Biden calls Fox News reporter Peter Doocy 'a stupid son of a bitch'

  1. The reporters after are absolutely scum as well. Just because John McCain was R doesn't mean he has to vote "yes" for everything the president wants.

  2. And now we can watch Fox News and conservatives cry about decency. The same people chanting let's go Brandon.

  3. From the UK, your answer is obviously genius, take an updoot and a award. Jen Psaki is very obviously one of the best things to happen to government spokesperon ever.

  4. Tonight on Fox without any irony... "how dare the president of the United States use such language and assault the free press"

  5. Fox watching conservatives never liked or would like Biden anyway. This doesn't really change anything from their perspective. I mean, they are watching FNC because they want to live in an alternative reality free from intellectual or critical thoughts and distinctions.

  6. “We’ve never seen a president disrespect the press like this before. I a for one am beyond shocked. I am repulsed!”—tucker, probably.

  7. I mean… he’s right. This is the same journalist who has a fetish for Jen Psaki publicly humiliating him so… he probably went off and spanked it.

  8. its not that they forget, they use this as "proof" of hypocrisy. its all whatabootism, I dont hear much defense of Trump's actions as finger pointing, because apparently being awful is fine as long as the opponent is also awful

  9. There was an attempt to over turn the constitution and install a loser president, many call it a coup. And this is the shit they are talking about?

  10. That's actually a compliment! Considering what a complete fucking moron Doocy is, that Jen Psaki schools every time he asks a question. He wouldn't even have a job if his Daddy wasn't Steve Doocy, from Fox and Friends.

  11. Yeah, but he's been in office over a year. How many handicapped people has he mocked? How many hurricanes has he nuked? How many pussies has this guy even grabbed? Glad to hear he's hitting his stride and letting his crotchety old man soul shine, but wake me when there's real fireworks

  12. have you seen some of the shit that he drops on Jen Psaki. Everything is a gotcha question. Bring something to the table Doocy.

  13. Okay, I watched the video and IMO he clearly knew exactly what he was doing (that the mic was on). And I love him for it.

  14. Excellent observation Sir. The Fox Network reporter in question has earned the scorn. Certain the current Press Secretary is in full agreement. Doocy is despicable filth.

  15. The right loves to call Biden weak but when he shows strength and calls out an idiot they are offended. Vote out these insurrectionist Republicans and save our country. Trump supporting Republicans are the Enemy of the people, they must be removed.

  16. No. Fuck that. We put up with four hate filled years, Benghazi, and “there are good people on both sides”. We do not have to be nice. What they really all need is to be put on the fucking wall. They are seditious traitors.

  17. “I’m not joking when I say this: If you’re ever working with me and I hear you treat another colleague with disrespect or talk down to someone, I promise you, I will fire you on the spot — on the spot. No ifs ands or buts,”

  18. Finally a president who gives voice to the thoughts of the common people. In all seriousness though, Biden should not stoop to the level of Fox News (even though I know he probably didn’t mean to say it into the microphone).

  19. Go Biden! You should speak your mind out loud more often and be sure the mic gets it. I’d love to give you a high-five for this!

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