Joe Biden called Fox News reporter ‘stupid son of a bitch’ after inflation question

  1. My God I loved this clip when I saw it. It's just so deadpan amazing, pure truth, no gatekeeping what popped into his head. The sarcastic tone, the response, then the punch line. OMG maybe it is indeed time enough for us to get past the BS and to the point, especially with asshats with an agenda. If it's cool for the GOP then it should ride with the Dems, rake them over the coals - they would do the same to us!

  2. You know that cousin with a weird obsession but you get a laugh out of hearing him go off at family reunion? That's Doocy. They thought he was funny and gave him a job at their national media network.

  3. Jesus it’s amazing how far the Republican party has drifted in a few short years. Also McCain is partially to blame for picking Palin as his VP.

  4. Yeesh, in context with McCain unfortunately for us its not a dumb question to ask anymore! The GOP is absolutely going to attempt to block anything or gum up the works because their rich leash holders aren't getting their cut - but they will absolutely publicly blame it on some personally offensive thing some liberal did to justify their crybabying.

  5. I didn’t like McCain policy but I wish the people today had his integrity. He lost an election basically by shutting down the trump stuff when that lady said Obama was a Muslim and he shut her down. Now the former president said way worse things.

  6. Thank you, as usual, the news site's video both/either doesn't work nor mention anything about the actual article, major appreciano!

  7. I feel like dems do not use anger enough. The rightwing knows how to use anger as a motivator. I almost wonder if he got vicious, and they message was, “aren’t you tired of the nonsense you have to deal with from delusional antivax and January 6?” this year, would it help the midterms? I want to see the fire, but that’s me. I know “we’re not crazy” doesn’t work, but I wonder if being more no nonsense with the bullshit would help. Still doesn’t get voting rights, healthcare, police reform, or student debt done tho.

  8. I like how he glances down at the microphone right after saying it, but doesn't look particularly perturbed about it.

  9. You don't even have to wait. The only waiting that happened was the processing time between hearing him say this and then deciding that they were going to get offended. Probably took them a good 1-2 seconds, though.

  10. Conservatives should be happy, he's just "telling it like it is" after all. Good on him, I support his quest for honesty. If he keeps it up he might get a few more votes.

  11. I came here to say “C’mon Biden, don’t make Dems look bad. We need to rise above the name calling.” Then I read that it was Doocy and I am changing my response to “Carry on. “

  12. The level of patience she has, as well as her ability to articulate improv take-downs on the spot that are better than any "fuck you" I've ever heard is mind blowing. She's forced to tread water in a sea of idiots and constantly pushes them under to stay afloat.

  13. For real tho. We can’t have a system where one side can bully the other and the other side’s job is to tak it in stride. Shitty tactics should be mirrored until both sides draw up agreements on what’s shitty. Apply this broadly. Bullies love it when punching is allowed until they get punched.

  14. Worth noting: The comparison is not "enemy of the people", as a certain former president claimed about several outlets. That's fascist talk.

  15. Doocy knows what he's doing. He's playing an 'aw shucks boy reporter' role to shill for the most dangerous political poison imaginable to make a brand he can capitalize off of for a quick buck. He's proud of getting that response, because it balloons his brand. This is what he wants. He doesn't care about the story. He cares about his image.

  16. Fox News has not stopped talking about Biden once since. Mostly about this, but attacking him from every angle as hard as they can. Saying he is going to start a war with Russia to distract from this. (Lmao projection) Its like they're crying babies, its both funny and sad to watch.

  17. Trump called a lot of his "enemies" much worse during his presidency. Watch his acolytes clutch their pearls now.

  18. It was Doocy. Nail on the head as far as I'm concerned. Especially after the question he asked. That said, he seemed to have a sense of humor about it.

  19. If you were a reporter, and you could ask the President of the United States one question (whether you support the administration or not), would it really be, “do you think the current economy (inflation) will have an effect on the upcoming election?” I mean, probably, but you’re asking for a guess about the future. What a waste of everyone’s expensive time. You might as well ask if he’s thinks it’s going to snow next Christmas.

  20. This only makes me like him more. I wish more politicians would speak like normal people. When they’re asked a stupid question, they should say so.

  21. Just telling it like it is, locker room talk, we respect that he’s a fighter, yada yada, or any number or ludicrous defenses people used for Trump. I’m sure we’ll hear a lot of that on right wing media, and not weapons-grade hypocritical Pearl-clutching.

  22. This is not presidential, but the criticism coming from the right after 5 years of Trump doing everything from mocking a disabled reporter to using combative rhetoric toward media is breaking new barriers of hypocrisy.

  23. I mean honestly we have been letting bad faith actors off Scott free for too long. I'd say calling them out is totally presidential

  24. Had to watch it, good for him honestly. It doesn't even matter what he says, Fox and company are just looking to stir conflict up.

  25. "So unpresidential!" - The same people who supported a self proclaimed sexual predator who mocked a disabled person, encouraged his rally attendees to beat up protestors and paid off a porn star all before he even took office.

  26. He did say bipartisanship is not working because Republicans are too busy not doing anything. Seriously, this guy just had his hopes and dreams of the mighty United States government torn apart for months by Republicans and then 2 Democrat senators.

  27. This is the huge controversy of Biden. I'll take that over the daily controversy from trump. I'll take a few more years of this.

  28. It’s funny seeing all of the conservatives and conservative outlets that’ve been chanting “Let’s Go Brandon and “Fuck Joe Biden” get mad about this

  29. Good. We need more of this bluntness. Shit is getting ridiculous with a third of the country being absolutely unable to be reasoned with in any way, and living in fucking fantasyland.

  30. And naturally maga land is losing its shit and calling for impeachment over it, saying he attacked the first amendment, and yet they cheered when trump literally called the press the enemy of the people

  31. I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of asses puckered up at Fox. Crying out in hypocritical indignation. I fear something hilarious has happened.

  32. What’s funny to me is all the Republicans and Fox News are all complaining about what Biden said, but yet they turned a blind eye when Trump would berate and belittle reporters on a regular basis…and not on a hot mic. Such hypocrisy.

  33. The same people who loved this kind of talk from Trump will be very upset by this. It will fuel Fox coverage for days and days.

  34. I thought Trump supporters liked it being "told like it is", or is that just a thin excuse to be rude pieces of shit who can dish but can't take the same?

  35. Peter Doocy is already laughing and bragging about this on The Five a moment ago. He’ll get over it.

  36. Why is this news? All of us think this. Let me guess, the party that's cool with mocking disabled reporters is suddenly clutching pearls?

  37. Peter Douchebag wasn’t asking a question out of concern for the answer, he’s a Fox News asshole seeking a soundbyte to use as meat for the GOP’s base. Screw that guy. Biden shouldn’t even take his questions, given that Fox News is the megaphone / PR for the GOP and not a real news gathering organization.

  38. Also like who cares. After Trump's unwarranted abuse of reporters for years, and literally shuting down open press conferences. Biden makes one remark after being provoked by Doocy. How is this news?

  39. I love how we're all done with this shit. Fauci calling that dude a moron. Biden calling this dude a stupid SOB. We're just done with the bullshit.

  40. All these comments praising Trump and Biden. I’m just wondering how the fuck, out of this entire country of people, we ended up letting these two clowns be “in charge” for 8 years.

  41. Fox news aren't news. They're an inflammatory cancerous tabloid that asks inciteful questions in order to get a rise out of their own crowd and to make their opponents stumble.

  42. Why is there more fuss being made about this than trump literally mocking a disabled reporter with an impression of the hands and face?

  43. How many times did Trump have to be bleeped out during any televised rally or speech? And that was just him rambling and riffing.

  44. Fox News doesn’t deserve any respect as a news organization. They are just a right wing political organization and don’t really try to deny it anymore. Jesse Waters little ‘joke’ about leaning right is an understatement.

  45. Jesse Waters just got a promotion for his own 7pm show after he promoted physical harm at Dr. Fauci a few weeks back.

  46. Nice. I like when Biden gets to say what he wants rather than being constrained to a premade speech or represented through a press briefing. We need more candid Biden, off the cuff Biden. The reality is this is the humanity people like to see.

  47. I'm conflicted. On one hand it's not a good look for Biden, on the other hand he's not wrong about Fox News reporters.

  48. funny thing is.. all the people that said "well trump spoke his mind, he has balls, blah blah blah" are all gonna roast ole joe on this. bet.

  49. no what he said was “right on brian” we should put it on t shirts and flags and never shut up about it

  50. It’s more honest than anything that ever came out of TFG’s mouth. I love how the republicans are acting outraged while they cheered on every insulting thing Trump said.

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