Stacey Abrams is running for Georgia governor in 2022

  1. At least this time she's not running against the same guy who was managing the vote counting for his own fucking election.

  2. ... and then imagine that so much shady shit went down with the vote count, that a judge ordered Kemp to turn over the hard drives with the voting data on them, after which they 'accidentally' wiped them clean. Not just deleted them, but degaussed and destroyed them.

  3. Unfortunately that won't matter, he's currently governor and will be during the 2022 election, so he can still manipulate the vote against Abrams just as he did in before.

  4. Does Georgia have a new “Trumpy” Secretary of State? Wasn’t Raffensperger fired because he couldn’t “find votes” for Trump? Asking for tens of millions of friends who fear Trump will attempt to steal our democracy again and actually succeed this time.

  5. Imagine voting in the Georgia election only to watch Brian Kemp skull fuck democracy that same night. It was disheartening to watch but I’ll be there to vote for Stacey again. Warnock and Ossoff send their regards.

  6. The only way Republicans win elections is by setting the rules. Like the kid in your neighborhood who sucked at sports but owned the ball and would take it home and end the game if he didn't get his way.

  7. How was this allowed to happen? Is there not a law in place that prevents this conflict of interest? I mean fuck, it is already easy to instate someone to that position that will do your bidding without you actually literally needing to be the person in that position yourself.

  8. Remember he wiped the machines and destroyed / erased data the next fuckin day so no one could contest it - she won the last election and was robbed

  9. The fact that the person in charge of elections is a partisan elected office in of itself is a massive structural failure of democracy across states. It’s the most predictable outcome—that someone would use the position to rig an election in their favour.

  10. As a pessimist, I think the provisions in SB202 are going to be hard for her to overcome. So, her victory would have to be massive and overwhelming to make the GOP even think twice about cheating her out of the governorship.

  11. Also as a pessimist, if anyone knows what they're getting into, it's Stacey Abrams. She got massive turnout in 2018 and 2020. She knows what new election laws and gerrymandered maps have been introduced. She probably has a plan to counteract it. Will she win? I don't know. Here's hoping.

  12. I really think Stacey Abrams is the new mold for an electable Democrat. She speaks so directly but honestly- I’ve never once sensed bullshit or question-dodging from her.

  13. As a Dem in Georgia's infamous 14th district let me assure you I will be out there supporting her and most importantly will get out there and VOTE for her!

  14. I'm going to vote for her and I live in PA. By Vote I mean send her money so she can wipe out the fools down there.

  15. I’m a pessimist too and the gerrymandering sucks, but she can absolutely drive turnout and I think we have a chance.

  16. Georgia, as the rest of the country, need her as a stop to the GOP and their dreams for autocracy, here’s to hoping she can do it. Will be donating from Virginia

  17. She almost single-handedly flipped the Senate. I hope all those Georgians that voted for Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, myself included, come out to vote for Stacey in 2022.

  18. Since you can't vote for her, toss her a few bucks right now if you can. Donations now are worth way, way, way more than twice as much shortly before the election.

  19. Why would you say that? Now the right is going to claim election fraud when she wins due to mental votes from out of state.

  20. OK cut the wild and outrageous crap they would never do that. They don't want to stop anyone from voting.

  21. Or... the voting records will be "accidentally" destroyed after a judge issues a direct court order to turn them over like the last time Kemp stole an election from Abrams.

  22. They don't need to ban non-republicans from voting. But they will make it so that there is only one polling place for 1 million+ people and you have to show up there on one day from 1:00pm to 3:00pm in formal attire in order to vote.

  23. We need her badly. It would also be so ironic for Georgia to have voted blue in the 2020 election, elect 2 blue senators, and have a blue governor

  24. There's a good chance that the wife & I are moving to GA in about March. It will be nice to finally live in a state where our votes have any chance in hell of contributing & helping make things better.

  25. This is awesome amazing news I knew Stacy Abrams was going to return to the campaign trail again against Georgia governor Brian Kemp who wrongly stole her chance at winning last time by cheating using dirty tricks to beat her I don’t think that’ll be a possibility this time Stacy Abrams is more hardened seasoned and has recognition among Georgians she could quite possibly be victorious this time oh man I can’t wait to see her on fire during next years midterms are shaping up to be a BIG deal

  26. i am not a US citizen but I love reading up on Stacey Abrams and how she smashes every fucking ceiling which comes her way. I wish the best combo of sanity and courage to her for the future.

  27. She should win, she’s done more for American voting rights than most politicians and she’s never held office. Would love to see what she could do with a little legislative power

  28. Stacey Abrams may be the one person who can save our democracy. With her on the ballot, Biden may actually have a chance of holding on to the Senate. This is GREAT news!

  29. I live in Oklahoma now, but I voted for her in the 2018 race against Kemp. If I still lived at home I would 100% vote for her again, but Mom is gonna have to hold that one down this time.

  30. One of the few Democrats I can think of who legitimately has gravitas and star power. Hopefully she wins, a successful term as Governor of Georgia will make her a strong candidate for President one day.

  31. I am hesitant to say things like anyone "deserves" a position. It'd make me want to throw up in 2016 when people were saying it about Hilary. But fuck it if Stacey Abrams doesn't deserve to be governor for everything she has done for Georgia and this country.

  32. She is an incredible community organizer. She traveled all throughout the state encouraging people to get out the vote.

  33. She helped register a ton of democratic voters over multiple years who then turned out for Biden and the dem senators winning very close races in Georgia.

  34. I was hoping Biden would choose her for his VP. Harris has to much dirt back in CA from her days as a prosecutor. I thought Stacey Abrams would have been awesome.

  35. Finally! But I think her as Governor would be met with "Fabricated Drama"! She's an intellectual, who I feel won't back down to the pressures, & would do an outstanding job!

  36. The ONE up-and-coming Democrat who actually understands elective politics in a red state. She's more than a mouthpiece or social media showboat. She's gutsy, smart, and knows how to win in a highly contested space. She can work the room.

  37. She already has my vote! She worked super hard to get everyone to the ballots during the election. She’s shown she can make waves!!! Hopefully her governorship turns into a presidency!

  38. See Beto, this is how you do it. You don’t keep running for higher and higher offices. You stay the course and improve your chances at your first goal. And I say this as a Dem.

  39. I might be moving to GA in 2022. Would be nice to throw in a vote for her. Her grassroots campaign is what the Democrats really need.

  40. Make sure to register to vote when you get your new driver's license. All you have to do is tick a box on the form. Then you can check by going to the

  41. I hope she invests in body guards and bulletproof vests. I seriously worry for her. She is an amazing person and just knowing she's in the world makes me feel better.

  42. There’s literally 0 need to put these types of thoughts or energy out there. Of course she cares more about her safety than we ever could. This just reads like “I hope she doesn’t get assassinated.” Why even say something like this.

  43. Oh boy… can’t wait to stand in line for hours again! This sure is a lot of pressure on us again. Will absolutely vote for her again again (she also had a runoff last time).

  44. This is a person that is full on in for the every person and truly believes in the right to vote and for everyone to have their right to do so vote in a fair and meaningful way without interference and without political bullshit. I admire her very much.

  45. Democrats have done her no favors by not passing voting rights legislation to combat the local voter suppression bills.

  46. Hell yea - let Georgia stay blue forever. This is a big FUCK YOU to all the life long republicans who have destroyed the state of Georgia.

  47. I would give her a $2000 donation but she will raise such an absurd amount of money that I will save my campaign donations for US senate races.

  48. Stacey Abrams is the real SuperWoman, without a doubt. I don't live in GA but I'll be donating weekly to her campaign. I also think she'd make a Great President. GOP privates would fall off out of shock.

  49. She was robbed last time and played a huge role by getting voters to the polls, helping Biden win in 2020, she is great on progressive policies

  50. She’ll lose due to how Georgia has rigged their elections against Democrats. But I suspect that her being in the race and highlighting that issue should help Dems in other races.

  51. Can't wait to vote for her again!! If she is running, I'm voting for her. She represents everything good about Georgia.

  52. She will win and that’s as it should be. She helped flip the state and represents the interests of the majority in Georgia.

  53. I think she genuinely has a chance. She’s been doing more work for her state than any modern Democrat of notoriety. It’s clear to me she gives a fuck about the state of Georgia and I hope the people there see it. Considering they went blue in 2020, I’m feeling optimistic.

  54. She has plenty of time. I hereby predict Stacey Abrams will be President someday (and I'll gladly vote for her if I'm able to).

  55. This Florida man...white man...and one time Republican just sent her campaign $50 plus a tip for the infrastructure. Show the Authoritarian party the door please.

  56. I lost all faith in US democracy when Abrams ran the last time, bc her opponent, current governor Kemp, was in charge of the bill election for which he was running and was able to purge voters with no repercussions. There’s nothing stopping Kemp from doing that again, and not support from outside Georgia.

  57. Abrams is the best politician the democratic party has at this point in history. I wish we could clone her 100 times over.

  58. She'll win. And "yesterday Georgia" will rage. Sorry, ship sailed. Atlanta is a liberal stronghold. Same thing is gonna happen in Texas.

  59. Georgia is going to look like Illinois ten years from now. A state wholly controlled by its major metropolitan area and the state Republican Party not adjusting their platform to be competitive in that metropolitan area.

  60. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know shit about Abrams, but she has to be the first candidate that I’ve read about that had “regular people debt”. Student loans, credit cards, etc. Here in CA we always seem to have folks that are loaded, or in Newsom’s case, a silver spoon.

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