Collins says she supports legislation putting Roe v. Wade protections into law

  1. "I support reproductive rights so much I helped install a supreme court designed to end them" - Susan Collins

  2. At least with Ted Cruz, you know he’s an evil slime ball. Collins is able to pretend and lie with a straight face though. I’m not sure who is worse.

  3. At this point, the only thing that's going to motivate lazy democrats to vote is a repeal of Roe V Wade.. Sad as that may be

  4. I really really want a journalist to ask her, on camera, “So can you give us a heads up on what you’ll believe tomorrow?”

  5. Alternatively, "Does your lip service support matter if nine other republicans don't agree with you?"

  6. I want a journalist to ask her when can we all see her draft of her bill that makes it law? I would expect a 2 page bill dealing only with this item would take about a week to write and proof. Why is she waiting to get this moving?

  7. 58 with Murkowski. Sure would be something if RvW dies next year when she’s up for re-election in the ranked choice environment?!

  8. Well 50 other people probably will. Just not the other 9 that would count as long as there's a non-talking filibuster.

  9. Fu*k you Collins. You’re responsible for stacking SCORUS with anti-abortionists. You don’t deserve any kudos now.

  10. Setting aside that this is complete bullshit from Collins, wouldn’t it take a constitutional amendment to override state laws in this case?

  11. I think Kav floated the idea that this was something that could be resolved by Congress, so theoretically, if Democrats ever got a supermajority again (sadlaugh.gif), they could legalize abortion nationwide, which Kavanaugh would then block, because they're all full of shit.

  12. That really is the only check and balance against the Supreme Court short of trying to expand the number of justices. But passing a constitutional amendment is nearly impossible with red and blue states.

  13. She'll never have to. There's no chance that a bill like that isn't filibustered and she knows it. This is just her fake maverick act all over again. She will never stand against her party if her vote matters.

  14. This statement means absolutely nothing, given the make up of the Senate, unless it is paired with filibuster reform.

  15. Miss Collins is always for things that she doesn't have to vote for. Not that it'll happen but if legislation were to come to the floor for a vote all of a sudden she would change her mind. Obviously this is just my opinion.

  16. Fuck this biotch! She knew good and well when she voted to confirm two unqualified political appointees as SCOTUS she sealed the fate of women across the country. Shameful that she is still a Senator!

  17. One of the powers granted by the Constitution is to allow the Federal Government to make laws, so long as those laws don't contradict other parts of the Constitution. A Federal law requiring safe, affordable abortions would have some chance of being upheld, rather than unconstitutional; it depends on how SCOTUS defines the right to medical care, to privacy, to control over one's own body, etc. There's also a chance it would be found unconstitutional, on the grounds that it doesn't neatly fit into any constitutionally protected right, and therefore it's up for states to decide. As an example, Roe v. Wade was based on an implied constitutional right to privacy. While I am 100% in support of a woman's right to choose and to have access to safe abortions, I don't find this implied right to privacy to be a compelling argument.

  18. Such legislation would undoubtedly be a violation of the 14th amendment to the u.s. constitution. .

  19. Ladies, please join The Satanic Temple. They will protect your right of choice. It's the only way we women will have our right to choose protected.

  20. Nothing Collins says is worth shit. Actually vote that way, then maybe she might regain the smallest smidge of credibility.

  21. Good thing we have sane Republicans left like Collins. Though, I wonder. How many GOPers who are "anti-abortion" (speaking of the men) had affairs with women and paid for their abortions?

  22. While I would love to see actual legislation that protects those rights over some Supreme Court decision that really only tangentially did it, I'll not hold my breath waiting. You can't pretend our system is currently setup to allow this. Because it's not.

  23. This really, really disingenuous, even for. If Roe goes down, the upshot will be that the federal government has no power to regulate reproductive rights, period. That power will be reserved to the states.

  24. Susie has always been a gas bag… She’s always been a POS that only opens her mouth long after there is no real hope of doing anything real.

  25. She says a lot of things when she knows it’ll sound popular, but won’t happen. The reason people believe she’s “in the middle” is because she’s honestly one of the most corrupt politicians we have. She’s just good at playing the game better than most. And she takes in a shit ton of money from corporations and lobbying.

  26. Which just means she knows it will never hit the floor for a vote. She only bucks against the GOP when she knows her vote (or opinion) doesn’t matter.

  27. Time for woman to start sending their used feminine products to her to prove they didn't have an abortion this month.

  28. But, but Justice Boof assured her Roe was settled law. And he’s a big old Christian and lying is a big no no over there…🤷🏻‍♂️

  29. She will always figure out a way to fool the people of Maine and keep them from seeing her for what she is. All Republicans are the same radical right wing extremists who supported January 6th and will make every effort to destroy democracy.

  30. Ffs, why are we listening to what Susan Collins has to say? She always feigns “concern” or “worry” about x issue all the time, especially when she helped make the problem in the first place. She knows damn well the Senate won’t pass any law guaranteeing abortion rights, and the justices she voted to put on the Supreme Court will very likely gut abortion rights.

  31. The party had decades to do it and chose not to. Wade is a weak decision and insecure for several reasons. Federal legislation was a requirement but party leadership decided not to.

  32. It seems like the media always asks this old b her opinions on some legislation, she will say she supports it, but then when votes are held she doesn't actually support it. And they keep asking her.

  33. Sucks that Ruth Bader Ginsberg wasn't pressured to vacate when there was time to deal with it. She could've done exercises and cheered from the bleachers. Vainglorious, shortsighted, showboating.

  34. After giving the rapist a lifetime appointment?? Not good enough, he needs to be removed from the bench for lying to congress under oath!! And yes it can happen!! If enough people start demanding it, then it will happen!!! This is what is missing in our country “ ACCOUNTABILITY “ and it is way past time that we start forcing the issue!!!

  35. And I'm sure she'll be very consistently supportive of it 'til the moment it comes up for an actual vote and she pulls the football away again.

  36. Am I the only one who disagrees? I think Roe will be upheld due to the republicans seeing the writing on the walls. Their 30% base isn’t enough to stop a tidal wave if the “partisan hacks” in the SC gut Roe. They will never give that win to dems so close in the midterms. Mark my words. Roe will be upheld. 5-4 with Sotomayor, Breyer, Kagan, Roberts and Barrett upholding it. I think MS and Texas end up being ruled unconstitutional. TX they wanted to wade the waters and none of them, even Alito has liked what they saw. Well maybe Thomas but he just doesn’t GAF. Even if their judicial philosophy dictates one thing, they are people and understand the gravity of the ruling. Roe will be upheld and that will close the door on Trump running in 24. I don’t care what anyone says, if there is one branch who cares about their institution, their legacy and the legacy of the court, it’s the SC.

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