Biden’s boast about rising wages ignores effect of inflation

  1. Rent’s going up like crazy around here (DFW). I can deal with the food and gas prices, the cost of housing is what’s really pissing me off. Biden needs to kill some of those tariffs that make construction more expensive and I’d love for the feds to find a way to kill restrictive zoning.

  2. Not sure about the DFW area specifically but part of the reason rent is going up is because private companies are buying up all the property turning them into rentals and then have a monopoly on the rent

  3. Housing prices and thus rental prices are far more influenced by building regulations than anything else. In rural areas where demand doesn't outstrip supply it isn't as much of an issue even with increased material costs.

  4. Since the trolls figured out that with the new system they can block people to keep them from replying to anybody and thus censor them in a whole discussion thread I'm going to reply in the root.

  5. That dude wasn't saying rising wages are a bad thing lol. He's saying real wages are going down which is true and what actually matters to working class people. It's like your house burnt down but you also found a dollar. Then some guy says "stop complaining you found a dollar on the ground. Oh so now you're arguing that finding a dollar is a bad thing??"

  6. His policies aren't what's causing wages to go up. Labor reawakening in the country and going on a strike nationwide is what's causing just to go up.

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