. Actually they don't require her to recuse herself. Not in any legal sense. She should refuse herself of course, but is under no requirement to do so, because she's a supreme court justice, which is possible since people didn't vote blue no matter who in 2016

  72. The article is quoting something Barrett wrote about how Catholic Judges must recuse themselves in cases that involve capital punishment, abortion, and euthanasia.

  73. Just the idea of blue no matter who made me stay home and not vote. That’s the dumbest line of shit I’ve ever heard.

  74. Maybe if the Dems wouldn’t have tried to shove Clinton down everyone’s throat for a second milestone more people would’ve voted blue. Stop blaming voters for the idiocy of political parties.

  75. But they won't. The Southern Baptist Church owns this country now. Laws don't matter anymore. Only church doctrine.

  76. Heads up living in a red state is going to be insane (more so then now). Time to move to blue so you can have rights and some social safety net

  77. If abortion laws get turned - women should always remember it was a woman who took their right away. Not men. And once one right gets taken without a fight - you’d lose it all. Cause obviously you can’t vote your interest so you shouldn’t vote either. And if you can’t vote - no one is voting for you

  78. The question shouldn’t be whether to ban abortion. The real issue is why the fuck lawmakers aren’t doing enough to set people, who have already been born, with a life that is worth living.

  79. She shouldn't even be a supreme Court justice she should recuse herself from the job and let Joe Biden actually appoint somebody like he should have been able to.

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